What is the Oldest Casino in Las Vegas?

There are many ways to gamble, especially today when most games of chances are just a few clicks away. Of course, it doesn’t mean that the overall experience is the same at every venue or website, but there is nothing wrong with having that many options.

On the other hand, even though online gambling is much preferable and easier, the overall gambling experience is still lacking as it’s far behind the one you get when you actually step into a real land-based casino, and if you want to test this theory, click here and make sure to play at the best online casino with the best offer on pokies.

Overall, everything from the vale to accommodation is different and unique, and yes, live dealer games that you can find online offer a more realistic insight into what one can expect, but even that is not enough. Understandably, the best way to get a real sense of it all is by going to the oldest casinos out there, as, besides the games and exceptional service, they also offer a more authentic experience, and US-wise, that’s definitely Golden Gate Casino.

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The grand opening

Las Vegas is famous because of the huge number of casinos and hotels, and it is on many people’s bucket lists to visit this city and try their luck at least once in a lifetime. Although it is all about fun, shine, and glamour, many people do not know that the casino that started this revolution in gambling history still exists, and what is even more important, it is still open for visitors.

It all started when Hotel Nevada was sold at auction, and Golden Gate opened its doors for visitors a year later. As it was something completely new for that time, people were more than interested in checking it out, and opening the first casino changed the way of adult entertainment and put it on the next level.

Of course, many things have changed since it was first opened, but definitely for the better. Now, some changes are about the type, variety, and diversity of games, which is exceptional, while others are more about the overall convenience, as today, every renowned mortar casino in the world is focused on providing the best and most authentic experience.

That is why today, fine dining, for example, is included in this offer, among all other things, and that customer/player care really is outstanding and cannot be compared to the service that even some restaurants provide.

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The building

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Back in 1906, when Golden Gate was open, the building it is located in was modern and way ahead of that time, and what attracted people even more – renting a room was not too expensive, so everyone could afford it and feel some glamour at least for one night. Rooms were spacious compared to other hotels, ventilation and heating system were working flawlessly, and the electric lightning only added to its glamorous look.

During the years, many things changed because it was necessary to follow the latest trends in the gambling world and provide people with fun and joy, but this casino still has a historical look. The two-way mirrors were a great surveillance system back in the 50s, and although it is useless now, thanks to modern technology that can show us almost everything, these mirrors can still be found around the casino. They might be just a part of decoration for some people, but many love to know the story behind them and get back to these times even in their imagination.

Fun facts

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Golden Gate casino & hotel has existed for more than 115 years, and it is still as popular as it was the day it opened, and there are many reasons for that. This casino is constantly changing and improving, but it still keeps its historical look and stands proudly to welcome its visitors. Its modernization started only a year after its grand opening when the first telephone in the whole city was installed right in the Golden Gate.

After that, it only continued, so twenty years before, this hotel installed a huge electric sign, and we all know that shiny neon signs are today a synonym for Las Vegas. One more tradition is worth mentioning, speaking about the firsts related to this really interesting building, and it is the popular Shrimp cocktail that was first served in this casino and has become the most popular drink of all time in Las Vegas.

Besides that, the 60s were years that gave us many popular musicians, and whoever liked that music needs to know about the Rat Pack and we need to mention that most of its members were regular guests in Golden Gate, which gives people one more reason to visit it.

Brief history

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Okay, there are many buildings and monuments with a rich and turbulent history, but entertainment-wise, this one definitely stands out. Namely, it all started as a hotel with gambling being a side thing to keep guests entertained, but since this was such a huge hit, not that much time passed until it all revolved around gambling.

Now, the biggest hit that almost ruined it all happened just a few years later when the government prohibited gambling in all forms, which meant that the entire purpose of this building needed to change.

Luckily, those in charge were patient, and from the first moment the ban was lifted, everything got back to normal. Understandably, this was a huge success, as even more people rushed to check what was new and play a hand of poker while sipping their favorite drink.

Now, this is also when the first idea of providing care and accommodation to players and other guests came up, as it was clear that the excitement and everything else that comes with gambling was something people were fond of and would like to play more.

Today, everything about this monumental building is designed in such a way to provide that special yet fine gambling and luxurious vibe, from the diner-style restaurant and bakery, spacious rooms, and indoor and outdoor bar, to card dealers in prohibition-era uniforms.

So, if you have ever wondered how it feels to walk in the grand halls of some of the oldest casinos in Vegas, then visiting this place is something that should be on your to-visit list, as it will definitely leave you in awe.

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