The 5 Best Places to Spend your New Year’s Eve

Celebrating the old — and welcoming in the new; New Year’s Eve is certainly a big evening every year, as people around the world pop bottles and spend time with loved ones, looking forward to what’s to come.

One of the most popular global holidays, New Year’s Eve, has so many exciting traditions with it — like watching the famous ball drop in Time’s Square or enjoying a New Year’s kiss and looking for ideas for where to spend your New Year’s Eve? Here are the five best places to do it.

Stay at a hotel with a casino

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There’s nothing like a night away in a hotel. Getting pampered with the luxury of staying in a beautiful room away from home, it certainly has a glamorous appeal to it — and certainly can feel like a mini holiday. But take our advice and don’t just stay at your standard hotel. Upgrade your experience and choose one with a casino!

There’s nothing like the atmosphere of a casino, and spending New Year’s eve playing some of your favorite games in this ultra-fun environment is definitely a fantastic way to ring in the new year. Make it an extra special occasion and dress to impress, while you can enjoy fabulous drinks and exciting classic games like slots, poker, blackjack, and more, which are also available to play online at Virgin Games. And when you’re done for the evening, you can retire at your convenience in your hotel room, which is sure to be not far from the entertainment.

Book a table at a restaurant

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For food lovers and a relaxed New Year’s eve, an evening at a restaurant might be the perfect option. Get away from the bustle of the bars and clubs and head to an old favorite eatery or try something completely new. It might be a great opportunity to widen your palate and check out a cuisine you’ve never tried before.

Many restaurants now offer special New Year’s menus so that you can enjoy the best that’s on offer that evening. But be sure to book — many places will get busy fast, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity of enjoying a fantastic meal with family and friends. And be sure to check the dress code in advance! For some, dressing up and looking good is a key part of the enjoyment of dining out and especially for New Year’s eve.

Take to the streets

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New Year’s Eve is often synonymous with crowded streets in fabulous locations like Time’s Square in New York. If you’ve never experienced ringing in the new year with hundreds of other people, then it might be time to spend your New Year’s Eve somewhere in a city. You may even be tempted to visit the famous New York itself or fly out to Sydney, Toronto, or London to make the extra experience special. A handy tip: if you’re off somewhere cold, make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. Layer up and be sure to bring a hat and gloves — depending on where you are, it can get a bit chilly in January.

You don’t want the weather to impact your experience!

Head to your local bar or club

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If you’re looking for something a little booze-friendly, why not head to a local bar or club? New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity to bust out a move or two and get your dancing shoes on with your friends, family, and even some strangers who might happen to be out when you’re there! It’s a great way to enjoy the evening if you’re into socializing. Many bars and clubs offer free champagne when the clock strikes twelve, so it’s worth looking into in advance. Also, be sure to see if they have any cover charges as many bars and clubs get busy and take bookings, especially for this evening. You don’t want to get stuck with anywhere to go!

Also, if you’re heading somewhere in a city, make sure you have your travel plans in place in advance. It might be worth pre-booking a taxi, as it’s one of the busiest nights of the year for taxi companies and other transport options. As long as you’ve got it planned out, a night on the town has to be one of the best ways to spend New Year’s Eve. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet someone new for a New Year’s kiss!

Enjoy a night at home

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For the most relaxed and stress-free option for New Year’s Eve, spend a night at home. You don’t need to go anywhere to get a fantastic New Year’s Eve experience, especially if you plan for it in advance with some special touches. How about having a few close friends around for a New Year’s Eve themed dinner party? Make it extra fancy and request a dress code from guests.

Or some appetizers and specialty cocktails? It’s easy to buy some frozen variations and pop them in the oven while you’ve got the shaker outpouring drinks.

Or, if you’re feeling like an extra cozy experience, why not plan a movie night with some classic New Year’s Eve films and popcorn? No matter what you choose, a night at home can be a really enjoyable way to spend the last night of the year. As long as you have the right snacks and drinks at your disposal, it’s certainly beats lining up at bars or waiting for taxis. For a classic at-home New Year’s experience, turn on the news to watch New Year’s Eve celebrations from around the world.

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