6 Things You Can’t Forget to Pack for a Long Road Trip

Traveling is always an amazing experience no matter how far you are going. Getting a chance to see a new place and meet new people is what being human is all about. Through traveling we also discover ourselves, who we are and what is important to us. The more a person travels, the richer he becomes. Therefore, going on a long road trip is usually cause for celebration and preparation for unforgettable memories.

With that being said, how does one properly pack for a long road trip? What do you need to bring to ensure safety for you and your party and allow everyone to be comfortable and entertained? The question is surely complex, and so is the answer. In order to help you we decided to write this article in the form of a guide. Keep reading if you want to know what things you must not forget to pack for a long road trip.

1. Car Tools


Since you will be driving to your destination, it goes without saying that the most important thing is for your vehicle to remain operational throughout the entire trip. Making sure that it is safe and that all the features are properly working is prevalent. However, this is all taken care of prior to leaving. In terms of bringing the right things with you that can help you tend to the vehicle, you must think about various modern car equipment. For example, one of the more useful things you could bring is a car jump starter pack. There is no saying what may go wrong and how far away you could be from the nearest gas station or town. In certain situations, you will not come across another car for miles. Therefore, apart from a spare wheel, a jack, and a set of car tools, you will need a jump starter pack. If you do not have one of if you want a brand new model, make sure to check out

2. Survival Tools

To make sure you are safe in the great outdoors, there are a few things you need to keep close by at all times. The first would be the flashlight. Being able to see in the dark is of the utmost importance while camping and navigating new roads at night. Your car’s battery as well as your smartphone’s battery could be a problem if you spend too much time using the headlights and the torch. Therefore, a flashlight is the perfect solution. Next up is a multi tool, a pocket knife with numerous other features that will make it easy for you to go over daily obstacles that would not be difficult back home. From cork openers and scissors to screwdrivers and wrenches, these neat little thingies could be a lifesaver. Do not forget to bring a pack of matches and a lighter, and always have enough napkins and wet wipes. If you indulge in coffee or tea on a regular basis, a travel mug and a pot are in order.

3. First Aid Kit

Camping Trip


Now, you may be wondering why you need a first aid kit when you already have one to begin with. Well, the one you have in your car may be enough for everyday driving, but in certain scenarios during a long trip it could lack the amount of first aid solutions you or somebody else may require. To ensure that everything is covered, there needs to be a certain amount of things in there that will allow you to help yourself and others in any common road trip accident situation. You will need Tylenol for pain and fevers, ibuprofen or Advil for inflammations, and Pepto Bismol for nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach, and heartburn. None of these conditions are serious in usual situations, but on the move and away from everyone else you will have to do everything on your own. You could also an antibiotic cream like Polysporin, and an antihistamine for allergies like Benadryl. Bandages, scissors, sanitizers, and medical gloves go without saying.

4. Entertainment

While it is through that you are traveling in order to do something new and unique and see a new part of your country, that hardly means that you should suffer and die of boredom in the car. Entertainment is crucial for a modern human so remember to bring it along. It comes in various forms, from multimedia you are already used to like music and video materials, to games that can be played in the car. Many road trip games exist, from simple verbal games with guessing to board games designed to be easily played in the backseat. A laptop or a tablet could be a lifesaver too if you enjoy watching movies or shows, or playing video games. If music is the only thing you need to pass the time while traveling, do not forget to make a special playlist for the road.

5. Food and Beverages


People tend to get annoyed and edgy when hungry especially while traveling. Boredom usually kicks in sooner than we expect it, and guess what people think about then they feel bored. That is right, they think they are hungry despite eating enough and on time. To combat this, there need to be something to bite on in the car. Snacks are crucial, but they do not have to be unhealthy like chips and other party food. You can precut fruit or bring a trail mix along for a healthier option. Cereal bars are another good option. If you are traveling very far away and have no plans to stop for food, packing sandwiches is always the way to go. Of course, do not forget water bottles, at least a few for every person. Remember that trying out new food and experiencing attractive and unique restaurants along the way is also fun so do not bring tons of food, just enough to make driving comfortable and fun.

6. Insect Repellent

Also known as bug spray, you have to bring it if you are traveling in the summertime or towards the end of spring. Mosquitos and other insects can make your trip a nightmare if you forget something as crucial as this. Repellents come in other forms too if you do not want to spray yourself with one. Whatever you pick, you will be safe from ticks, flies, and other visitors that can and will make your trip worse than it needs to be!

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