9 Christian Home Décor Tip and Tricks to Try in 2024

There are no right or wrong choices when it comes to designing your home. It all depends on your personal style and preferences. It is entirely up to you, the homeowner, to select the design components that best suit your needs and preferences. You can use Christian-themed décor in all your rooms to express your personal style, beliefs, and personality. So, if you’re thinking about redesigning your home and want to give it a more spiritual vibe, here are some beautiful décor ideas to consider.

1. Keeping It Simple And Contemporary

While enormous wall tapestries and other prominent religious qualities can be added to your humble home to demonstrate your devotion to the word of God, it is recommended to keep things simple if you want to create a modern Christian interior. As a result, instead of including too many religious design objects, invest in quality and strategically place your items so that they actually resonate throughout your home.

2. Objects of Religion

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Statues, crucifixes, rosary beads, and a variety of other religious trinkets are examples of objects of religion. Displaying religious trinkets in your home is a terrific way to complement your faith because these artifacts serve as a constant reminder of your unwavering faith and frequently assist followers of Christ in going more deeply into prayer. While these objects can be found in any room of the house, they are most commonly seen in bedrooms and living rooms, where we spend the most of our time.

3. Add Your Faith To Modern Design

Because of its appealing charm, several homeowners prefer modern interior design for their homes. It would express your religious views while also helping you keep up with the trends if you combined that with Christian-themed components. You don’t have to sacrifice one aspect for the sake of the other. Contemporary furniture with engraved scriptures, such as the backs of chairs or the sides of sofas, can be used. For that additional soothing vibe, some carved candle sconces such as the ones from holyart.co.uk would be perfect. Remember to add extra decorations to your tables, such as small sculptures of the Virgin Mary or even a silver cross, for added elegance and spirituality.

4. Wall Art

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It’s always wonderful to brighten up your home with interesting wall art. It is especially true when it comes to art that reflects your spirituality. Hanging Bible verses or a spiritual adage that you live by is a terrific place to start. Investing in religious wall art that you can personalize based on your preferences is a terrific décor option. You can display elegant, and Christian-inspired framed canvas painting on your living room or bedroom walls. You can even pay a little extra to have personalized artwork created that combines your unique style with Christian themes.

5. Chandeliers and Lanterns

Cross-shaped lanterns and chandeliers can provide a pleasant and calming atmosphere in your house if you install them right. The lanterns would need to have a sufficient overhang, and the cross sign could be inscribed on each one for a more Christian appearance. These are ideal for a Christian home and can help you convince others as well to follow the path of Jesus. Chandeliers with crystal beads in the shape of crosses are also available. Depending on the room, you may dim or brighten the lighting to create various moods. Overall, these lighting solutions can add a lot to the look of your house.

6. Redo The Ceiling

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You can incorporate a Christian-themed design into your home decor by redesigning the ceiling and painting it white with extra gloss to imitate the interior of a church. For a more complete look, add some wood paneling. It would be a lovely touch to include some iconography or Bible texts on each side. Alternatively, you might use ceiling wallpaper with an image of the Virgin Mary to create a welcoming atmosphere and tie the entire area together.

7. Add Religious Touches Everywhere

Another option is to give your bedroom or living area a rustic, vintage feel. You can make it a welcoming and relaxing environment with clear references to your faith. Remember to include reclaimed wooden boards, old-fashioned rustic frames with a few Bible verses, and even rustic rope-wrapped lighting.

The light could be subdued and not too brilliant if a cross symbol was cut out of the rope. A pair of stained wooden crates can also be placed beside your bed. To blend in with the rest of the room, including some Christian sayings on each one.

Layered bedding and textured pillows with Christian symbols or quotes could be sewn into the bed’s accessories or inscribed on bed posts. The rustic design will look great with white, Christian-inspired bedding, but ultimately, the color decision is yours.

8. Use Bible Quotes To Spread Positivity

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While you may display a larger-than-life Family Bible, you can also decorate your home with holy words. There are a plethora of inspirational faith-building phrases to pick from, and you can use wall stickers, printed canvas displays, or even refrigerator magnets to showcase them. While there are a few internet stores that provide Christian décor quotes, you can also have bespoke décor items printed using a good printing service.

9. Ornaments in Colored Glass

Colored glass ornaments will provide an enchanting effect in your home, similar to what church windows produce for worshippers. The bright flashes of color will brighten up your home’s ambiance. Furthermore, religious Christmas ornaments in a Christian homestead are not limited to the festive season, as praying angels, bold crucifix ornaments, and other lovely ornamentals will complement the Christian atmosphere at any time of year. However, some Christmas decorations, such as Christmas villages, should only be shown during the holidays.


It’s crucial to remember that Christianity is not a worldly faith since following God’s word does not require you to redecorate your home. While a religious homestead might help you strengthen your religion by serving as a constant reminder of your commitment to God, you should keep your faith in your heart. Having said that, adorning your home with religious symbols is a deeply personal decision. The easiest way to assess which décor features will work best with your current house interior layout and existing furnishings is to visualize your eventual goal.

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