6 Top Attractions to Enjoy in Melbourne for Visitors

Australia is a country that has it all – from deserts to forests, from beaches to cities. Canberra, Australia’s second-largest city offers you almost everything you could hope for. With its vibrant city lights and nightlife, Melbourne is an attraction for visitors living both nearby and far away.

According to the Australian website, BudgetDirect, international visitors spent a total of nearly $8.2 billion in Melbourne in December 2019. A total of 3 million visitors were recorded in Melbourne, with the visitors staying for a total of 63.3 million nights.

So what do you do when you land in Melbourne? Read this article to find out the top attractions that will give you a lifetime’s worth of memories!

1. Royal Botanic Gardens


Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens are among the finest botanical gardens in the world. Established in 1846, this garden comprises the cities of Melbourne and Cranbourne. Covering an area of more than 38 hectares, these gardens are home to more than 10,000 exotic species of plants, many of which are rare to find elsewhere.

Some of the highlights here are the Ian Potter Foundation Children’s Garden, meant for next-generation gardeners, and the Fern Gully Health and Well-bring garden, a quiet and tranquil place to help you calm your mind. Visiting the Royal Botanic Garden any time of the day is guaranteed to give you a sense of calmness.

2. National Gallery of Victoria


For all the art connoisseurs, the National Gallery of Victoria is just the right place! It is not only the oldest public gallery in Australia but also the most visited. More than 70,000 works of global artists are put on display here.

Originally opened in 1968, the international collection of the artworks are located in a museum in the St. Kilda Road building. The Australian collection of artworks is placed in the Ian Potter Gallery in Federation Square.

One of the most famous attractions of the gallery is the beautifully painted stained glass ceiling. Visitors often lie down on the ground and admire the ceiling for hours. Do visit this lovely place at least once if you visit Melbourne!

3. Melbourne Cricket Ground and Sports Museum


Melbourne, being the sports capital of Australia, boasts of a stadium that is one of the top stadiums in the world. The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) has a capacity of 1,00,000, this stadium is the country’s oldest and largest sports venue.

It also served as the main stadium for the 1956 Olympics, and the birthplace of Australian Test cricket. Daily tours are also available here, which includes the National Sports Museum that has the famous Gallery of Sports and the Olympics Museum. Directly opposite the MCG is the famous Melbourne Park, where the Australian Open Tennis tournaments are held every January. So if you’re a sports fan, you just can’t afford to miss this out!

4. Tram Tour


If you want to do some sightseeing the Aussie way, a tram tour is just right for you! Hop aboard the City Circle Tram, a free and simple way to enjoy the sights that Melbourne offers. To make it easier for tourists, this tour comes with a commentary on the various tourist attractions.

This hop-on, hop-off service takes you around famous locations like the Parliament House, the Old Treasury Building, Princess Theatre, and the famous Windsor Hotel. You can also choose to explore Federation Square.

The best part about this tram ride is that it can be availed easily, since it runs every 12 minutes, and takes just a little less than an hour to complete one trip. You can hop on the tram any time of any day along the City Circle route, seven days a week (except Christmas and Good Friday).

5. Nightclub hopping


For the young souls who want to party hard at night, Melbourne is a hub of the trendiest nightclubs all over the globe! From simple bars to dance nightclubs, you can unleash the party animal in you in these hip places!

Some of these night clubs include Misty, Max Watts, Therapy Nightclub, Billboard Saturdays, and Razzmatazz Indie Discotheque. If you want a good time with your girl gang, or just want to let off some steam during the weekends, nightclub hopping is the best way to de-stress yourself.

Many of these bars offer free shots for women or give a special discount to their members. So if you’re in Melbourne for a business trip and the workload is too much, visit one of these places and let the beats of the DJ transport you to another world!

6. Adult and escort services


Even though you’ve planned to visit beautiful places during the day, there are other forms of beauty for you to discover at night. Melbourne has a wide array of adult escort services that are great for you if you’re looking for a companion.

Don’t worry, these services are legal and safe in Melbourne. But how to know where to choose from? You can look up escort services online and select the kind of escort you would like to have.

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Over to you…

No matter where you are from, or why you’re planning to visit Melbourne, there’s always some or the other attraction available for you to check out. This city is bustling with life and love, and will never fail to impress you.

So if you’ve booked your tickets and are confused about where to go or what to do here, refer to these places and experiences so that your trip to Melbourne remains an unforgettable one! And of course, don’t forget to book a few escorts, if it gets too lonely… trust me, it’s a lot of fun!

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