5 Tips for Planning a Last-Minute Golf Vacation – 2024 Guide

A last-minute trip is a very exciting experience, we just throw things away and start our vacation. It is the perfect solution for busy people who do not have time to plan their trips in detail. It is also a good option for those who have no idea where to travel this summer or do not have the budget for the desired trip. However, from choosing the right accommodation to important reservations, going on vacation still involves a lot of decisions.

If you make the wrong decisions you will have unnecessary expenses and bad fun. Whether golf is the only reason for your trip or the main motive of the location, you need to make a detailed itinerary. This trip may be one of the best moments in life, but you need to follow our tips.

1. Consider weather conditions

When choosing a travel location, you can opt for two options if it is a summer trip. Some locations offer very high temperatures. In that case, you will not be able to play all day unless you really like the sun and high temperatures. If you opt for moderately warm locations, you will have the opportunity to play on tracks that are in great shape, and you will also play more relaxed.

Places in UK and Ireland are perfect examples of moderate climates where you can play golf all day. You can check them out at

For example, you don’t have to choose between early morning and evening. Of course, it is a bit more difficult to find such places last minute, because everyone will reserve them. This is the peak time of the season, which means that the prices are much higher. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to make a reservation. Check the weather forecast for the following days and weeks before making a final decision.

2. Plan your free time

Although you will play golf most of your time, there is time that is provided for rest or some other activity. It is important that you know approximately what you want to do and what your interests are about a particular location. So think a little more about it and decide on locations that have some interesting places. It is best to focus on morning activities because the second part of the day is scheduled for golf. In the morning, almost all appointments are filled, and the price is much lower in the afternoon.

3. Choose your company wisely


You can save a lot if you decide to take a whole group of friends who love golf as much as you do. In that case, you will save on the hotel and other things. However, think about who you take with you. Of course, it won’t be a bunch of strangers you don’t know enough about, but we’re telling you this for some other reason. So, this trip is not like any other vacation. This is a specific type of vacation and that is why it is important to bring people close to you.

In addition, find people who are as interested in sports as you are, otherwise, your plans will be ruined. For example, many of your friends may agree to vacation even though they are not so interested in golf. They would rather spend time on the beach or in some other places. Equally bad choices are beginners in golf, as they may get bored of the course after a while. Consider friends who are at your playing level, are interested in golf, and are close to them. We are sure you will have a much better time.

4. Pack your luggage wisely

Although you have very little time to pack and prepare for the trip, we can give you some useful tips on packing your suitcase. First, make a list of things you want to take with you. Try not to forget the necessary wardrobe, because you will probably pay a little more for it in another location. However, when you have a list of things, they become much simpler. You can also buy organizers to help you pack your stuff perfectly. Don’t forget you’ll need a golf travel bag if you are a golfer who likes to take their clubs out of town with them.

Don’t pack a T-shirt just in case, but try to come up with combinations and use them to pack what you really need. Pack “hand luggage”. Pack things in it that are irreplaceable. Insert chargers there, and you can also use mobile phones, wet wipes, wipes, etc. As much as you are in a hurry, you can certainly take a moment to check if the accommodation you are staying in has everything you need. You will save space in the suitcase, and it will be easier for you to transport it. When everything is packed, go back to your list and tick off the things you know you put in your suitcase or bags. And don’t forget, it’s important to have money, a passport, and a good mood.

5. Consider golf courses


Regardless of the fact that you have taken into account the weather conditions, price, company and some other items, you must not forget about the courses. Focus on the ones you really enjoy. For example, if you choose the wrong option, you probably won’t enjoy it. The course may be too difficult for your amateur skills or it will be the opposite situation. However, some golf destinations are much more challenging than others.

So think before you make a big mistake that will ruin all your plans. Be equally careful with too easy courses, because you will be very bored. They are intended only for beginners and interested people who have come to a little golf, but nothing more than that. Do a mini-survey by visiting relevant websites and finding out all about the locations.


A last-minute holiday is an opportunity to go on vacation at the last minute and enjoy your favorite sports activities. However, pay attention to important items when booking. You need to find fun, but also good value for money. Be spontaneous, but always have the right information so that you don’t have unpleasant surprises later.

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