Planning a Family Vacation in Portugal: Kid-Friendly Activities and Attractions

Planning a family vacation can be daunting, but it’s also an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with different cultures. It can be an ideal time to get everyone together, bond, and finally spend time together as a happy family. What might be the best way to spend a week in Portugal? It is best to spend and explore some of the most beautiful places together with your children and enjoy the beauties of Portugal.

The country has something for everyone, from Archaeological sites to wondrous beaches and all you need is to find the ideal rentals in Portugal, and some of them you can find here. Today we bring some kid-friendly activities and attractions that will make your trip more enjoyable, and your children will be happy and satisfied.

Portugal is a welcoming country that welcomes visitors with open arms. This is the country where you can enjoy the interesting and warm culture of the people, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches, but also the attractions around which your children would especially like. Its rich history and beautiful landscapes make it a great place to explore on your own or with your family. There are plenty of activities and attractions geared towards children that will make your visit memorable, so perhaps this beautiful country in the southwest of Europe would be an ideal destination for this summer.

When planning your vacation, take into account what you and your family enjoy doing. If you’re looking for things to do while you’re in Portugal, here are some suggestions that we believe will be nice options, but above all acceptable activities for your children. Let’s see what we have to offer to plan your ideal summer vacation in Portugal. Planning a fun-filled family vacation in Portugal is easy when you have these tips at hand. Let’s get started!

In Portugal you can enjoy a huge number of free activities that will make the vacation more beautiful for your children, but also for you


If there is something good about this country, it is that when you are on vacation in it you can find countless interesting free activities that will make your vacation and the time spent more beautiful. Portugal has plenty of kid-friendly activities and attractions to keep your family entertained while on vacation. These are not just ordinary activities that you can do at home, but they are activities that you will surely fall in love with. From golfing at some of Portugal’s top courses to riding the magical trains in Lisbon, there is something for everyone. That’s why you need to agree with your children on what will be your activity for the day and go enjoy it together.

Fun activities in Portugal are also a very interesting and strong proposal that you will surely like

Another great way to keep the kids busy during your family vacation is by taking them to one of Portugal’s many amusement parks. In them, you can find great activities that will make your children enjoy themselves, and you can also join them, considering the fact that in these parks you can also find content for adults. Our suggestions are fun and adrenaline parks like Parque de Diversion Lagos or Park Praia da Luz. These amusement parks have rides, amusements, and mini-tours that are perfect for all ages and can provide plenty of entertainment, so this is exactly why it is important to be part of your vacation in Portugal to have full enjoyment and pleasure.

Portugal can offer you its cultural side and the historical side that you will enjoy


Explore the mystical and wonderful side of Portugal and its culture and history. You can enjoy that by visiting some of its local museums that really have something to offer you. Thus, our suggestions are to visit museums such as the Chiado Museum of Portnoy or the De Beauvoir Museum in Lisbon. These are one of the most visited tourist locations in Lisbon, but also in Portugal in general, and there you can often see many children who are interested in the interesting facts that the museum curators introduce them to. These museums contain an eclectic mix of art exhibits and historical objects that are sure to fascinate your children, so maybe this is the right thing for you and your family.

Every child enjoys excellent and delicious food, and only Portuguese cuisine and excellent restaurants can offer you this

Finally, don’t forget about some local Portuguese cuisine when planning your vacation in Portugal. Every child loves to try something new and something tasty that will cause butterflies in the stomach at the very first bite. Firtime meals out should include a stop at a bakery to pick up pastries such asquitos (croissants) before moving onto light fare at a cafe or restaurant. You can also look at the traditional restaurants and visit one of them because there is always something delicious, traditional and unforgettable in them. At night, in one of the local restaurants try hearty food like paella or bifana steak at a rustic taverna with locals and expats alike gathering around the BBQ grill following their daily routines. There really is something to enjoy, so pick your favorite spot with your kids and head out for some great food.



Portugal is the pearl of southwest Europe. This country really has a lot to offer, so we think it’s a great destination to visit this summer and the rest of the year. There are a number of interesting places to visit, but also great activities that you can enjoy with the family. So take our recommendations into account and enjoy an unforgettable trip to Portugal that will surely be full of memories and good memories from your visit. Book your accommodation, see which of the hotels or accommodations is the best choice for you, make a plan for where you will walk, what you will visit and in which restaurants you will eat and see you in Portugal!

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