11 Things You Must Do on Your Trip to Kansas

Known for its unspoiled beauty and the cowboy culture, Kansas portrays classic America. Home, home on the range” are the words from the state’s official song, and the visitors can even stay at authentic cattle farms. Kansas has a vibrant American Indian history. You can learn about it in the numerous tribal museums, forts, and civil war sites. But museums and history are not what Kansas is all about.

Here’s a list of the things you must do the next time you plan to Visit Kansas.

1. Explore Flint Hills

Wander freely at the Flint Hills discovery center in Manhattan, then follow the trails nearby to reach Kanza Prairie Biological Station. Sitting at the center of the Flint Hills, Tallgrass Prairie National Reserve offers visitors an 11,000-acre prairie with ranger-guided tours. Remember to visit the Flint Hills National Scenic Byway at the end of your tour.

2. Kansas Gardens

Open all year round, Witcha’s Botanical garden celebrates the season with Flower festivals and concerts. The Illuminating Finale is the grandest of all, with 2 million holiday lights aglow and all at once. Located 30 mins from the Kansas Gardens, the once almost treeless prairie, the Bartlett Arboretum in Belle Plaine welcomes visitors with flower trails and a priestly spirit.


3. Visit the American Sweden

To Scandinavian visitors, Lindsborg feels more Swedish than Sweden. If you’ve never been to Sweden, Standing atop Coronado Heights, a 300-foot-tall design is enough to give you a good idea of what Sweden looks like. You can jump at the feasting table at the Crown and Rye, a bar and restaurant serving the famous Kottubullar.

4. Tread on the yellow brick road to Oz

Learn how a children’s novel about a girl swept up in a tornado became one of the most-read books in the world at Wamego’s Oz museum. You can look closely at more than 2000 artifacts, some of which include books of L. Frank Baum and photos signed by the stars themselves. You can meet the scarecrow, the tinman, and the cowardly lion on the yellow brick path.


5. Experience the Wild West

Dodge City defined the real wild west long before the Gunsmoke fame. From Santa Fe, follow the signs to see the most unambiguous wagon ruts. You can relive the city’s chaos at the saloon, jails, and general store sling with the gunfights on Front Street at the Boot hill Museum. You can feel the earth shake during a simulated buffalo stampede at the Interactive Exhibition Hall. Timing your visit right will reward you with a Longhorn cattle drive and a Western Parade during the Dodge City Days.

6. Honor Humboldt’s revival

Adopted and revived by a team of small but devoted entrepreneurs, you can take a look at the fishing camp at the base camp in the Scandinavian-inspired cabins. If you feel like going on a ride, rent a bike and ride along the southwest adjacent trail. You can extend the journey along the 51-mile Prairie spirit trail. When at the Humboldts Mercantile, order a chai latte while searching for the perfect Kansas-made good.


7. Catch a Game in Kansas City

Catch a Sporting KC soccer match, one of the most difficult to play against, according to the most passionate fans, at the Children’s Mercy Park. Gawk at the cars roaring on the track overtaking each other at every corner. You can let your inner adrenaline junkie come out and behind the wheels and tear through the oval track during the NASCAR Racing Experience.

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8. Visit the Northwest

The best natural secret for every Kansas traveler is no secret anymore. The most significant chalk formation of the state, Niobrara, is crumpled in a valley between Oakley and Scott City. 100-foot tall stone faces and pillars make up the treasure chest. This is none other than the Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park. Shortgrass of prairies makes 70-foot tall pillars in the Niobrara, and the arches here look taller than they are. In the Northwestern regions of Kansas, the studded gullies of the Breaks (of Arikaree) sprawl for approximately 30 miles.


9. History in Topeka

The Board of Education National Historic Site in Topeka, formerly known as Monroe Elementary School, is another place to discover. You can engage with park rangers, click photos and shoot videos, get the vibe of kindergarten classrooms, and trigger your school days’ reminiscence. You can avail dazzling views of domes, glass panels, and a 900-pound chandelier.

10. Massachusetts Trip

Massachusetts is one of the main streets in Lawrence, situated in Kansas. A popular tourist destination, it is listed on the popular historical places of the National Registry. The street comprises multiple buildings built in the second half of the nineteenth century along with the first half of the twentieth century. Some of these significant buildings are embellished with bronze plaques substituting their significance. Something called the Watkins Museum showcases exhibits relevant to regional and state history. The surrounding areas include a city park and a Friendship garden. The place is a shopper’s paradise having several shops providing unique products.


11. Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

It is a 10,894-acre national park situated in the Flint Hills region north of Strong City. It safeguards the remnants of tallgrass prairie covering almost 170 million acres of the US. It stretches from Indiana to Kansas. The surrounding park comprises over 500 varieties of plants, 31 species of mammals, 39 species of reptiles, and around 150 varieties of birds.


Kansas is not a state famous for only intrinsic beauty. It also blends with historical culture, ancient happenings, and modern times. Along with offering beauty to your eyes, you also get access to unlimited entertaining fronts in the state. Before your next visit to Kansas, remember to incorporate this list into your travel itinerary.

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