Top 10 Things to Do in Tanzania 2024

Tanzania is a country in East Africa. Due to its rich cultural value, it is very attractive when it comes to tourism. People are often interested in seeing all the beautiful things this country has to offer, both in terms of nature and culture. Therefore, the tourists are mostly attracted by the wildlife and seeing the world’s rarest animals, plants, etc. Additionally, meeting the Tanzanian culture, in terms of music, arts, cinema is very often the biggest reason why people visit this country.  Since this topic is rather broad, due to the fact that there are numerous amazing things which can be seen in Tanzania, the following article will try to list the best 10 choices when it comes to visiting this beautiful country.

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1. Go to Zanzibar Beaches

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The island of Zanzibar is one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations in Tanzania. The reason behind the popularity of this island lays in the beauty of its beaches. It is often said that some of the world’s most beautiful beaches can be seen here. Depending on what you prefer doing on the beach, you can choose which beach suits you best. In that sense, you can find both exciting beaches where you can surf, or more peaceful ones for relaxing on the comfortable white sand.

2. Visit the  Lake Manyara National Park

If you want to see a remarkable work of nature, this is definitely the place you should visit. This National Park is, in fact, a combination of grasslands, woodland, forest, and swamps. Also, there are many flamingos, different kinds of birds. If you want to see a real-life flamingo, you should be careful about the timing of your visit, because they can be seen only at a particular time of the year. When it comes to the diverse animal world in the Lake Manyara National Park, things get even better, since you can even see hippos, elephants, and even tree-climbing lions. Visiting this destination is one of the best experiences you can get in whole Tanzania

3. Meet the wildlife of Ruaha National Park

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While we are at the National Parks, visiting Tanzania’s largest park – the Ruaha National Park is a must! It is famous for the beautiful wildlife. If you are wondering what makes the wildlife so special, the answer is the untouched landscape. In other words, Ruaha National Park is considered to be the least accessible park in the country, and therefore, the least modified by mankind. Here, you can see herds of gazelle and buffalo, as well as elephants. Also, one of the most remarkable parts of the whole park is The Great Ruaha River, which provides you with one of the most beautiful sights in the world.

4. Climb the Mount Kilimanjaro

Seeing Africa’s highest peak and one of the most recognizable features of Tanzania is one of the most thrilling experiences one could ask for. Mount Kilimanjaro (5, 895 m) is a snow-capped mountain, and the majority of tourists visit it simply for one reason – admiring the beautiful work of nature. Furthermore, this mount can be climbed at any time. However,  probably the best period of the year for climbing is from June to October, due to the fact that it is dry then.

5. Go on a Yoga Safari

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What is visiting Africa without the safari experience? Observing and taking photos of the wildlife, or simply sightseeing is truly an inevitable component of traveling to Tanzania. Furthermore, safari is even enhanced nowadays. So, you can do things like yoga safari! Imagine the relaxation and beauty of traveling through Africa in order to discover the wildlife, and doing yoga at the same time with a qualified yoga instructor! In case you are interested in learning more about it, you can check out the LeadwoodExpeditions for more information.

6. Explore the local cuisine

Due to the popularity of Tanzanian wildlife, culture, and art, cuisine is not the first thing to come to mind. However, don’t let that trick you. This cuisine has numerous remarkable and unique dishes. If you try to dig a little deeper and talk to the locals they will show you even how to prepare some of the meals. In that way, you will get to know this beautiful country even more!

7. See the Great Migration

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The great migration happens when the herd of different animals including zebra and gazelles run across Tanzania’s savannah. This spectacle is without a doubt worth seeing. You can see these herds either spread around the area or running together as one, depending on which time of the year you are there. Therefore, don’t worry that you will miss the Great Migration since there will be something worth seeing.

8. Visit the Stone Town

Stone town is one of the most popular attractions in Zanzibar. It seems that time is still in this area since you can see something dating from 200 years ago. For example, there are old Arabian homes that are all centered around narrow streets. During the 19th century, Zanzibar was one of the most important Swahili trading towns. Hence, the whole architecture and atmosphere are from that period. Furthermore, some of the historically significant buildings were turned into museums so the tourists can get a full experience, and learn as much as possible along the way.

9. Dive on the Mafia Island

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Mafia Island is famous for diving. Even though April and March are a period of heavy rains, the remaining part of the year is perfect for diving. The most beautiful feature of this destination is the very rich underwater world. In that sense, there are numerous corals and many kinds of fish. Just like the world under the water is fascinating the world on the ground is equally interesting. You can encounter some of the world’s rarest birds and animals.

10. Go fishing at the Lake Victoria

The largest freshwater lake in Africa is in fact the source of the White Nile. This lake is mostly visited by fishermen who enjoy quiet time by the water. Indeed, the area around this lake is very peaceful, so if you want to spend a few hours to clear your head up, consider going fishing at Lake Victoria. Visit Tanzania Specialist for more travel destinations.

To conclude, Tanzania has many interesting things to offer to a curious tourist. Not only can you enjoy its fascinating nature and wildlife, but you can also go on a (yoga) safari. Furthermore, visiting national parks and beaches can even contribute more to your meeting the Tanzanian culture. Additionally, talking to the locals and exploring the country with their help is always a good idea, since you can learn a lot from the people who actually live there. Even though Tanzania has a lot to offer in terms of beautiful sights, you can even hang around in the cafes, and lay on the beautiful beaches. Thus, this country will without a doubt leave you speechless!

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