Top 4 of the Most Thrilling Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi

You and your friends have a week free and have decided to visit Abu Dhabi. Since you only have a week, you want to maximize your time.

So, you ask: What are the top places to visit in Abu Dhabi for thrill-seekers like you?

Read on to learn the answer.

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1. Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

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After landing at the Abu Dhabi International Airport, get a hire car or a taxi and drive to Yas Island Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi’s premier entertainment and leisure hub. Once there, head on over to Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi, a 37-acre mega waterpark offering over 40 rides and slides, including the remarkably thrilling ride, Dawwama.

Dawwama is the world’s largest six-person tornado water coaster, and it is an experience you certainly shouldn’t miss on your visit to Abu Dhabi.

You and your friends will sit on a six-person raft. Hold on for dear life because there will be no belts to hold you down.

When it’s time, the rush of the water will plunge your raft down from the height of a mountain and down the longest 6-person slide in the world. For the grand finish, the water will swirl you around and down a 20-meter-high tornado funnel until you finally reach and slide to a halt in what will probably seem like a welcome pool of calm.

Other extreme-thrill experiences to try at Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi are Bandit Bomber, Middle East’s longest suspended rollercoaster, and Bubbles Barrel, the world’s largest surfing sheet wave.

2. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is another world-class theme park in Yas Island Abu Dhabi. Thrill-seekers will find this Ferrari-themed adventure park worth a visit because of two things: the world’s fastest rollercoaster and the world’s highest non-inverted roller coaster loop.

Formula Rossa is officially the world’s fastest rollercoaster. Many visitors have gone to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi just to conquer this record-breaking ride.

You and your friends will sit on the 16-seater roller coaster train, with its sleek form reminiscent of a Ferrari Formula One racer. Only a lap bar will hold you down securely to your seat. It’s definitely safe, and the freedom from tethers adds to the thrill of riding the world’s fastest roller coaster. When the signal is given, your train will climb to 52 meters and go from 0 to 240kph in just 4.9 seconds, letting you experience 4.8Gs of force.

Now, 4.8Gs of force is approximately the same amount of force F1 racers experience when braking and cornering. That’s how much force is in store for you at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi’s Formula Rossa.

Aside from Formula Rossa, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi also has the world’s highest non-inverted roller coaster loop in Flying Aces. This is a wing coaster ride, and you and your friends will sit on a bi-plane-inspired coaster.

For the ultimate thrill, choose one of the outer seats. Such seats do not have a floor, so your feet can hang down freely. Like the Formula Rossa, only an ingeniously designed lap bar will hold you down, and this will add to the feeling of freedom and excitement.

Flying Aces may not be the fastest roller coaster out there, but it is definitely one of the most spectacular. Feel your heart drop as you scale 63 meters at a breathtaking 51-degree incline.

3. CLYMB Abu Dhabi

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Yas Island Abu Dhabi holds another treasure for thrill-seekers. It is CLYMB Abu Dhabi, and it has the world’s biggest indoor skydiving flight chamber and the region’s tallest indoor climbing wall.

CLYMB Abu Dhabi’s indoor skydiving flight chamber is double the standard width at 32 feet and is currently the world’s deepest chamber at 104 feet or 31.69 meters. It also has four times the average number of fans, ensuring exceptional free fall sensations and lift.

If you’ve always wanted to give skydiving a try but are a little unsure if you will like the experience, try indoor skydiving at CLYMB. Or just try it for the experience of conquering this record-breaking flight chamber.

After some indoor skydiving, take your friends to try The SUMMIT, which goes up to 42 meters. However, it’s alright if you or your friends are not ready for that height yet. CLYMB Abu Dhabi has five walls of varying heights so that you can choose the right one according to your level.

  • The Boulder, 3m
  • The Beginner, 5.5m
  • The Intermediate, 10m
  • The Advanced, 22m
  • The Summit, 42m

4. Yas Marina Circuit

Source: tripadvisor.co.nz

If your visit to Yas Island Abu Dhabi coincides with the F1 season, buy F1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix tickets and experience the Formula One race first hand. If the F1 season is over, however, it’s okay. You can take the circuit yourself and choose from one of the available Yas Marina Circuit experiences.

Drive like an F1 racer in an Aston Martin GT4 or a Formula YAS 3000. If you’re not ready for the driver’s seat, take the passenger’s seat on any of the following and fly laps around the circuit.

  • Aston Martin GT4, 0-100kph in 3 seconds, 503 BHP, 300kph top speed
  • Caterham Seven, 0-100kph in 3 seconds, 220 BHP
  • Yas Radical Supersport, 0-100kph in 2.9 seconds, 200 BHP

On Yas drag nights, ride a Chevy Camaro, a Mercedes AMG, or your own car and hit the circuit’s 1.4-kilometer drag racing area with its 406-meter acceleration strip. You can also try the drag racing passenger experience.

On Yas drift nights, ride shotgun on a Chevy drift taxi or skid around the circuit on your own car. You may also go-karting, available every day from morning until evening.

Ready for Extreme Thrills?

If you’re looking for thrills, book one of the Abu Dhabi holiday packages from Yas Island Abu Dhabi. Experience the world’s largest tornado coaster, fastest rollercoaster, highest non-inverted loop in a roller coaster, and biggest indoor skydiving flight chamber all in one place.

You can also scale one of the world’s tallest indoor climbing walls or live your F1 racing dreams with a drive, drift, drag, kart, and ride experience at the Yas Marina Circuit.

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