Summer Never Ends: Places To See When Visiting Cancun

There are roads, and there are trips. There are suitcases, backpacks, and bags that sometimes aren’t enough to pack everything you want. Only in your heart can everything will fit perfectly. That is why a trip to Cancun is the right place to fill your heart with joy, and your mind with beautiful memories to take from here.

Travels Make Our Life More Interesting

Travels are what make our lives so rich. Certainly, you are as rich as the memories you carry with you throughout your life. And a visit to Mexico and the famous Cancun resort will surely bring new and beautiful memories. As claimed by many people, Cancun is a true paradise on Earth. Beautiful Caribbean beaches, white sand, turquoise sea,  and palm trees are the first picture you can imagine. But Cancun is much more than that. Near this famous resort, you can find really everything – from beautiful nature, through historical monuments, settlements of ancient civilizations, to a rich nightlife. So, come with us on this virtual journey, and see what you can expect when you finally get to Cancun.


Many people are enchanted with this place. This pearl of the Yucatan Peninsula will not leave you indifferent. Of course, there are good reasons for that. Is there a better way to escape the cold and gloomy winter than to travel to this tropical paradise? However, you must know that a long journey is ahead of you. Travel arrangements for destinations such as Cancun usually involve two weeks or more. It may seem like a lot of time to someone, but trust me – it’s not. Upon arrival in Cancun, you will realize that it takes a lot of time to visit at least some of the locations that this region has to offer.

Places To Visit In Cancun

If you’re ready for the craziest party, Cancun is the perfect place to do it. Unforgettable parties, with amazing programs and attractions, last until the morning. When it gets dark and the streetlights and advertisements shine, you will be able to feel the true pulse of this city. Once a small town with only a hundred inhabitants, today it has become a prestigious centre of tourism and good fun. Still, if you ask us, nature is something to admire when you visit this magical place. Therefore, it is best to rent a car upon arrival and embark on your adventure.

The Car Rental

The car can be easily rented. Just make a reservation online and you will find reliable and good transportation. If you are traveling in a group, you have the opportunity to rent special vehicles where you can get more people, so you will enjoy a joint trip with your friends. For more information on airport transfers and private transport services, visit here.

Isla Mujeres

The first place you should visit is for sure – Isla Mujeres. A beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea, ten kilometers from Cancun, from which you can take a half-hour catamaran ride. To get the best out of this island, the best option is to rent a golf car that you can ride around the island all day at a very affordable price. Here is also one of the most beautiful beaches – Playa Norte, with the shallow turquoise sea and the softest white sand you have ever seen. There are several hotels, restaurants and cocktail bars along the beach, so there is always a crowd. As for the attractions, you can dive or try the zip-line at Garrafon Park. You can also enjoy with dolphins at the Dolphin Discovery, or visit a turtle sanctuary where you can see up close a dozen species of these unusual sea creatures. The island’s nightlife is down to cocktail bars, dinners at many restaurants or long walks among the colorful stalls and souvenir shops.

Playa Del Carmen

This paradise for the party and resort lovers will bring you the first touch with Mexicans who are very cordial and, unlike the Cubans, speak English (or at least try). But since Playa Del Carmen is just that – one big beach, you will surely soon make your way to the charming Tulum, the fastest growing city in that part of the world.


Tulum is a place that will delight you. This is a hipster and energetic place where you can meet many interesting and unusual young people from all over the world. Among the natural and historical beauties are the remains of the Mayan buildings, a defensive city on the rocks above the beach, full of vegetation. You will often come across iguanas sunbathing on the ruins. The surrounding area is known for its numerous stone caves where you can enjoy swimming and diving. The most famous cave is Dos Ojos. We recommend you to rent a car through services such as, in order to experience this place better. Exploring Tulum with a car is a really unique experience.

Chichen Itza, Mayan City

This is an extremely popular day trip for those visiting Cancun and Playa del Carmen. The magnificent Mayan city of Chichen Itza is one of the most visited archaeological sites and one of the largest and most beautifully restored too. Within this UNESCO heritage complex is the huge El Castilo, known as the Kukulkan Pyramid, and 30 meters high, the city’s tallest building. The site is home to a nearly 1,000-year-old observatory, evidence of Maya’s advanced civilization. The building is known for its narrow gaps on the walls that the sun shines twice a year and which the Mayan priests used to determine the date. Also interesting are the numerous statues of the famous Mayan Chacmools holding the sacrificial court while protecting the old temples.

Swimming With Dolphins

We are sure you would not miss an experience like this. If you’re located in the hotel area, look for the Dolphinus, a place where you can book your hour of swimming with dolphins. There are 40 dolphins here and each has its name and its coach. Imagine yourself being awake by a dolphin in the morning! In Mexico, everything is possible because the dolphin pools are located inside the hotel courtyard. While vacationing and staying at Cancun, you’ll have the opportunity to watch dolphin workouts and attractions every day.

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