7 Tips And Tricks For Picking The Right Porch Awning For Your Home

Your home is one of the best places to decorate. Aside from the fact that you will see it every day, the satisfaction of making something that can make you comfortable is great.

Awnings are a great addition to your home. It provides shade and protection to outdoor spaces in your home. It is a place your children can play and spend their idle time. It is also a good place where your family can do barbeque nights.

You can add an awning to your home’s porch. It is a house decoration and your home’s protection from the sun, rain, and wind.

There are many kinds of porch awnings that are available in the market. But how can you find the best awnings porch for your home? Here are the tips and tricks for picking the right one for your home:

Tip 1 – Find the suitable material perfect for the weather in your home’s location

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Certain materials are not suitable for some types of weather. These different kinds of materials will also need distinct maintenance requirements. For instance, ones made from fabric require more maintenance than others.

There are porch awnings made from sturdier materials that will require less to no maintenance at all. The material you pick will also determine its longevity. For instance, sturdier materials tend to last longer than fabric ones. However, the hot sun temperature can make metal-based awnings scorch. Materials made from soft and fabric material cannot withstand extreme weather conditions. The fabric material is not recommendable in some locations where winter happens often.

Here are some of the several different types of awning materials:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Canvas
  • Mesh
  • Acrylic
  • Aluminum
  • Resin

Tip 2 – Weigh for a retractable or stationary porch awning

There are two kinds of how you can customize your porch awning. You can have a built-in or a retractable one.

If you want to build canopies and remove them at some point, having a retractable one will be the best choice for you. A retractable one will be more beneficial if your choice of awning material is fabric. They are usually movable, allowing you to transfer from one porch to another.

Some of them are also electrically operated. You can push a button, and it will automatically deploy or retract. This function will be very convenient for your home but will come with a higher price.

On the other hand, stationary or built-in porch awnings are more convenient as they stay there forever. However, like any other part of your home, you should perform maintenance tasks to extend its life and sustainability.

Tip 3 – Beware of the angle of the awning’s installation

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The angle of the installation is essential for built-in porch awnings. The installation angle will determine the capability of the porch awning to block as much sunlight or rain as possible. For instance, when the porch is facing where the sun shines and sets, the best angle to install it is within 65 to 75 degrees. The angle measurement is best to have that optimal protection and shade. And if the porch faces south, the best installation angle is 50 to 65 degrees to cope with the sun’s movement.

Knowing the right installation angle will determine the functionality and effectiveness of the porch awning attached to your home.

Tip 4 – Plan for all the costs

Like any other home addition, purchasing a porch awning will cost you money. It is necessary to plan the cost to avoid problems during purchase.

The cost will depend on the kind of material and the type of awning. However, various suppliers may vary in their prices. So it is necessary to compare and get price quotations when planning your purchase. Depending on the type, size, and style, a porch awning may range from $600 to $3,500.

The price will not include the maintenance cost you will spend once you have attached the awning to your home.

Tip 5 – Know the right size and measurements of your porch

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The idea why this tip is necessary is to help you save money from wrong purchases. If you do not want problems to occur regarding your purchases of porch awnings, getting the correct measurements is a must.

It is one of the few things you need to pick the right porch awning. It is necessary to ensure that you choose the right awning size that fits your porch. If you are unsure about the exact measurements, you can measure the size of your home’s porch using tape measures or metric sticks. You can also ask your interior designer or team of experts to do the measurement for you.

Tip 6 – Complement your porch color with your awning choice

Your porch awning will become part of your home. Thus, it should complement the color of your home.

If you have plain walls, having a subtle porch awning palette can work for you. It can give your porch a more subtle look that is not overpowering.

When choosing colorful awning palettes, you can mix them with coordinating shades to avoid a complex look.

You should choose a color that can complement the interior and exterior of your home.

Tip 7 – Speak to a team of experts

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A team of experts is a group of professionals in the field of awning installation. These professionals can help to ensure you have correct estimates.

As these people have the proper knowledge regarding the job, they can provide you with correct information that can save time and resources.

These experts can help you choose the best awning material for your porch, and they can also help you budget the cost of installation.

These people can help you save money from wrong purchases of tools and materials. Further, you can guarantee that the porch awning installation is proper.

The Takeaway

Your porch awning is an added feature to your home. The functionality is the primary consideration of why you should get one.

It can work as a decoration that can style your house and a protective addition that can help your home. The functions are essential for a home.

Through this article, you are in a better position when picking the right porch awning for your home.

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