What Are the Safe Areas to Stay in New York for First-Time Visitors?

New York City is a tourist attraction because of its modern infrastructure and interesting lifestyle. There are a lot of places to visit there. For example, you can go to the central park or the Empire State Building. However, you need to choose your place of stay very carefully. There are five main areas where you can plan your stay.

These five places are;

  1. Manhattan
  2. Brooklyn
  3. Queens
  4. The Bronx
  5. Staten Island

You can choose any one of these five places and enjoy your stay there. All of them are safe for visitors and you will find a lot of attractions too.

However, if you are looking for our recommendation, we would suggest going to Manhattan. The reason is that it is near the main tourist attractions. It would be a waste if you stay in New York and do not visit the Great Central Station and the Empire State Building. These and other attractions are near Manhattan. If you choose to stay there, you can also visit Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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So you were looking for a safe place to stay when you are a first-time traveler? We can surely help you out. If you are visiting a place for the first time, you should not trust anyone blindly. It is better to look for different places and then finalize the one that you find safe. In addition to this, you can also look for the crime rate of the areas that you have short-listed.

And here is what we have for you. We hope you enjoy a safe travel time.

1. Midtown Manhattan


One of the safest places that you can stay is Manhattan. It is not only safe but is also near many tourist attractions. You can visit the famous Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Museum of Modern Art, Broadway, and Bryant Park. Thus, it would be a better choice if you wish to look at the modern lifestyle of New York City.

In addition to this, you should also look at other aspects. For example, this is a rush area and has a lot of attractions and shopping centers. Therefore, you will find a lot of visitors and locals there. So if you are planning to hire a cab, you should leave this approach. It would take you a lot of time to move from one place to another. It is better to use public transport and the subway than a cab.

Another thing that makes it better for visitors is that you will find better rates here. There are a lot of cheaper and affordable hotels that you can rent. Likewise, you will find a lot of food options too. So you will be able to move by your budget.

2. Upper East Side


This area is expanded from 59th to 96th street along with the East River. This area is featured in popular shows like Gossip Girl. Moreover, it is also known to be an upscale region. Thus, you will find fine dining along with luxury fashion.

And if you are interested in museums, you will surely love this region because it has the best museums in New York City. There is a Museum Mile from Fifth Avenue and along Central Park. So you will be enjoying the best museums and also the central park.

It is close to the Museum Mile and offers easy access to Central Park. In addition to this, you will find different dining options. So if you want to enjoy a fine and quiet dinner with your family, you would love it there.

However, because of these fine regions, the area is a bit pricey. Therefore, if you are tight on budget, you should not go with this one. Furthermore, unlike Manhattan, you won’t get any nightlife here.

3. Upper West Side


This is sharing the border with the Hudson River and of course, the Central Park. This place will be especially attractive if you have small children. It is near the parks with playgrounds. Furthermore, the hotels on the Upper West Side are also quite family-friendly.

The places where you can go are Central Park, of course. Other than this, you will have the American Museum of Natural History, the Beacon Theater, and the Lincoln Center. As for the living conditions, they are also quite good there. If you want a lively place with a beautiful view, you can go to The Dakota and San Remo. Both of these face Central Park.

Furthermore, you can take the subway to go to the nearby areas. It will take you around 20 minutes to reach Midtown through a Subway. Thus, it is a better option here.

4. The Financial District


It is near Manhattan and is the best place if you are in New York for business. This is a business-oriented district and has some historic restaurants. Furthermore, this is the place of the World Trade Center (where the famous 9/11 incident took place).

Furthermore, The Financial District is the place from where you can go to the Brooklyn Bridge. Thus, you can enjoy the sunny afternoon by the river water. This is also suitable for people who are looking for a budget-friendly place to stay. You will find budget-friendly mid-range hotels there.

The lacking point with the Financial District is that you won’t find fun nightlife. Furthermore, this is more like a business-oriented neighborhood. Therefore, if you find it boring, you should better avoid it. It does not offer unique eating places. Furthermore, it is farther from Midtown.

In addition to this, this place is especially budget-friendly during the weekends. Plus, the place is also quieter. So you won’t have to suffer from a busy lifestyle. And you can go to the Statue of Liberty Ferries and Staten Island for fun.

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