Liverpool’s Weird and Wonderful bars of Tomorrow

A cultural powerhouse and influential northern city, Liverpool already has an abundance of bars, restaurants, and attractions to choose from in-and-around the city. However, with an increasing amount of people wanting to live in the area, and its surge in popularity due to factors such as job and university opportunity, the development will continue into the future and set the city up even further as one of the best in the country.

Liverpool is one of the most entertaining and fun places to spend a night out, and with the amount of unique and innovative places to spend your nights, it’s no wonder we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to drinking cocktails and eating scrumptious snacks! A night out in Liverpool is unique, it’s not like any other city you’ve ever visited, and you’re almost guaranteed to love everything about it. Whether you’re having a date night with your husband or want to dance the night away with your girlfriends, there are countless activities to do.

Below we have listed some of the latest and greatest modern bars in the city at the moment, and a sneak peek at those coming to Liverpool in the not-so-distant future! If you feel you want too, definitely check them out and have a drink or two while you’re there. There is an element of fun to every bar in Liverpool, and that’s something that makes the city so loved by a range of people.

Game Over

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With a growing digital sector in the Baltic Triangle area of the city, and a large population of students and technically minded young people, it may come as no surprise that Liverpool already has an interest in Video Games, but these next few bars are set to bring a retro wave of nostalgia over punters across the city looking for something different on a night out.

Three different arcade-centric bars are due to start popping up around the city, two in the city center, a stones’ throw away from concert square, and one in the Baltic Triangle’s Cain’s brewery. Clearly there will be competition afoot, not just among players and gamers, but among the bar owners too!
The Baltic Triangle area specifically is experiencing an incredible amount of development, preparing it for the future of the city, and is certainly the place to be. It has been named by many as one of the trendiest locations to live in the UK. Other developments ongoing in this area include a multi-million-pound hotel investment to cater to the growing base of tourism in the city, and luxury property developments from companies such as RWinvest also satiate the growing demand for housing in the area.

On Point

Here’s an interesting futuristic one to keep an eye on going forward. Capitalizing on internet culture and appealing to students and young people with its theme, On Point, a bar opening on Victoria Street soon aims to bring an interactive experience to each table. Visitors will be able to watch television and order food and drink all from the comfort of their booth, and even take selfies using the tech. The bar will offer cocktails, a selection of wines, and some Chinese-inspired appetizers and snacks.

14 Bar and Grill

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The Panoramic in Liverpool is a popular and well-known destination for luxury food and a similarly luxury view of the surrounding city (the clue’s in the name), but for many, the luxury price point can be off-putting, and it’s more of a special occasion meal. For a more laid-back and chilled vibe, still retaining a great view of Liverpool’s sights and sounds, 14 Bar and Grill seeks to offer the perfect after-work or Friday night atmosphere.


Want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city, and have a nice quiet drink? Upcoming bar Abditory is set to offer a classic, chill vibe, offset on Queen’s Avenue and avoiding the busy streets in an area known as Liverpool’s ‘Diagon Alley’. It’s good news for the toastie lovers of tomorrow, as the bar will specialize in a variety of toastie fillings, as well of a range of cocktails and other drinks.


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At the top of the list for activities galore must be Lane7. Located right in the city center, this bar and activity center offers individuals a chance to have a drink and play different games such as ping pong and even bowling. Plus, there is even karaoke for all those singing fans out there. It’s not everyone’s ideal bar space to have a few drinks, but it does make for an alternative date night idea or a place to take your friends for a fun birthday treat! Who doesn’t love mixing tasty snacks with drink and having a laugh with your dear friends? Lane7 can provide you with countless hours of fun!

The Smugglers Cove

Dive into pirate-themed heaven and jump aboard the ship that is primed full of delicious cocktails and unique, tasty bites. This pirate-themed bar is nestled in the heart of the city and visitors can expect more than just drinks and food – exploring this bar is more of an experience you won’t forget. If you’re someone who likes to spice up their weekend and visit someplace new, this may be your new favorite place to explore.

Balls Deep Bar

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If you’re on the hunt for something truly unique and unusual for your next night out, then it might be time for you to visit Balls Deep bar. Located on the beloved nightclub street, Seel Street. The retro bar boasts a lot to do offering visitors the chance to play on consoles, beer pong table and a photo booth. To top it all off, they have a super fun light-up ball pit that visitors can enjoy when they’re both sober and a little tipsy. It’s a great place to chill during the weekends or make a night of if you want to see what Liverpool is all about. It’s a newly opened bar but not one to be missed if you’ve got a night or two in the city.

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