Dog Owner Beat Greyhound To Death For Losing Money In A Dog Race


Here is one bad news from China, A man from northern China beats his greyhound dog to death by brutally slamming him on the floor multiple times. The video is very insensitive. It has been seen that the man has become aggravated because he has lost ‘a fortune’ on the race dog.

The incident happened in the Ziong county of the Hebei Province on December 3 when this video was recorded. The man was so furious in the video that he has been seen hitting his own dog multiple times on floor until he died and submerged in his own pool of blood. Now, this is absolutely unacceptable!

The man could be heard shouting and screaming throughout the video. He yelled: ‘you made me lose my money!’ An unknown person who spoke on the video said that the man had spent a lot of money to purchase the greyhound and then to put it in the dog race competition.

Every animal has right to live and there are institutions in every country where such acts should be dealt more seriously and proper action would be taken but the saddest part is that China does not have any law against animal cruelty and if he has been caught, he will more than likely not be prosecuted.

The dog owner even threatened to cook the dog and eat it after its death. People have reacted to this video, Michiko wrote: ‘such a useless man, his mother should slam him on the floor the same way as he did to the dog!’ Another wrote: ‘the dog is innocent in this, he is absolutely crazy and heartless to animals.’

Below are the few snaps of horrifying scene,


Source: Weibo

Source: Weibo

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