Most Attractive Places to Visit in Spain in 2024

How to start an article about this lovely country? It is a country with a rich tradition, history, and attractive destinations. Spain is located in South West Europe and it has around 47 billion citizens. However, objectively, there are many more people in this country. For example, only in 2018, around 83 MILLION people visited Spain. Each year this country sets a new record and the numbers in 2019 are probably even bigger.

But, why do people visit Spain that much?

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There are numerous reasons for this. The first one is definitely many attractive places, buildings, beaches, historical monuments, etc. Besides that, nice weather is some sort of symbol of Spain. The summers are not too warm like in some attractive places in the Middle East. Despite that, winters are not too cold as well.

It doesn’t matter which traveling agency you want to hire to organize your trip. Each one will offer you a huge number of places to visit. Because of that, traveling to Spain is a challenging process. Each offer sounds attractive, but you do not have money and time to visit them all at once.

We are here to help and suggest the places you should visit first. Trust us; the list could be a lot longer and you will need many years to visit all of them.

El Acebuchal

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You maybe already heard about it because many people call this place ‘The Lost Village”. Well, the name of the village does not say the full story. Still, we suggest you get a camera because you will probably take a lot of pictures in this so-called “ghost village”.

Anyway, if you think that El Acebuchal is some sort of Spanish Chernobyl, then you are wrong. Some people live there and the place is happily inhabited now. Yet, things were not the same only 50 years ago. The citizens of this village will tell you that 50 years ago this village was on the wrong side of the civil war. Because of that, all the people from this village moved to another place.

Anyway, after the war ended, many families moved back. Yet, nature and some monuments remained here even when everyone else went away. These two things are now the symbol of the village and the most attractive destination for tourists from all parts of the world.


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This city is located in the autonomous region of Castile and Leon. It has three different locations that every tourist should visit. The first one is the Aqueduct of Segovia. More precisely, this is one of the best-preserved elevated Roman aqueducts. Besides that, it is also one of the foremost symbols of Segovia.

After you visit that, then you should visit The Segovia Cathedral. For those that do not know anything about this cathedral, it is one of the last Gothic buildings in Europe.

Finally, are you a big fan u Disney? More precisely, did you watch Cinderella when you were a kid? If the answer to both questions is “yes”, then Alcazar Castle is the right place for you. This castle served as an inspiration to Cinderella’s castle in the Disney film.

This town is a living legend. When you come here, you will hear that this town was founded by Hercules. So, if you are willing to learn more about the history of this place, we encourage you to visit it.

Tossa De Mar

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This place is a municipality in Catalonia and it is located around 103 kilometers north of Barcelona. Besides that, is it only 100kms from the French border. If you plan to travel here by a plain, that won’t be a problem. Near this place, there is a so-called Girona Airport. You won’t have to look for an additional way to come to this place.

Anyway, why is this place so special?

First of all, many people that want to visit Catalonia usually come to Barcelona. However, Barcelona is a huge city and a massive crowd is something you will definitely see. However, Tossa de Mar is a quiet place that has peaceful beaches. If you are looking for a dose of sand, sea, and sun, then you should come here.

However, there are also some historical monuments that you can visit here. For example, you will find a 2000-year-old Roman Villa and a church that was built in the 18th Century.


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Have you ever heard about region Andalusia? Well, Seville is the capital city of that region. Besides that, it is the fourth biggest city in Spain. It is a place where you can see the laidback culture Moorish influence. This town is famous for Mudejar-style palace Alcazar of Seville. It is probably one of the most breathtaking things you will ever see.

If you are interested to see huge religious buildings, this is also a perfect place for that. There you will find the third biggest cathedral in the world. Except for that building, there is also a so-called General Archive of the Indies. This archive contains important documents that talked about the exploration and conquest of the Americans.

Monte Perdido National Park

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We have noticed that there are not so many articles about the Spanish National Parks. Nice beaches and hotels are probably the main priority for many tourists, but we mustn’t skip them in this article. Monte Perdido National Park is located near the French border, and it is declared as a protected area since 1982. The size of the entire national park is around 156 kilometers.

More precisely, Monte Perdido is a mountain and this national park actually translates to “Lost Mountain” in English. Still, you maybe think that seeing a beautiful view here is only possible during the winter. Well, that’s not exactly correct. We suggest you visit it for the entire year. Besides beautiful views that will bring you peace, there is also a huge waterfall which is also a classic traveler attraction.

One thing you should know. Do not try to explore this place alone. Some parts are confusing and we suggest you always go together with the group.


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Well, this place is small, but it is historically rich (and not just historically). It is located in Alicante province (Valencia) and it has only around 27 thousand citizens. However, this is a perfect place for people that want to relax and enjoy themselves. Just like Tossa De Mar, if you want to avoid the crowd in Valencia, this is a perfect place for you. Besides, Ibiza is only 90 kilometers away, and you can see it when the days are clear.

You will notice that this place has many huge houses with pools. Because of that, many people choose to rent one. If you want to do that as well, we suggest you go to Club Villamar and check out which options you have.


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Extremadura was one of the most improved and richest regions in Spain many years ago. Many of New World explorers came from this place. The things are not the same today, but you will be able to see many things from that period.

If you plan to replace buildings, crowds, and cars with nature, this is a perfect place. It is well-known as a place with a beautiful landscape. However, that’s not it. If you want to see wildlife, you will be able to do that here. It is an important part of Spain for these animals. The main reason for that is the national park of Monfrague where a number of different species live.

Besides everything, it is important to say that Extremadura lies on Merida, one of the most amazing places in Spain. Emerita Augusta, a former Roman colony is some sort of symbol of this place. It is founded in 25 BC and it is protected by UNESCO.


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This is another place on our list that is perfect for those that want to avoid crowd and number of tourists. You should know that this place is perfectly undeveloped. Still, the city of Estepona is a hidden treasure. You will find old winding lanes lined with beautiful flowers. Despite that, there are also pas bars where you can try out local dishes and grab a beer. In most cases, the beach in this place is not busy. You won’t have to look for hours to grab a free spot on the sand.


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Cartagena is a mix of good food and history. If you already know who Carthaginians are, then you can understand how this place got this name. The history of this place starts in 220 BC. It is a small port in the Western Mediterranean, but it was always a prime location to conquer every empire. For example, Romans and the Islamic empire firstly conquered this place.

Anyway, the presence of different empires means that you can find different cultures here. There are many things to explore such as Byzantine Walls and Roman Theatre.

P.S. We suggest you try out so-called Bacalao con Tomato (cod and tomato). This meal became popular here because of the Romanians.


We intentionally skipped some of the most popular places in Spain such as Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, etc. These are all places that many traveling agencies will offer you. Besides that, they are the most important ones.

We guarantee that the places from our list are attractive and entertaining.

Which one seems to be the most attractive? What is your opinion?

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