Newborns On Vacation: How To Organize Your Suitcase With Peace Of Mind

Travelling with kids can be quite the hassle. It becomes worse when you are travelling with a newborn. This is because newborns will require you to travel with more items. They have more needs than adults and older kids. Therefore, you may encounter a challenge organizing your suitcase while accomodating everything your newborn needs. However, with the valuable tips below, this does not have to be a problem.

Tips for organizing your suitcase when travelling with newborns


1. Create a packing list

The first thing you must do before you start organizing your suitcase is to create a packing list. One of the main things you will need while going on vacation with a newborn is a bunch of newborn baby clothes. You can find some good quality and affordable baby clothes and accessories from petite bateau if you feel that something is missing in your baby’s accessories collection.

Packing these newborn baby clothes is not as easy as packing adult clothes. It would help to list down every clothing article your child will need during the vacation. Your list must also include the number of clothing articles you will need. For instance, four hats, five pairs of socks, and so on. Ensure that you go over the list to make sure you have not missed anything. It would also help to consider the length of the vacation when creating the list. It is also worth noting that you cannot pack one outfit for a newborn for each day. Your child may mess his clothes and have to change several times per day. Also, do not forget to pack an outfit for the trip back home.

2. Pack in sections or keep the outfits together


An essential tip for organizing your suitcase is packing in sections. For instance, you can have all pants and trousers in one section, top garments in another, and so on. This will make it easy for you to prepare your child during your vacation because everything is in order. It will also make your suitcase neat.

Alternatively, you can choose to fold outfits together. Note that an outfit is a set of clothes worn on a particular day or occasion. Therefore, keeping all the pieces of each outfit together will make it easy for you to dress your child and plan your day. It will also give you a lot of peace of mind because everything is in one place.

3. Use storage bags

For items other than newborn baby clothes, you will need reusable storage bags or zip locks. These bags will also come in handy for storing soiled, wet, or dirty clothes. Therefore, you can rest assured that the other clean outfits will not also get ruined and everything remains in order. Ensure to carry at least a dozen empty storage bags.

4. Do not forget the toiletry back

You will also need a toiletry bag to keep your newborn’s toiletries like shampoo, washcloths, soap, and body wash. Using a toiletry bag will keep things like shampoo or lotion from causing a mess in your suitcase if it explodes.

5. Wrap shoes and socks in a grocery bag


You can also tuck your socks into the shoes and wrap them in your grocery bags. This will also enhance the organization of your suitcase and give you a lot of peace of mind.

6. The medicines

Do not forget to pack a box of first aid and medicines. Your baby would need some laxatives, a few drops for stomach pain, and gasses.

If your suitcase is not big enough you should try having a bag with several pockets and keep all the medicines separately. Moreover, you should also keep all the prescriptions with you as you might need to buy some more medicine.

7. The extra wipes

You might not get water to clean your baby. Therefore it is necessary to have a box of baby wipes these are an easy way to clean your baby anytime you want.

8. Bottle cleaning tools and accessories


You will need to clean your baby’s feeder after every few hours. To do it conveniently one should keep a bottle cleaning package.

If you are going for a longer trip, you should have an extra bottle, and nipples too. If you can, you should also take a bottle boiler. You can also check out for an informative guide on what to expect when bottle-feeding your baby

9. Sunscreen

You cannot trust the UV radiations, but when on a vacation your baby will be exposed to it. Thus, it is imperative for you to keep an effective sunscreen for your newborn baby. Do not use the regular sunscreen for your baby, their skin is soft and sensitive, so always use the special baby sunscreen prescribed by the physician.

10. A baby carrier bag

You definitely want to enjoy your trip, but would it be possible while carrying your kid? To capture some nice pictures and climb mountains easily one need a baby carrying bag. It is a must for those who want an adventurous tour. In some cases, you should take a light baby stroller too, the one that is easy to fold and carry.

11. The teether


Have you ever seen a baby cry in a hotel hall? It must be very embarrassing for the parents. If you want to avoid such confusing situations while you are out to make some fantastic memories, then keep some teethers with you.

These are also known as pacifiers. Even though many people find them unnecessary, they are still pretty good to keep your baby calm.

12. The mini accessories

For a long vacation, you should take a baby nail cutter with you and a tiny comb too. Otherwise, neglecting your baby’s daily needs for hygiene and skin might lead to skin infections.


When packing for your newborn, ensure not to forget essentials like diapers, rash creams, and formula. You can also put them in zip lock bags. Keep everything in sections to ensure proper organization.

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