Quadrantid Meteor Shower:Stunning Video Of 110 Crashing Fireball into the Earth


A Bemidji Police Officer has recorded an amazing video as 110 burning rocks crash into the Earth.He recorded it from the car dash camera.The Quadrantid meteor shower is the most powerful meteor shower of 2018. The meteor shower can be termed as one of the best astronomical events that you can see with your naked eyes.Also, it depends on the environment whether you will be able to see it or not. The year started with a full moon on the night of 1st January.The next full moon will occur on the night of 31 January with the lunar eclipse, and the supermoon will take place on January 30.


The Quadrantid meteor shower is active every year from the 28th of December to 12th January. Let me tell you first how meteor shower happens, Whenever bulk of solar particles bump up in the Earth atmosphere at tremendous speed. Scientists studied that remaining dust from the asteroid named 2003 EH1 forms these meteors. It is one of the
chances when people will get excited about astronomy. The best you can do to watch the meteor is to lay down on the ground and stare up at the sky for the astronomy effects. Also, read about huge water reserves just below Mars’ surface.

“We managed to spot 108 Geminid meteors including two fireballs. As the sky is clearer today we expect to spot many more. If the skies are clear throughout the night one can witness the shower all night,” said ASP president Dr Chong Hon Yew.

However. the shower appeared in many parts of the world and thanks to the Bemidji Police Officer who recorded the video with the help of the car dash cam. The video is simply awesome and stunning. Have a look.

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