This Raccoon’s Heroic Climb Up the Side of a Skyscraper Will Give You the Courage to Finish Your Week (Video)


On Tuesday morning thousands of people gathered in St. Paul, Minnesota to watch a racoon clung to the side of a skyscraper. By Wednesday morning, the video went viral on the internet and people have taken a relief when the racoon was safely captured.


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It all started on Tuesday at about 11 a.m when downtown workers spotted racoon on the building. It is a few stories above the building. However, a racoon decided to go up to the building. He leapt across to a nearby skyscraper, the UBS Tower, and began his nail-biting ascent. Later, an eight-hour live stream began and everyone abandoned their work. Those inside the building kept the world updated as the racoon climbed.

People are comparing racoon’s daring to “Mission Impossible.” The most tricky part is that this operation was that the building’s windows do not open. There was no way of helping the racoon from the inside. If he wanted to get to safety, he had to scale the side of the building up to the roof.

But before long, he was back at it. The mayor of St. Paul was even in on the racoon’s rescue.

At about 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning, he did it.

After a delicious meal of soft cat food, #mprraccoon has been caught and will be picked up by Wildlife Management. Goodbye, friend!

— UBS Plaza (@ubs_plaza) June 13, 2018

The skyscraper’s Twitter account announced that the racoon had been captured and wildlife control was taking him onwards to safety. The internet rejoiced.

The courage of racoon is amazing and heads off to its determination. It brings the people together through its courage. Go forth into your week with the same passion and dedication that racco carries.

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Source: Travel+Leisure

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