8 Must-Visit Destinations Post-Pandemic

The vaccination rate is increasing worldwide, and the Covid-19 pandemic is slowly coming to an end. Countries are gradually opening their borders for tourism and business. Travel enthusiasts are once again preparing to plan their canceled trips. However, many are struggling to get through the visa process. Since many embassies and visa consultation centers follow the government’s social distancing protocols, not many people are allowed to visit the embassy for visa processing. E-visa services, such as Pickvisa have made it easier to obtain a visa without leaving your home and catching a possible infection. 

If you’ve made up your mind about traveling, and have done research about post-pandemic visa requirements, now is the time to choose your destination. Deciding on places to visit after the pandemic with your friends or family is difficult because some places are still heavily affected by Coronavirus, but don’t worry, we have made a list of 8 spectacular yet beautiful places that are worth visiting post-pandemic. 

1. Alta, Norway

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If you had to spend your pandemic time in a warmer country, then it’s now time to visit “aurora borealis city”. Alta is a Norwegian city that is famous for its prolonged exposure to northern lights. You can visit the city for northern light hunting from March to September but we advise you to visit in winters so you can also perform other activities as well such as dog-sledding, snowshoeing, etc. 

The most breathtaking location for observing northern lights is from Alta’s famous ‘arctic domes’ hotels. These are high-end tent hotels with transparent walls and domes. Living in an arctic dome and witnessing northern lights is no less than a fairytale. 

2. Cairo, Egypt 

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If you are a history enthusiast and a fan of archeology, Cairo is a must-visit destination. You can get your e-visa to Egypt from online visa services that let you pay your visa fee online. Home to many pyramids, it contains so many wonders at its heart. But the biggest news for you is the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum. The museum is scheduled to open in the last months of 2024 after a delay of many years. Once open, it will be the most significant historical museum in the world. 

After you explore the ancient city of Cairo, you should consider taking a trip to the biblical country of Jordan. In fact, some companies offer luxury Egypt and Jordan tour packages. Enjoy a swim in the relaxing dead sea, gaze at beautiful monuments, and visit a UNESCO world heritage site: The desert valley of Wadi rum. With Jordan being less than a two-hour flight or a ferry ride away, it is a place you do not want to miss. 

3. The Gobi Desert, Mongolia

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If your soul is a wanderer and an adventurer, then you might want to add the Gobi Desert to your bucket list. Some people by nature prefer solitude to contemplate their place in the universe, and the Gobi desert is just the right place to do so.  The best thing about visiting Mongolia post-pandemic is that even though the country has a high population, it is least affected by the virus with only 214 confirmed cases in mid-2020. 

The Gobi Desert is considered the world’s best-kept secret, the vastness of the desert makes it the perfect place to witness sunrise and sunset. The 360° view makes the stargazing an otherworldly experience. You can even find real-life dinosaur fossils in the desert, how cool is that! 

4. Cappadocia, Turkey

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Some places in the world are a fusion of nature’s excellence and historical significance, and Cappadocia is one of them. The city is straight out of some fairytale with the moon-like rock formation known as ‘fairy chimneys.’ Many underground towns were built during the Arab-Byzantine period to protect the city from foreign attacks. 

The heavenly city of Cappadocia has many must-visit beautiful places. Pasabag is one such place, a serene and beautiful place with magnificent earth pillars. Although there are so many magical places to visit in Cappadocia, the most magical and fairytale experience is the hot air balloon ride that lets you view the magical city of Cappadocia from an out worldly point of view. 

5. Dominica 

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The Caribbean Islands are everyone’s favorite place to visit due to their blue waters and clean beaches. But Dominica is not like a regular Caribbean Island, the experience here is less about fancy beach resorts and sunbathes but more about natural parks. The Island of Dominica is heaven for people who love to explore nature and have an adventurous soul. The island is home to many volcanoes, freshwater lakes, forests, and waterfalls. 

When you visit the Island of Dominica, you can have much more than a regular beach experience. The geothermal activity of the island is amazing. Instead of confining yourself to beach resorts, in Dominica, you can experience the local culture and traditions 100 years old.   

6. Ghana, West Africa

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When planning their travel and choosing the destinations, people tend to skip the west African countries due to their fear and ignorance. Unlike some of the western African countries, Ghana has a stable government and friendly locals. The experience you will have in Ghana will be like none before. Before 2024, the visa requirement for Ghana was somewhat difficult and you’ll have to visit the nearest embassy but Ghana has now launched its E-visa, so you can avail of its E-visa services. 

The most touristy place in Ghana is the Cape Coast, it has a rich history and serves as a reminder of the evolution of humans. Cape Coast was the biggest hub for slave trading in the last centuries. Other must-visit places in Ghana are its rainforests, Savannah Safaris, bustling markets, and Atlantic Beaches. 

7. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

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The Salar de Uyuni is Bolivia’s largest salt flat. This is a life-changing experience. The region is the least impacted by a coronavirus in Bolivia, making it an ideal refuge from the horrors of a pandemic. The salt flat is the remains of a prehistoric lake that dried up hundreds of years ago, leaving behind a stunning desert-like region. There is no considerable wildlife here, though pink flamingos can be found in the salt flats.

On clear days, ‘the salt lake’ reflects the sky, creating a magnificent effect that makes the ground and sky appear to be one. From the center of Incahuasi Island, you can see the unearthly experience.

8. The Galapagos Island, Ecuador

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The serene island of Galapagos is located approximately 926km away from any populated city. Even though the borders of the country are open, not many people are visiting the islands, making it an ideal place to visit post-pandemic. The Galapagos island is famous for its sea cruise but now not many cruises are surfing on the water, so if you want to experience a less crowded sea cruise experience now is a perfect time. 

The EndNote

The world is now slowly coming back to normal, or what can we call the new normal. Post pandemic travel is going to be different but no less fun than before. By including our suggestions in your bucket list, your traveling is going to be an experience of a lifetime.

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