5 Treks Which Will Blow Your Mind Away – Best Scenic Treks in India

Miyar Valley Trek

Did you know that the Indian Himalaya region or IHR is sprawling over 10 Indian states namely, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura, Assam, and West Bengal!

Now that’s a mind-boggling fact. We often plan treks or a tourist visit to one of these states without realizing what a huge gift they have in their bounty.
As the trekking community has grown, we have discovered many trails from all these regions of the Himalayas. The specialty of the Indian Himalayan region is that one can find many different kinds of topographies within these 10 states. From cold deserts, lush forests, green meadows to glaciers we have it all.

So Clearly, we are at great advantage here with all these different kinds of trails to set our feet on. While I truly believe that all the Himalayan trails have great beauty, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that the beauty of some of the Himalayan trails is magnanimous and unmatched.
While it is every trekking enthusiasts dream to scale each and every Himalayan trail, it sure is not possible to do so in one lifetime given the abundance of trails. While some of the treks attract a lot of crowds and have crowded trails there are some treks that are still majorly undiscovered and not many people can be found on these trails.

In India, we have a good mix of both these kinds of trails and that is what makes trekking in Indian Himalayas so lucrative.
Out of this mixed bag that we have to ourselves, here are some handpicked trails that can rightly be categorized as the most scenic and beautiful treks of India. Let’s take a look.

1.) Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

As they say, once you visit Kashmir, your heart stays there forever and I would love to add a little more to it. Once you trek the beautiful trail of the Kashmir great lakes, you will not want to ever come back. The trek starts from Sonamarg and takes you through the lush green and pristine meadows. The flora and fauna on this trail are unmatched and cannot be compared with any other Himalayan trek. The altitude gained during the trek is 13,697 feet over 8 days.

The Vishansar Lake, Kishansar lake, Gadsar lake, Satsar lake, and Gangabal lake keep meeting you one after another on the trail. These sparkling lakes look straight out of a postcard and you cannot grasp enough of their beauty at once. Sitting at the side of one of these lakes and sipping a cup of hot tea is one of the best moments on the trek. This moderate level beautiful trek should be on your bucket list if you haven’t done the trek yet. And, if you are wondering about your safety on this trek, take my word for it. It is a completely safe trek.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek
Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

2.) Buran Ghati Trek

The one Himalayan trek that has the best of everything is the Buran Ghati trek. Starting from Janglik, the trek goes through lush green forests of Pine and Oak trees. While hiking on the trail you will come across numerous little streams of water and waterfalls. These make the perfect spots to take pictures for the social media feed waiting to get flooded.

The scared Chandaharan lake is a major highlight of the trek. The varied flora and fauna found on the Buran Ghati trail also make for another highlight of the beautiful trail. The highest point on the trail is the Buran Pass where you stall tall at an altitude of 15,059 feet. The campsites of the trek are another feature that has heard the praise of many trekkers.

The trek can be completed in 8 days. You land in the Barua village on the final day of the trek. This small and quaint village is home to many different fruit trees. Peaches, apples, apricot, and pears are the treats waiting for you at the end of the trek.

Buran Ghati Trek
Buran Ghati Trek

3.) Pin Parvati Trek

If you have trekking experience and want to test your skills and push your limits then the Pin Parvati trek is your ultimate Himalayan present. The trek starts from Bhuntar in Himachal Pradesh. The trail of this trek takes you through green forests, wide meadows, and uncountable small waterfalls and water streams. A high-altitude lake comes next on your path and finally, you have the magnificent Parvati glacier standing right in front of you.

You won’t be able to believe your eyes when you see such diverse beauty on one single trail. It is one of those treks where you have the opportunity of walking on a glacier. As you cross the pass, you can see the Pin valley on the other side. The difference between the two sides of the trail is very stark and one cannot be less baffled at this sight.

The 10 days spent trekking on this trail are only filled with beauty and grandeur and there can be nothing grander than the views you see during these days. The beautiful campsites on the trail offer great views of the mountain peaks which surround the trail. The altitude gained on the trek is 17,382 feet. Standing at this altitude you almost feel like the rest of the world below you are lilliputian.

Pin Parvati Trek
Pin Parvati Trek

4.) Goechala Trek

The Goecha la trek starts from Yuksom in Sikkim. Trekking in the northeast is a very different experience. The big mountains surrounding the trail add a special to the trek. You can see the world’s third-highest mountain, Mt.Kanchenjunga from the trail. The trail is covered with green trees and offers splendid views. The Lake Samiti with a reflection of Mt.Pandim is a sight straight out of a postcard. The altitude gained over the 8 trek days is 15,092 feet. This moderate level trek is a must-do for all the trekking lovers out there. Reputed sites like provide in-depth information on this trek, route, and difficult levels, along with organizing everything you may need for your Sikkim trip. 

Goechala Trek
Goechala Trek

5.) Miyar Valley Trek

Trekking in the Miyar valley which is a host of many herbs and other plants is an experience of a lifetime. The trek starts from Udaipur in Lahaul valley. The varied flora and fauna on the trek are one of the major highlights of the trek. The altitude gain during the trek is 13,100 feet.
The walk is mostly easy and the views will leave you spellbound.

Each and every trail on the list offers a different kind of experience. From the moderate ones to the tough ones. From the crossover treks to the valley treks. From desserts to the green and flower-laden trail. There is something special about all these trails. But one thing that is common amongst them is the beautiful and enchanting views they offer. The serenity of the Himalayas can be seen at its best on these treks.

Depending on your trekking experience and the kind of experience you wish to derive from a trek, you have all these amazing options to choose from. So next time you plan a holiday, go on one of these treks and rendezvous the mighty mountains.

Miyar Valley Trek
Miyar Valley Trek

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