Best Things to Do in Mexico City in 2024

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico, where 8.8 million residents live. Also, every year, millions of tourists visit the city, because it has many attractions to offer. In 2024, we don’t have many chances to travel abroad and visit our favorite places because of the coronavirus pandemic. We all hope we will soon be able to travel again, avoiding all the possible risks of getting infected with the virus that put the whole world in a state of a pandemic.

Depending on where you come from, you may or may not be able to visit Mexico this year, so you must check with your authorities, to see if there are any requirements for that. For example, some countries require negative COVID-19 test results (not older than three days) so they can let people visit their country. Also, you need to have enough money for your stay, and the Mexican government recommends buying an insurance policy for everything you have with you, especially your vehicle. You can visit the Mexican Insurance Store to inform yourself of their offers and insurance options. It’s always a good idea to own policy for the things you own because sadly, bad things can happen too while on vacation, you can get robbed, or some accidents may occur. So, owning an insurance policy is highly recommended.

Another thing you should always do, especially when you travel to big cities like this. You can’t expect that you will arrive there and see the whole city, because it’s huge and you must have a plan. Never been to Mexico before? We are here to help you with a few recommendations, so you can check the city’s attractions and visit those that seem interesting and relevant to you;

These are the most popular things to do in Mexico City:

Explore the city

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Check the address of your hotel, apartment or Airbnb, and see what are the nearest possible interesting places you can visit. You can start exploring the neighborhood and discover interesting places, museums, bars, and restaurants that are worth visiting. Some of them may have working restrictions due to pandemic, so you must inform yourself if the visitors are allowed in the place you want to visit. For example, you can locate the Frida Kahlo Museum, which is one of the main attractions for the people with an artistic soul who need a dash of inspiration in their life. If you want to enjoy the historical spirit, you can pay a visit to some archeological site, and imagine how the people in the past lived there. But be aware that many events are canceled or postponed, so you may not be able to visit one, but the city is always here to offer some exceptional experience by only walking through the streets and eating local food.

Take a cultural tour

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Many travel agencies offer daily tours to the recognizable cultural sites in the country. For example, one of the most popular tours is visiting Teotihuacan, where the popular Mexican pyramids are located. Another interesting site to visit is the Templo Mayor in the ancient Aztec town Tenochtitlan near the Lace Texoco. We also mentioned the Frida Kahlo Museum, or her blue house (in Mexico known as Casa Azul). She was born there and lived in the house until the day she died. Can you imagine that? Spending time between the walls where she was painting, suffering, living with the pain, and dying. Find your favorite cultural spot and don’t mind visiting it. But, once again, always check if those museums or agencies work, because some of them may not be able to let the visitors see the attractions, due to coronavirus increased risk of getting infected.

Eat like a Mexican

Mexicans are popular for their hot and spicy food, and the wide range of meals and dishes you can enjoy eating if you prefer spicy food. You can taste a new thing every day, starting with burritos, enchiladas, tacos, guacamole, fajitas, which are also popular around the world. But, the local cuisine is a lot more than that. You can always order Mexican vegetable rice if you want to keep it low-carb. Choose between a lot of options, like eating street food, or in a restaurant. And don’t forget to pour margarita or two over that food. Mixing tequila with Mexican food definitely rises any moment to another level. Also, be careful and protect yourself from the coronavirus by washing your hands regularly, keeping the distance, wearing masks, and of course, visiting only checked and trusted restaurants and bars.

Which language do you need to speak?

People there speak an adapted version of the Spanish language. But if you a native Spanish speaker, or you learned the language at a course, you won’t have problems understanding what is going on there. You can also survive if you speak English, but most of the people there have a hard time using any other language than their mother tongue.

Can I get lost in that big city?

Before you travel anywhere, you need to be informed about basic things, like the accessibility to public transport, risky or dangerous spots, crime rates, and many other things that are crucial to survival.

As we know, there are parts of Mexico where the crime rates are pretty high, but that doesn’t mean that you will be kidnapped or killed necessarily. That’s why you should stick to your cultural and gastronomic tours, and never try to visit the so-called black spots in the City. It’s a highly populated place and crime rates are also high, so when you book your apartment, you need to research the whole area and the potential risks. Choose locations that are easily accessible by the public transport network, so you won’t have to walk a lot until you get there.

When you travel somewhere, check if you need to take vaccines or shots to protect yourself from some local infections and diseases. Pack only the necessary things, be careful, don’t forget your passport and insurance documents, and of course, try to have the best time in your life while there.

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