6 Tips How to Plan a Last-Minute Vacation

Financial experts always advise against planning a vacation last minute, and for good reasons. One is that you’ll not have enough time to hunt for great destinations, and you may end up spending more than you would have if you’d planned early. However, sometimes, you may feel general impulsiveness to take a vacation. It could be that you want to unwind your stress, or you simply closed a deal that you want to celebrate. Whichever your reasons are, last-minute vacations are possible and could be more memorable. And you don’t even have to stress your wallet to organize something spectacular. Today, we will share some tips to help you plan for a last-minute vacation. Let’s get started.

1. Be Flexible with the Dates and Destinations

If you are a regular traveler, you’ll notice that most airlines charge expensive fees on Sundays. In such a case, booking your return ticket for Monday or Tuesday may be affordable. We also advise that you compare the rates for different airlines. While the cheapest isn’t the best option, it’s better to work with something that suits your budget.

You may also want to adjust your stay dates. Some hotels offer a free night after spending some nights with them. That means you get an extra beach day for free.

2. Consider Airfare First


If you are heading to a nearby place, you may consider driving yourself. However, if your vacation is miles away, then air travel will be your best option. But, before booking your stay at a non-refundable hotel, you may want to check out different flights first. Airfare is usually the biggest challenge with last-minute travel. Although you may find some discounts between 14-21 days earlier, the price is usually more expensive as the travel date gets close.

3. Beware of a Deal That’s Too Good

Most hotels and airlines don’t offer last-minute discounts. But that’s not to say that you can’t find one offering a discount. However, before rushing to make your booking, you may want to do your research. Sure, reading reviews takes a lot of time. But they can save you a lot by ensuring that you get the service you are paying for. Find out what other customers are saying about the company in question. If their reviews are mostly complaints from clients, you may not want to book them even if they are offering the cheapest rates.

4. Calculate Your Expenses and Aim for Something Affordable


Most individuals save up for their vacation ahead of time. But for a last-minute trip, you probably don’t have enough time for that. However, knowing your estimated expenditure can help you have a blast during your vacation. Thankfully, many tools can help you plan your budget.

Generally, the first expenses you want to calculate are travel and accommodation. Of course, if you are using air travel, the expenses will be more. But it may be the only option for someone traveling to far distances. Then also think about where you’ll stay. Different hotels charge differently per night. So, match the charges to the services offered and determine if they are worth it. Also, think about other daily costs like the money you’ll pay for different destinations.

Now, because you have a short time to plan and save, you should opt for affordable but quality options. For instance, rather than booking expensive high-end restaurants, consider those that are a bit cheaper. Same with flights and the places you will be touring. Also, take advantage of deals and discounts that companies offer. If a company happens to offer them before your travel time, they can significantly lower your expenses.

5. Get a Payday Loan If You Are on a Budget

Sometimes your budget may be too limiting for a vacation. In that case, a loan till payday can be a viable solution as you wait for your next paycheck. Payday loans are short-term cash loans that allow you to repay within a few weeks. They feature a simple application and securing process since you only give the lender access to your bank account or postdated check for the loan amount and interest. When your loan is due, the lender can take the amount from your account or may choose to extend it for another two weeks.

Payday loans have fast processing times. You can get the money deposited in your account within a few minutes of approval. So you can start booking your accommodation or flight with that money. And you mustn’t have a good credit score to access a payday loan. Plus, since they are unsecured, you don’t need to secure yours with personal property. You can check more information here

So, if you are stuck on how to finance your last-minute vacation, payday loans can be the best for you.

6. Find Creative Ways to Save Money


Financing your trip can be actually quite fun, if you enjoy finding creative ways to save money before you go. It can be anything, from buying items and selling them with higher price to just changing the brand of your coffee with a cheaper one. There is a lot of information on the internet today that can help you with find some great ideas. For example, here is a list of great money-saving tips you may like:

  • Set a Savings Goal
  • Earn extra money from odd jobs and save it up for your trip
  • Skip your daily Star Bucks fix until you leave for vacation
  • Start Eating regularly – no more eating out
  • Look for discounts on your purchases
  • Find ways to save on your grocery bills
  • Start a penny jar to save coins

Final Thoughts

Planning a last-minute trip doesn’t have to be overwhelming. These six tips can help you plan a vacation that you’ll never forget. Just remember to work with a budget and do your research about different destinations within the short time that you have. If you put some effort there you may even end going to your dream destination and having the best vacation in your life.

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