What Are the Safest Ways to Send Money to China Suppliers

Selling products online is one of the most popular business models in the world. The reason why people decide on this move is simple – the potential profit can be pretty big. But, that doesn’t mean things will be easy. As you already know, the competition is pretty tough, and you will need to be unique to split from the mass of other businesses.

However, there are also certain things that you need to take care of. That especially counts when we talk about money transfers. Most eCommerce shops are supplying their business with products manufactured in China. That is the reason why you need to ensure the safest ways to send money to China.

The good news is that you live in the world of advanced technology. Safety is the main priority of all parties, and there are providers that will ensure safe transfers without any excuses. Because of that, we would like to highlight some of the most popular payment providers you can use to complete the entire transaction procedure without any obstacles. Let’s find them out together!



Is there a person on this planet that hasn’t heard about Paypal? It certainly is one of the most popular eWallets you can find in today’s world. People are using it for everyday transactions as well as money transfers for business purposes. Currently, the fee you will pay to send money to China is around 2.9% + the fees connected with currency altering. The speed of the provider is pretty high and you will not need to spend a lot of time on setting up your account.

The only problem here is actually the fees. But, for the service that you pay, you will get 100% safe transfers! Because of that, we suggest you put into consideration this option, especially if you are regularly making huge orders.



Compared to PayPal, WorldRemit is an even more flexible payment provider. It is some sort of alternative to Western Union that many eCommerce owners gladly use to send money to China. But, they are not doing that for no reason. Believe it or not, the transaction fee is $0 which automatically ensures that you spend less money on purchasing stuff. Apart from that, most Chinese clients are using it, so you will not have a problem making a transaction.

However, there are certain things you may not like. The maximum transfer amount is only $5000. You will have to make more than 1 transaction to purchase the larger order, so that may be a bit time-consuming. On the other hand, the exchange rate is good for now. But, it changes all the time and, in some moments, you may lose a bit more money on conversions. But, who knows, maybe something like that does not happen ever.

What about transaction time? Well, this depends on different factors. In case you decide on cash delivery, the money you send will be available to the Chinese partner immediately. They will get the chance to withdraw money to the WorldRemit office that is located somewhere in their town. Of course, the person will need to show the photo ID as well as the reference number that is unique for each transaction.

On the other hand, wire transfers will last a bit longer, but probably not as long as you think. In most cases, the money will become available to your Chinese partner after half an hour (that is the maximum). Because of that, in terms of speed, this provider certainly deserves to be at the top of this list.

Banks or Wire Transfers with SWIFT


If you want to check the trends popular in the eCommerce world, then you will see that SWIFT is one of the preferable options among businesses. We do not want to say this option is perfect, but, when we talk about safety, it is at the top of this list without any doubt. All the banks in the world (including those in China) are using the so-called SWIFT code system. That way, they allow businesses like you to easily transfer money to Chinese suppliers.

The transfer fees are a bit different compared to the previous cases. They will never be lower than 35 dollars and never be higher than 45 dollars. Of course, there are certain currency conversion fees, but, according to our research, they are pretty good compared to the other currencies. Because of that, transfer fees and reliability deserve the highest grades.

Unfortunately, the speed is the biggest disadvantage of this service. In most cases, the clients in China will need to wait for a couple of days to get the money. But, according to some testimonials, there are also people that had to wait for 3 weeks to get the money to their bank account. Unfortunately, you never know how quickly the transaction will be approved which can be a big problem.

But, have in mind that most people still decide to send money to China this way. The reason is simple – money transfers with SWIFT are widely accepted within China. That way, you will not have to spend time negotiating with people in China as they will automatically accept this method.

Letters of Credit


This method is becoming popular among people, but it certainly represents one of the safest ways. Believe it or not, the banks serve as a guarantee that the supplier will be paid. However, they will approve the money only when the buyer (you) confirms that all terms and conditions agreed with a contract are met. That way, there is no place for any potential troubles that some people experience. If the requirements are not met, you will get back the products you buy. On the other hand, the Chinese people will know that they will get money immediately after you confirm everything is fine.

Final Thought: Transactions Are Not the Only Thing Important

Of course, the transactions are just one part of the entire process. They are crucial, but you also need to pay attention to some other factors such as product sourcing, manufacturing control, quality inspections, etc. But, if you want to make things easier, websites like are the right place to visit after reading this article. There you will find a company that takes care of all the mentioned parts of the process.

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