8 Easy Ways To Save Money On Hotels Booking While Traveling

These days saving on travel is not an option, but a genuine need. Yes, because if the holiday is sacrosanct for people, it is equally true that the current economic situation does not allow for crazy expenses. So what do you do?

If you’re seeking ways to save money on flight tickets and hotel bookings, you’ve reached the right place. The best hotel rates may be found by clicking here. Get comfy because we are ready to finally present you with 8 valuable ideas for locating hotels that fit your expectations and paying less than you should for your hotel room!

1- Travel Agency, Goodbye


It seems that the old proverb “He who does it by himself, makes for three ” is very suitable for the situation. Indeed, we could say that those who do it by themselves makeup for three and save. How to move while optimizing costs and times? On the net, of course.

Most people admit to planning their trips independently, although there is still a good slice of travelers who prefer to rely on dear old travel agencies to plan their own vacation. In fact, it is not said that by booking on the internet you will always save money.

Travel agencies have relationships with tour operators, but also with hotels, resorts, and airlines from all over the world with which they can often and willingly get even better rates than those found on the web.

Relying on the agency often means saving time, especially when it comes to organizing complex and long trips that require some planning. Not to mention the help that the agency can provide for any problem that may arise during the trip.

2- Online Hotel Booking

Explaining how online booking works could be complicated, in practice, however, everything is much simpler. All you have to do is select a booking portal, such as Booking, the industry leader, Hotels, Venere, Trivago, or Expedia and register by creating an account.

Then you can devote yourself to the search for the structure by entering the number of guests, the destination, and the travel dates in the appropriate grid. The portal will show you all the options.

Use the filters to select the type of structure (hotel, guest house, b & b, farm holidays, etc.), the necessary services(private bathroom, swimming pool, parking, air conditioning, etc.), the price range you are willing to pay and so on.

By booking several times on the same portal, you will be able to enjoy particular advantages offered to loyal users. For example, by booking 5 trips with booking you become a “Genius Customer”: this entails a further 10% reduction on the price of the stay and other extra bonuses that will help you save.

On the same item, among the filters, you will also find the “super-secret offers, “, the “offers of the day” and other discounts that will help bring the price down further.

3- Non-refundable Booking


If you want to save on your next trip, you can do it by choosing the facilities that do not allow you to cancel your reservation free of charge. Sure, it’s a risky option, especially if you plan your departure well in advance to get a discount on the price of your flights, but many times it works.

The same room, purchased with or without free cancellation of the reservation, undergoes considerable fluctuations in price, which can even reach 20%. When is it convenient to book a hotel preferring the non-refundable formula?

We recommend it for last-minute booked trips, even a week or a few days before departure, possibly for brief stays, such as a weekend, so that the amount is not too high, and any loss is not excessively burdensome.

4- Special Offers and Compromises

Another very important rule for saving on hotel reservations is knowing how to compromise. Now we explain what we mean by giving you an example. Let’s say you wanted to spend a summer weekend in Florence, to relax in a comfortable hotel in the evening and in all this you would also like to save money.

How to do it? You will probably have to compromise, as finding a 4-star hotel in the city center with special offers during the busiest period is very rare, sometimes unlikely. By expanding your search beyond the central district, however, it is very likely that you will be able to find the comfort you are looking for at the price you want.

Otherwise, you will have to give up the 4 stars to book a smaller room, perhaps more noisy, in a hotel without private parking and swimming pool, but within walking distance of all the places of interest.

5- Compare The Price With Other Portals


Even if you are a loyal customer of a particular booking site, sometimes it is good to spend a few more minutes comparing the offers available on other portals.

We know that it may seem like a colossal undertaking, however it is not: there are “price comparison” sites that offer you the opportunity to know which portal offers the cheapest solution, so click and book directly from there.

This particular type of site is extremely easy to use, we recommend some of the most popular, such as Trivago, Expedia, and Hotel Hunter.

6- The Key Word Is FLEXIBILITY

This is also extremely valid advice for booking air, rail, and sea tickets: be flexible, your bank account will thank you. When we write about flexibility in the booking, we clearly refer to the dates and the destination of the trip.

It may seem strange to you, but prices change a lot from day to day, surging at the weekend to go down early in the week. That’s why if you don’t intend to give up your vacation, but need to save, you would do well to leave on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

7- Where To Find Special Offers


If the spark has struck for one of those hotels that at a guess have all the services you’ve always wanted, but the price is still slightly too high for your pocket, be smart, look for special offers. Where to find them? If they do not appear on the most famous booking sites on the web, then connect directly to the property’s site.

Many hotels, especially the most luxurious, publish packages and special offers directly on their website, advertising them only on social pages. By visiting the portal and contacting the structure in person, you will have one more chance to get to know and take advantage of offers unknown to most.

8- Coupon Search

If you would do everything to save and you do not lack patience, in addition to the search for the perfect structure, you must also look for the perfect discount code. The discount codes or coupons are alphanumeric strings to be inserted at the time of hotel booking, to obtain a price reduction. Not all hotel booking sites issue discount codes on a regular basis, however, the most popular do, to win more and more users.

Bottom Line

As you may have guessed, booking a hotel while saving money is not an impossible undertaking, you just need to pay the right attention to details. The choice of the structure and the reading of the feedback written by users are undoubtedly the two activities to which you must devote more attention.

This is because no one can guarantee you the quality of the service offered, the competence of the staff, and the courtesy reserved to guests at the time of need when making a remote booking.

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