Things You Need to Pack for Your First RV Camping Trip

Going on camping trips is an excellent way for relaxation and stress reduction. Either you are with only yourself or with your family and loved ones, it is undeniable that camping somehow renews and refreshes you, personally. You also have the chance to move out of your comfort zone and explore life in your chosen adventurous way.

First RV camping outdoors

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If it is your first time pushing on for an RV camping trip, it is inevitable to have some newbie jitters. The website understands you and is with you on that. Explore it, and you will be guided and equipped with RV camping basics, specifically about the best generators you can choose from for outdoor camping activities, so you need not worry.

List of essential things to bring

To avoid mishaps during your much-awaited first RV camping in the great outdoors, you have to ensure that you have with you all the necessary camping materials. Read on for the list of essential things you need to bring during your very first camping adventure, and get rid of all those newbie jitters.

Enough food and drinks

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Bringing enough food and drinks to consume is always number one in the list of essential things to pack. You have to make sure that its quantity is sufficient for the length of your journey, especially if your chosen camping area is far from convenience stores and the market. Another thing to take note of is to carry food that is less hassle and easy to prepare. It is indeed a waste of time thinking about what food to cook and eat, so you can also consider planning meals ahead.

Portable generator

Having your portable generator during your trip will power up your recreational vehicle and all the electrical appliances inside it. It makes your camping trip more convenient and stress-free. With this equipment, you can move freely at night, and you can have a peaceful sleep with your air conditioner on. Can you imagine how comfortable and ideal of a trip that is?

Reserve gas for the generator

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Even if you have your portable generator with you, it will still be useless if it runs out of gas to power up its engine. So bring a spare container of gasoline or more, whatever amount you think is enough for the length of your trip, but make sure that it is in a tightly closed container. And because it is flammable, it must be far from the stove or fire.

Gadgets and their chargers

Though you must not always be around your gadgets or phone during your camping trips because it is the time for you to reconnect with nature and revitalize yourself, it is still necessary to bring it with you if an emergency occurred. Also, phones tend to get their battery drained, so do not forget their chargers.

Mosquito repellents

Any outdoor camping trip is not complete without making a campfire outside the RV in the middle of dark and cold surroundings. And since you are outside when you perform this activity, some bugs and mosquitoes may hinder you from enjoying it. Applying mosquito repellent on your skin will reduce your chance of being bitten by these insects and will let you have a more peaceful activity all through your trip.


It might be cold at night throughout your trip, so it is a must that you bring blankets. It will give you comfort, and it will also keep you warmer in case the temperature drops. Bring along extra pillows for a night of additional comforting sleep, too.


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Since it is your very first camping trip with your RV, you should bring a camera for you to capture photos and document your memorable first times. With the pictures taken, you can look back at your memories any time, and you will always be reminded of how fantastic your trip was and how beautiful the scenery was.

Garbage bags

When you go on trips, it is very doubtless that you produce trash out of the foods you cooked and the things you used. You have to maintain your campsite and vehicle’s cleanliness because it is your second home during your trip.

For those reasons, you have to make sure to pack several garbage bags where you can segregate your trash. It would be best if you separated the biodegradable from the non-biodegradable garbage. But remember, even if you have your trash bags with you to dispose of all your garbage and left-over foods, it is still appropriate to do your best in minimizing your wastes. As much as possible, use recyclable materials. With these simple ways, you can be of great help in saving and preserving our Mother Earth.

Why making a list of camping essentials is necessary

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To have a stress-free vacation with your RV, you have to make a list of the things you have to bring. Doing so will give you enough time to think of the most important stuff to carry and lessens the chance of forgetting any essentials. This strategy makes your trip convenient and more enjoyable. After all, one of your main goals in going on an RV camping trip for the first time is to have unrestrained fun and not the other way around.


There are tons of important things to bring on your camping trips. And since it is your first time, we hope that we have enlightened you enough with what camping stuff you have to bring along with you. Whatever purpose you may have in deciding to go on your very first RV camping journey, we hope that you fulfill and make the most out of it. Create bountiful memories that will last forever, experience many new things, and not be afraid to make mistakes because that is where you learn off by heart. Rediscover yourself and do not hesitate to move out of your comfort zone.

So, that’s all for now. Best of luck on your first RV journey. Ciao!

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