7 Asian Drinks You Must Try on Your Next Trip to Asia

Visiting different regions in the world and experiencing their cultures directly is one of the most preferred things for a vast majority of people. People love traveling since they can expand their knowledge about the world we live in. Sometimes, you can come across the knowledge you can use to improve your life, who knows?

For the western part of the world, Asia is the most interesting region to visit. We are talking about a completely different perspective on many things. We are not just talking about the culture itself. Today, we want to talk about a small aspect of it, by providing you with some Asian drink recommendations.

1. Sugar Cane Juice


If you are looking for something cheap, but refreshing and sweet at the same time, then you should look no further than Sugar Cane Juice. We are talking about the juice extracted directly from the sugar cane directly in front of you, which only adds to the whole experience when you order it and watch it being prepared.

The best thing about it is just how widespread it is these days. You can find it in a high number of countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. In some cases, you will see that it is sold in a plastic bag filled with ice, which makes it possible for you to move around and enjoy this exceptional drink.

2. Sake


Japanese culture is definitely among the most interesting ones in Asia. Many people outside the continent are eager to learn as much about it as possible. Those who know even some small details about this culture have heard about Sake, a local alcoholic drink known throughout the world.

We are talking about an ancient alcoholic beverage, whose origins can be traced back to the third century. Sake is usually served at room temperature, and it has some similar specifications to wine since it is mostly served along with traditional Japanese food. Do not miss a chance to try out this one when you have a chance.

3. Mekhong


Another beverage we want to talk about, which is mostly made of sugar cane is Mekhong. It is most widespread in Thailand. The ingredients for making this one are sugar cane, as we said, which makes around 95% of the beverage, with an addition of rice, which makes 5%.

However, that doesn’t mean that the bartender cannot surprise you by adding some other ingredients, like vanilla, spices, or herbs. Of course, you can ask the bartender to add some of these according to your needs and preferences. Those who have visited Thailand before will tell you that missing this one is practically impossible.

4. Sato

Have you ever tried rice wine before? If you didn’t have this chance, then you will have a chance to do so when you are in Thailand. We are talking about Sato. At one point, Sato was perceived as a beverage consumed mostly by the upper classes of society, but the situation is widely different now.

You can find it everywhere in the public, with so many people enjoying it every single day. The recipe is, even though it may sound simple, quite complex. For instance, it is needed to steam the rice properly and add some rice starch, herbs, and spices. The only potential problem you might come across with this one is its short shelf life, so you need to take a look at the expiration date before you buy.

5. Makgeolli


If you find yourself in South Korea, then you shouldn’t hesitate to try out makgeolli. At first, you might be surprised by the texture of this drink since it looks like milk. The reason why it looks like this is because rice is the key ingredient for making it.

The fermentation procedure encompasses two ingredients, rice, and nuruk, which is a fermentation starter. It has the goal of breaking down starch into sugar. When that happens, it is transformed into alcohol when you insert yeast. It is so popular that there is no way you will miss out on it when you visit the country.

6. Hong Thong


If you’re in Thailand, and you are a fan of high-quality liquor, make sure you try Hong Thong. Even though its price is not as high as in some other cases, you will see that its quality is high. So, do not be hesitant because of the price. The reason is, to locals, this is at the level of whiskey, which is never a bad option.

When we’re talking about its taste, anyone who’s tried it will tell you that it is one-of-a-kind. Better yet, if you don’t enjoy drinking any sort of alcohol on its own, then you can pair it with some popular drinks like sprite or Coca-Cola. So, you can see that quality local drink doesn’t have to be pricy.

7. Lao-Lao


The final one we want to touch upon is somewhat more exotic than the previous ones. We are talking about Lao-Lao, an alcoholic beverage that has bugs in it. We know, it sounds pretty strange, especially if you are not from the region, but we assure you, this is one of the best ones you will come across in Asia.

The beverage is mainly popular in Laos, the country of its origin. However, that doesn’t mean you will not be able to find it in some neighboring countries as well. Once again, we are talking about a cheap drink, since you will be able to find it for less than $1. Everybody enjoys a cheap alcoholic beverage, especially when it is as exotic as this one.

In Conclusion

Trying different beverages in Asia will help you explore a lot of new tastes you haven’t been able to try before. They are unique in their ways. In this article of ours, we’ve presented you with some of the commonest ones out there in their respective countries. We are certain that you will enjoy each one of these when you try them.

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