How to Protect Your Data When You’re On The Move

Whether you are traveling for work or leisure, it’s easier than ever to stay connected while on the move. Not only do we have easy access to numerous wifi networks, but we also have our own mobile data, which allows us to get online anytime and anywhere. But this often means that you are traveling with devices that grant you access not only to the internet but to a lot of data, whether that’s your own personal data or company-held data if you are traveling with a work device. While strong data protection and online security is always important, it’s even more crucial to ensure that you protect your data when you travel, since there are even higher risks compared to when you are at home. To learn more on online security, click here.
Those risks are closely related to your online safety and security or in other words – there are dozens of reasons to be cautious. But sometimes, being cautious is not enough. You need to make sure you did everything you can in order to protect your data and yourself too. Here are some of the main things that you can do to protect your data while on the move.

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Strong Passwords:

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We all know about the importance of a strong password, since it is the first line of defense against your data being stolen. To use strong passwords for all your devices means to have no worries or at least a significantly less amoung of things to worry about. If you can, don’t forget about setting up strong passwords for your email accounts, social media accounts, and other work-related programs, but also don’t forget to set up device security within several privacy categories that are available in your phone, laptop or tablet- all in order to have to use your fingerprint or your face to unlock the device to make it even harder for anyone else to access it. If your device is stolen while traveling you have peace of mind that it’s going to be difficult for the thief to access any data stored on your laptop or phone, or get into any online accounts.


What happens if you lose your phone? You will probably go to police and ask them to try to locate your phone so that you could get it back. If there was a way not to make it complicated, would you be interested? That’s why it’s a good idea to set up tracking on your devices so that you can see where they are if they are lost or stolen. If you use Apple devices, you can set up Find My for each device, allowing you to log in and see where your computer, phone, iPod, or even your Apple Watch was last. You can also remotely wipe all data from the device if you think that it has fallen into the wrong hands, or leave a message on the screen with your contact details if the device has been lost, to help with returning it to you. Quite helpful, isn’t it? You can even choose one of the tracking apps since it doesn’t have to be integrated in your device already. What does this do? You’re more likely to find your phone! At the same time, you get to record the conversations and everything, and I got arrested.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi:

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Public Wi-Fi networks can be a convenient solution when you are traveling but the truth is that they are not very secure. This means that public networks are a special treat for all cybercriminals, since this is the easiest way possible to access your phone, and all the information they need to commit a crime. You should never access any sensitive data over a public Wi-Fi network because it is all too easy for hackers and cybercriminals to gain access to your device and your data through the network. If you need to use public Wi-Fi while traveling, it’s a wise idea to protect yourself with a VPN. You can choose any VPN app you want, they all work magically if you want to change the location of the place you are writing from.

Know Who You Are With:

You would never like to think that anybody you are traveling with would steal your data, but the truth is that you can never be too sure who you are sharing things with. If you’re traveling with people that you don’t know well, it’s a good idea to consider using Nuwber to look them up and make sure that they are who they say they are. You can also check if anybody has a criminal record before trusting them with your device. The biggest problem with this is the fact that you are afraid to be ridiculed or to feel uncomfortable, only because you asked a couple of extremely logical questions. But these questions oftentimes save their victims in a certain way.

Antivirus Software:

Finally, last but not the least, as always, you should make sure that you’re running a reputable, up-to-date antivirus software program on all your devices while you travel. You probably wonder what do after all of these suggestions and advice. The answer is simple. If you can find reputable software to help you out, there is no doubt that you should take advantage of every technological innovation to feel safe and secure. How does this work? A good software like this will protect your devices and your data against a wide range of attacks, especially if you need to use public Wi-Fi networks, which is the most dangerous option.

Set your antivirus software to automatically scan your device on a regular basis and alert you to any potential threats quickly. That’s how you’ll easily get notified if anything unexpected happens, while you can count on having some extra help with your personal and business data. Who’s got your back when you detect the first cyber threat? That’s exactly what this software do.

Traveling with your devices is often essential, both for your personal and business connections, but it can put your data at a higher risk of theft. Next time you decide to travel, keep these tips in mind to protect your data wherever you go.

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