7 Top Ways to Plan and Save for Your First Solo Trip

It doesn’t matter if you are planning an international or a national trip, there are several ways you can make your first solo trip a giant success, and we are here to tell you how. Typically, when it comes to a single trip, being cautious of a lot of things matters. You need to be safe, have enough funds to sponsor your trip, and you need to have something extra to spoil yourself on the trip as well. You can visit the place you have always wanted, splurge out on quality casinos and live life without worry.

However, to make all this happen, you need to plan, save and budget things ahead of time.

1. Decide the Place


If you’re planning a long-distance solo trip, you need to set aside enough money for plane tickets, hotel accommodations, and food. One way to cut costs is by using credit card bonuses to earn free travel. Some banks offer bonuses for signing up or organizing automatic payments. This is because that’s where the base of things is.

If you don’t have a place sorted, it becomes impossible for you to envision how much money you have to save, what kind of bookings you need to make, and what kind of experiences you can plan there. So, ideally, the first step of the planning is to decide the place you want to visit.

2. Find The Best Time to Travel

The best time to plan your next trip is not when everyone else is planning theirs. As the busiest travel time of the year draws near, you should start looking for ways to find cheaper flights and accommodation. Finding cheap flights can be easier if you start looking early with sites like Flightfox, which offer price-tracking technology that alerts you when prices drop.

You can also search with flexible dates to find even better deals. The perfect time to plan your next holiday is during less-crowded seasons or off major holidays like Christmas and New Year’s – this will ensure that you can get both cheaper flights and accommodation.

3. Do Some Skill-Based Online Work


There are many ways for solo travellers to make money while they’re on the road. You can also do some work online and earn money when you are travelling solo. Some of these jobs are remote jobs that you can do from anywhere in the world. Others are freelance jobs that you can do at home or on the go.

There’s also the option to generate some income on the side by playing real money casino games. According to the, there are many players who prefer playing casino games online to make an extra stream of income. With these skills, you will be able to make more money than if you were working for someone else.

4. Sort Out the Passport or Visa Situation

If you are thinking about travelling internationally in the near future, it’s important to make sure that your passport and visa situation is in order. This only applies to people who will be travelling outside of their country. When it comes to getting a visa through and all the formalities being done, it can take a lot of time.

With all the necessary documents and meetings, it’s best to know what you’re getting into beforehand—but waiting until the last minute can cause your application to be rejected. So it’s important to be aware of the necessary knowledge beforehand.

5. Consider Travel Reward Credit Cards


When you’re considering the prospect of travelling, it’s always wise to consider what credit card to bring with you. When you sign up for a travel rewards credit card, you’re automatically enrolled in the program and can start earning points for your purchases.

As a solo traveller, you know that credit card points can be a great way to rack up some extra savings on your trip. Since the rewards are so flexible, you can save for free flights or upgrades. You can also use those points as a type of currency by converting them to cash.

6. Create a Travel Fund

With the place in mind, we want you to do a quick Google search. From there, you can find the maximum expenses that you will need to set aside when you are visiting the said place.

Once you have an estimated amount sorted out and written in the notebook, you need to put some money towards it every single month. Treat it as your travel fund. You can save as much as you can for a few months or even years before you have enough to spend.

7. Make the Bookings


Booking in advance is a good way to keep costs down while also giving you more choice over where to stay and what to do while there. Booking in advance, you’ll find it easier to find places that are on sale or have availability for your dates. You’ll also have the opportunity to plan things like day trips outside of the city before your trip, which can be a great way of keeping costs down while also experiencing new things.

Booking hotels and restaurants in advance can save you money and time over the course of your stay. If you know what type of food you like, it is possible to book restaurants in the area before arriving. However, only make the bookings if you are sure that you want to go visit that place and in the said time frame. This is where most solo travellers backtrack. You want to make up your mind, be confident and not take a step back.

Final Words

Planning your first solo trip is quite a confusing and challenging affair. You have to take care of a lot of things, ranging from the planning to the actual trip. So, we wanted to make the process a little easier for you with this article. Keep in mind that these are all subjective steps that you can change and tweak as per your comfort.

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