Best Time of the Year for Visiting Kenya – 2024 Guide

Are you interested in exploring some new places sometime soon? A lot of people are highly interested in visiting Kenya! Are you one of them as well? If not, would you be willing to include this destination on your go-to list? It is exotic, dreamy, as well as filled with amazing people and breathtaking sceneries while having beautiful wildlife and interesting history. This year-round destination can be visited at all times, but there are some key rules that you should look into and understand before you pack your bags. Here’s all that you should know!

When to visit Kenya?

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Kenya is a destination that you can visit at any season. You can go and have fun from January to March, or end up there during steamy days from April to June! However, every month has its own and unique pros and cons which you will appreciate and enjoy based on your plans and liking. If you want to know what are some amazing trips and excursions that you can do in Kenya, check out They will give you some phenomenal safari ideas, will overwhelm you with their galleries and pictures, as well as some well-made and detailed plan trips!

In general, when is the best time?

Most locals as well as travel experts would recommend that you visit Kenya during Dry season. It starts in late June and lasts till October. These are the best months for wild-life. What you may not like is to visit Kenya in March, April, or May. This is the peak of their wet season.

When is the best time to go on a safari in Kenya?

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Are you someone who likes to have fun and adventure? Kenya’s wildlife parks can overwhelm you during the year. If you want to go on Safari rides and get familiar with their wildlife, visit Kenya from January to March, or reschedule from July to October, as we’ve previously mentioned! In the second half of the year and the second dry season, there is an interesting spectacle called the Great Wildebeest Migration. Here, millions of wildebeest, zebras, as well as antelopes storm their way and create a spectacle for the world. If you wish to see impressive wildlife, this one will leave you speechless!

What is there more to know about the Great Wildebeest Migration?

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East Africa has the prettiest sites and the best insight regarding this migration. Here, tens of thousands of people gather around to witness this show. This is the greatest wildlife spectacle since you get to hear and see over 1 million wildebeest, 300,000 Thomson’s gazelle, and around 200,000 zebra who are being relentlessly tracked by Africa’s great predators.
Unfortunately, it is quite hard to predict the exact moment when this event is going to happen. This depends a lot on the rain. Why and how? Animals follow the path of the rain since they have to feed off the new grass, but also stay close to an amazing water supply. You may have to get up several times throughout the week and early in the morning to catch this exact moment. However, it will be worth it in the end.

What lake is there for you to visit in Kenya?

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Lake Nakuru is a well-known lake that people love to visit only during the dry season since this period allows them to see it all. The rain can interfere with drivers during wet months. Aside from this Lake, the view of Mount Kilimanjaro is also breathtaking in super early hours and early mornings from November to May since there is no rain. You can also enjoy the scenery since the sky is clear and free of dust, fog, or pollution.

When to visit Kenya’s beaches?

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The coastal regions of Kenya that start from Mombasa to Malindi, as well as at the northern island around Lamu Archipelago, tend to have high temperatures, as well as humid weather during the entire year. If you’re planning a beach getaway with your spouse, crush, or with your family, try to avoid the period in mid-March and May.

If you have kids who are into snorkeling or diving, think about visiting Kenya in October or November. During this period an up to March, locals tend to capture crabs, turtles, as well as starfish. You can also see some colorful corals. However, what most tourists want to see is whale sharks, which are easily found sometimes between October to April. How adventurous are you, and what is your main goal for this trip? After you answer some of these questions on your own or with your friends and family who are traveling with you, you’ll be one step closer to making your final decision!

When to climb mount Kenya?

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Last, but not least, you can go on a hiking adventure and enjoy some extreme sports, as well as outdoor activities. During the dry season, people from all over the world love to climb mount Kenya, and tourists take this as an opportunity to achieve some new goals, milestones, as well as to reach those goals in hitting everyday steps. In this case, the weather and temperatures can be unpredictable and can vary from hour to hour. This depends a lot on the altitude and even the time of day. However, and in most cases, it is best to avoid the period from November to early December, as well as long rains that occur from April to June.

Ready to visit Kenya?

So, are you ready to have the time of your life? Although COVID-19 has made a huge impact on our everyday lives, economy, as well as our traveling plans, we can still make the best of it! If you plan on traveling, make sure that you pack proper clothes, protection, as well as your face mask to enjoy a happy and safe trip. Let us know your traveling plans, as well as what you plan on doing once you arrive in Kenya, we would love to know!

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