Should you Gamble on your Vacation in Another Country – 2024 Tips

Casino tourism is gaining good hype among people these days. Travelers are endured with all the facilities and the most exotic locations in the world in order to gamble to their heart’s content.

Accessibility to betting in terms of gambling is something that many people now take for granted. Some people find absolute fulfillment in online betting. Gambling in India is something which is illegal and objectionable. It is also a punishable act, but the crowd still does it, and you no longer have to go out of the house to visit a betting shop. You can simply place your desired bets from your home.

However, the question is, what about betting online while you are abroad?

Can you do this, and how difficult is it to get a wager on with your bookmaker?

Let’s find it here!

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According to the law of the Public Gambling Act of 1867, it restricts the visit or be physically present at any betting house or casino. Still, as there is no law specifically for online or virtual gambling, it becomes a legal loophole and eases out the public.

However, different countries have different rules and restricted laws. Therefore it is essential to note that bookmaker rules and regulations state that they can only accept bets from a country with a license for online players.

For example, to use a bookmaker in Spain, you will need to find one with a license for the same and accept Spanish players. In some instances, you will also need to prove that you are a Spanish yourself, which apparently stops this way, working for many other players. It is totally legal in Spain and has government jurisdiction in place too.

This further means that depending on the bookmaker that you have and the country you are in or from, you may or may not be able to use your bookmaker to place bets while abroad.

It can be challenging to find this information out, and if you want a proper plan in place and are confident enough that it will work, you will have to look at this from another aspect. This can be done by using a VPN connection (Virtual Private Network). It is used by the top IT companies.

So when you have one of these in place, you can set the country that your mobile internet is based in, and then your bookmaker will see your internet connection as one in the UK. The server also captures the same location, despite the fact that you are potentially thousands of miles away in a totally different country.

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While doing this, they will accept bets off you as usual, just as though you were in your own country in your living room’s comfort. It would also not block you, as the server captures the same location you are betting for.

Using a good VPN connection helps to surf the website securely and access the restricted site without getting a blocking pop up.

Overall the experience in betting abroad is risky when it comes to its law. Although the policy set for a particular country exists, but there are still different ways and means to go for it with a proper systematic approach via a good VPN.

However, if you are aware of the fact that you might travel abroad in a day or few and you wish to gift yourself an excellent chance to place your bets, then you can open a new account with a bookmaker that has a good and constant reputation for working in abroad.  There are many bookmakers’ sites that offer various services and provides with the best experts to guide you throughout your journey of gambling abroad or while traveling.

Although you should find such a bookmaker who supports and guides you irrespective of place, that is, whether you are traveling, abroad, or at home.

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If you are blessed with a bookmaker who guides you regardless of location keeps you less stressed.

As there is literally no specific time for any sport to take place, it does not at all matter if you travel in the summer peak or winter chills.

You will be relieved by knowing that something will be happening back at your home while you would not be present there.

Therefore, it is crucial to choose the correct and appropriate bookmaker on whom you can rely on and who delivers all the services to you.

Also, if you choose the correct VPN, you get an advantage to access their website from any corner of the world.

In order to select a particular VPN, look for these criteria’s in them:

  • Has servers in multiple countries
  • Has great security
  • Fantastic privacy features
  • Good content-unblocking capabilities
  • Offers a wide range of apps.


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Online gambling or gambling while traveling has gained a lot of popularity in the past years. Particularly in Europe and the UK, it is more common as there are hundreds of providers that are available for its customers online, and they can choose from them.

A casino site offers every little thing from traditional video slots, table games, and sport betting websites. However, you may face problems accessing these sites from a distance or from a particular place.

Also, you are aware by now that different countries have different laws and terms and conditions regarding gambling.

Although, if you are one such user who contacts your betting operator to find out what bets are allowed to place from a different location, you might need the VPN.  To be very clear, a VPN is the only answer to how you can gamble from abroad. It will help you to unlock all the restrictions and access the website and services of your own choice!

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