Wonderful Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai the heaven of tourists in the world! It is a city of lights, historic architecture, and more. There are no doubts in saying that it is one of the unique cities in the world. When someone asks about the city of the dream for tourists – everyone will name Dubai. From the best desert safari tours to Palm Jumeirah Islands, there are interesting places to visit for everyone. Dubai is the city of utmost sculptures, skyscrapers, busy music nights, a wanderlust city with numerous sights, along with countless attributes. You may find hundreds of reasons for its popularity with different names like a dream city. Dubai receives 16.73 million people for tourism last, and the number has increased by 5% from last year; authorities are striving to increase the number.

You will find many cultural spots, recent additions, all in one mesmerizing city of Dubai. Roam in Bastakia areas and encounter ancient city, you may go for cruise alongside and find more flashes and colors in the city. Desert safari Dubai is the most visited tour of Dubai according to the Dubai tourism department you can find more details about desert safari tour from Dubai Adventures, Visit Here. Those who love to travel visit Dubai at least once in their life because a travel diary can never be complete without visiting the marvelous city of UAE.

District of Bastakia

The District of Bastakia is one of the most ancient places in Dubai. It was built in the nineteenth century. Travelers from all over the world visited it because of its tax-free trading and easy approach from the nearby seaport. The gigantic limestone and coral structures with an adoring architect are proof of their civilization’s modern designs. Here you will find many things like Wind Towers, Majlis Gallery Al Serkal Cultural Foundation. The foundation contains art exhibitions on a rotating basis in historical buildings, a shop, and a cafe.

Desert Safari Tour in Arabian Deserts

Visiting heaven of desert tourism and skipping the sight-seeing to Desert Safari is impossible. When someone is selecting desert safari on your list for vacation, you opt for memories of a lifetime that will cherish forever. You can go there with family, friends or alone there are adventurous enough for everyone. Drifting in Dunes or riding camels, everything is adorable. You can’t have all this fun at any other place than Dubai. To make your travel comfortable and more convenient towards safari, you can use the services of the best desert safari tour operator in Dubai. They are a well-known name for providing you best facilitation in the Safari desert. Here are a few reasons which confirm why Desert Safari is a must for your travel adventures.

Beautiful Sunset Views

You may have encountered beautiful sunrise and sunset around the seashore many times. The view is adorable, no doubt. Try viewing the desert sunset in Safari; you will be mesmerized by the beautiful colors and panoramic view. It is one of the most incredible opportunities to capture the most beautiful sunset on your camera. The majestic sunset, beautiful colors like someone sprinkled gold in darkening sky will never vanish from your cheerful memories. The beauty of the safari desert and enchanting atmosphere during evening hours will stay in your memories forever.

The Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is not so ancient yet elegant along with fantastic addition to Dubai architect. For people who are looking for island holidays, nothing matches Palm Jumeirah features and beautiful places. The whole island is constructed in the shape of a massive Palm tree spreading its branches in a marvelous ocean. The palm tree is a symbol of Dubai’s tradition and represents the sign in their flag – ride a helicopter to get the best view, and you will be left stunned with the expertise of makers. You will find everything for leisure on the island beaches, hotels, active nightlife, and all you want for your island holidays.

Camel Riding and Desert Camping

Desert safari tours and camel riding are never two things. It is one of the most popular and favorite evening activity in a marvelous desert safari visit. On this rare deserve travel, you will get to know how the people in ancient times used to travel.

You will know why the camel is known for luxury transport in ancient times. Camel Safari Ride offered by Arabian Desert safari tours will take you back into the heritage of historical Dubai. In your one hour (max) journey in the desert in this magnificent camel riding, you will follow the tracks of ancient Arab people known as Bedouin of the desert. The professional team of drivers from Dubai Adventures desert safari, will pick you and help you in your memorable journey through camel ride in Safari desert.

Camp in Desert Safari-like traditional Bedouin, enjoy BBQ, music, live dance, and have beautiful henna designs on your hand. Enjoy living a day like ancient people to get a glimpse of their life.

Biking and Sandboarding

A trip without adventure, drifting, and speed is impossible when you are on Desert Safari. Take the controls on the vehicle and drive on sands. Enjoy the sand boarding and drift in the magnificent desert. Enjoy biking on highly equipped bikes; enjoy the thrill. Get into your chosen vehicle and adore the adventure drive in a sea of sand. All cars are equipped with protective gear to avoid any accidents.

World Tallest Burj Khalifa Tower

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It is one of the tallest buildings and is known as the trademark of the famous tourist city. Visiting Dubai without giving the tower a visit is not possible. The skyscraper is 829.8 meters tall; it is important to pay a visit to its observation deck at the top one hundred and twenty-fourth floors while roaming in the city of glamour. Night-time visits are popular among everyone; especially, the photographers love it for the best photogenic view. On the top floor, you may view the breathtaking beauty of the city of colors and lights and mesmerize by its elegance. To avoid any inconvenience, buy advance tickets, especially when you are going to visit on holidays. Magnificent tower’s ground lays a beautiful lawn features world’s tallest fountain.

Last but not least

Dubai no doubt is one of the best travel places. You will enjoy their cultural diversity, active nightlife, and much more. To get the best, the attractive and appealing tour offers in Dubai visit the Dubai-Adventures website.

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