A Guide to Starting an Online Travel Business

We are living in a digital age and if you are thinking about setting up an online business, there are, of course, many options to consider. If you are a person who loves to travel, why not start something in the travel sector? In this article, we offer a few ideas on how to start your very own online travel business.

Boutique Hotel Agency

There’s nothing to stop you from coming to an agreement with select boutique hotels to represent them with a 5-star website; it wouldn’t be that difficult to make an exclusive agreement with a few top boutique hotels – what you will need is the help of a leading digital marketing agency to create a dynamic marketing plan; read more here. Success lies with your digital marketing, especially if you are aiming to carve a share in the wealthy sector.

Personalised service and VIP treatment are the keys to providing a second-to-none service and while it might take a while, you can create a brand that will stand the test of time. Upmarket is the only way to go and some serious searching should locate suitable hotels and resorts that you can represent; you could pitch this as a non-committal option for the resort, or request sole rights to all marketing. If you have no real digital marketing experience, you could enlist the help of a leading agency that provides reseller white label services, something the hotel need not know.

Reviewing Premier Resorts


This would be a difficult, but not impossible task; people do like to read resort reviews before choosing their holiday accommodation and if you gain a reputation for being open and honest, it won’t be long before travellers follow your online reviews. Like any new business, you have to have a high level of determination; it will seem like an uphill struggle but success is achievable. The business idea requires a lot of groundwork and research and once you have a concept, take that to a leading digital marketing agency and let them help you with branding. Setting up a holiday review website demands a high level of planning and organisation, yet it is a feasible business idea that is worth investigating.

YouTube Travel Channel

Many budding entrepreneurs try their hand at becoming a YouTube star; essential qualities include bags of creativity, a dynamic personality and top-notch sound & video equipment. Building views lead to subscriptions, plus you need an award-winning digital marketing agency in your corner to project your channel in all the right places. This is not the kind of business that will enjoy overnight success, so you have to expect a slow and gradual business development. A couple of years should see you well on the way to success; anything less is simply unrealistic.

Set up an Online Ticketing Agency


This is a relatively hard sector to enter, but it is possible; you would need to have contacts within the air travel sector and there are licences to obtain, but if you can be price competitive and create a dynamic marketing plan, a ticketing agency is doable. Be warned; this sector is highly competitive and if you have no previous experience in this field, we don’t recommend that this should be your first business launch.

Travel Blogging

If you have a gift for writing and love to travel, creating a travel blog could lead to a successful business; again, this would take time, perhaps a year before you have an adequate following to monetise the project. Digital marketing is essential if you want to maximise your exposure and approaching a leading agency at the very outset is a smart thing to do. You might prefer to focus on a particular region or type of holiday experience, penetrating a niche market is a lot easier than a mainstream sector and if your interest lies in extreme holidays or African safaris, you can combine business and pleasure. Click here for more tips on how to set up a successful travel blog.

Strike up a Partnership with a Resort


Find a resort in a prime location that has the potential to become a 5-star luxury retreat and pitch your proposal to the owner; you provide all the marketing; taking control of the website and social media accounts, you will be responsible for promoting the resort, in return for a share of the business, which you would have to negotiate.

Strong Presentation Skills

Whatever you decide, you need to have exceptional communication and presentation skills; convincing other business owners to join forces is no easy thing and the success of the venture relies heavily on your ability to sell the idea to other business owners. When you do make a presentation, be prepared for a barrage of questions, which will surely follow and if you have covered all the angles, you should be fine.



You will need some professional help to create a brand that people will identify with; we recommend hooking up with an award-winning digital marketing agency with offices in Bangkok, as they would have a branding team that delivers results.

Create a Business Plan

Whatever venture you choose, it is important too, a) carry out a feasibility study and b) create a comprehensive business plan that points out the benefits for partner businesses. The project must be attractive to the partner businesses and finding hotels and resorts that are struggling increases your chances of success.

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This is the kind of business that requires minimal investment as far as money goes, although you will need to invest considerably in terms of time and resources. Nothing is certain in this world and there could be many reasons why you shouldn’t set up an online business; yet fortune favours the brave and if you have the skill sets and the determination, there’s every reason to believe in yourself.

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