Celebrate Your Christmas Southern Style: 7 Best Things To Do In Atlanta During Holiday Season!

Atlanta, the southern capital of the famous American state of Georgia. Atlanta houses some of the best activities in the entire country. Despite being hot during the summers, the city is filled with tourists throughout the year.

During the winters, the residents of the city prepare themselves for the festivities and. In a city where more than 76% of the population is Christian, we can imagine the charm and celebrations arranged to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Regardless of your religious views, you can enjoy the holiday season in Atlanta and share the magic of Christmas. If you are going to Atlanta for a holiday during the Christmas season, add these events to your holiday list and get ready for a fun-packed, fun-filled adventure of all time!

Garden Lights Holiday Atlanta Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden in Atlanta is one of the top and most-recommended places of all time. If you want to enjoy the serenity and beauty of nature away from the bustling city life of Atlanta, this is your go-to place.

During winters, the garden transforms into a magical love scene from a movie with different lights and flowers. The entire 30-acre garden is decorated to awe while the carolers sing Christmas songs. You can stroll through the tunnel of lights and enjoy family time by making s’mores or enjoying some eggnog.

The Snow Queen Play

Are you even experiencing the full magic of Christmas if you don’t go for winter plays? The Snow Queen is an enchanting real-life depiction of a Hans Christian Anderson tale that led to the production of the Disney blockbuster, Frozen.

The play is usually sold out therefore it is recommended that you get your tickets in advance. Enjoy a beer or some mulled cider before the performance. As the nights get darker and colder, they will enthrall you will an amazing love story that will reinvent your faith in love, bravery, and passion. People of all ages can enjoy this.

A Six Flag Holiday

You can enjoy a family-friendly holiday at the Six Flags with literally a million lights and mouth-watering flavors from the south. There are selective rides that are open during the holiday season. Find Santa flying over the North Pole as you gaze up to see a million lights shining bright for Christmas. From The North Pole Express to s’mores village, there are a lot of things that children and adults will equally enjoy. If you are a superhero lover, don’t lose hope because the batman ride will be waiting there for you.

Christmas at the Stone Mountains

Watch this eastern Atlanta landmark turn into a cute scene from your favorite Christmas movie. Residents of Atlanta think of Stone Mountain Park as one of the best things to do this weekend. The weekend becomes much better if you go there during the Christmas season.

Beating the 1 million lights record of Six Flags, Stone Mountain is draped in 2 million lights and offers plenty of things for families, couples, and single people to enjoy. You can visit Santa and listen to all the Christmas stories from Mrs. Claus, enjoy your favorite Christmas carols, watch a parade and get aboard with fun-filled pool activities at the Marriot Conference Resort that come with a view.

Santa at Phipps

Don’t miss out on the most-celebrated Christmas event that has been going on for around 25 years now. Plan your visit in advance to the Alliance theatre that plays A Christmas Carol – Santa at Phipps. The event is one of the most-quickly booked events of all time so it’s better that you plan in advance.
An elf will help you schedule a meeting with Santa. One appointment is enough for the entire family. They have a realistic Santa, amazing quality prints with some jaw-dropping backgrounds. The experience here will speak for itself and you might not be attracted to any other mall Santa.

Ballet Nutcracker

The Nutcracker – a classic holiday story that never ages. Perfect for all age groups, the Atlanta Ballet Nutcracker will not disappoint you. This show is performed with the Ballet Orchestra of Atlanta. A little girl named Carla is the center of the story. She gets gifted with a nutcracker and the story continues with giant mice, sword fights, fairies, and much more. She ends up meeting a nutcracker prince and the amazing group takes a bow before the dazzled audience. Experience goosebumps, passion, and talent and refresh your faith in love stories with this amazing ballet.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Mr. Dickens has indeed left the world with some treasured pieces of literature like A Christmas Carol. Whether you are at home during the holiday season or looking for some classic things to do this weekend, this play at the Shakespeare Tavern will not disappoint you.

Look closely at the life of the miser Ebenezer Scrooge who comes across three Christmas ghosts and teaches him the concept of giving. This play is heart touching and a splendid piece to watch with your little ones. The spirit of Christmas is all about giving and what better to give your children than the act of giving without expectations.

The seating is comfortable and you can order food to enjoy while the play goes on. The actors are extremely talented and they will keep you and your ‘noisy’ little ones engaged for as long as the play goes on. A special treat for art and literature lovers, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens does not get old.


Atlanta is a city with a majority Christian population and they know how to celebrate the birth of Jesus like none other. There are tons of great activities that you can enjoy with your friends, families, and lover. From delicious flavors of the south to eye-captivating lighting arrangements, there are a lot of things that can melt your heart like a girl who gets her favorite little puppy. Just make sure to make your reservations to the required areas in advance because these places offer an experience of a lifetime and can get booked easily.

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