Purchasing a Tent for Camping ─ How You Can Select the Correct Size?

Purchasing a good-quality and right-size tent for camping is not an easy task. When you explore several tents, you will get them in various colors, sizes, and shapes. But finding an appropriate one is complicated, even for camping experts. As a newbie, you must consider various factors to explore and confirm the canopy of the correct size.

When you reach the camping site, you cannot stay in an inappropriate canopy or stay outside. One can travel and stay at any place with this equipment. Therefore, you need to check many things while purchasing it.

In the following write-up, we will discuss how you can select the correct tent size for camping. There must be sufficient space to stay inside the camp without experiencing any discomfort. You must take your time to make a decision because, in a hurry, one cannot purchase a good item at all.

Crucial Factors that One Should Consider


Generally, two things are there that one should consider while determining the correct size of the canopy for camping. The more the floor space, the more will be the canopy’s height.

Number of Persons

The initial thing you must do is to check the number of persons that need to stay inside the canopy. It is an amazing way of determining the exact size that you are searching for. It is the correct way to estimate the size roughly. You must check out the height and health of the members that can stay inside the camp with no discomfort.

Things to Store

Anyone who is planning to go camping with a lot of equipment has to manage more storage areas in the cover. One can keep some of them outside, but there is a risk of damage, stealing, and other issues. If two people are planning the trip for hiking, but they carry the equipment, then a canopy for four people will be a better choice.

Available Tent Sizes

Undoubtedly, you can purchase tents in any size, weight, shape, and color. You can easily purchase a camping tent as per your requirement from The commonly available sizes as per the number of people are as follows:


One Person

It is a perfect option for only one person. It is lightweight and quite easy to carry for any hiker or camper. There is enough space for one person to sit and lie down. The floor space is around 20 sq ft with a 40-inch width. One camper can comfortably sleep and spend the night inside.

Two Persons

Generally, it is preferred by two people or one person with a lot of equipment. If two people are healthy, they may feel tight inside the roof. The floor area is around 35 sq ft with not enough width. You can easily attach it to the rucksack to easily walk towards the campsite.

Three Persons

Again, it is an ideal choice for two people with equipment. You can sleep comfortably inside, even with a child or a dog, on the hike. The floor area is around 45 sq ft, making three people tight. But it is meant for three people to stay inside the camp.

Four Persons

It is a small-family tent where four members can sleep comfortably in the camp. But it will be comfortable only when two or three people are adults, and one or two are children or pets. The flooring space size is 70 Sq ft with sufficient width.


Five Persons

With a floor size of 80 sq ft, five people can stay in this tent tightly. But if you need to be comfortable, only four members prefer this kind of camp. The height of this canopy is around 6 ft, so an individual can also stand in the tent easily.

Six Persons

It covers a floor space of 100 sq ft, and six people can accommodate the tent with ease. There is sufficient space for at least four adults, two children, and equipment inside the camp. But it can be uncomfortable for six adults.

Eight Persons

If you desire to purchase a large roof of king size, then this is the one you must select. The flooring space is 130 sq ft, and at least six adults, along with two children, can easily rest. The canopy height is sufficient for an individual to stand and roam inside the camp.

Ten Persons

It is a giant tent or canopy that one can purchase to accommodate eight adults with two children. The floor space is 180 sq ft. On many campsites, you can observe these tents that are pretty fixed for use.

Determine Canopy Size by Height


You should always determine the height factor to select the correct-sized tent. There is an increase in the size of the canopy’s height.

  1. Sitting: You can easily sit in the tent, and this height of 60 inches is available for a three-people camp.
  2. Kneeling: An adult can sit and kneel in the canopy. The height of 48 inches is quite common to observe in four-people tents.
  3. Stooping: You can easily stand in the camp, but you must bend your body. The height is 60 inches, and it is quite common in five-people canopies.
  4. Standing: It is a 72-inch tent in which you can easily stand, but you can roam anywhere, and it is available from the six-people canopy option.
  5. Roaming: The height is 84 inches, available in eight and ten-people tents.

Final Thoughts

If you require a camping tent, consider all the factors mentioned. Ensure you check the height, floor size, and the number of individuals going on a trip. If the size you bought is incorrect, you must sit and spend the whole night outside the canopy.

To avoid such a situation, you must calculate the size and confirm with the members. Before using any tent on the campsite, it is quite better for you to try it once you leave your place to go on the trip. After considering the dimensions, you can buy the correct size easily.

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