The Top Ice Climbing Spots Around the World

Are you looking to take your ice climbing skills on the road? Check out this guide to learn about the best ice climbing spots in the world. Winter has a new sport to add to its exciting repertoire. Ice climbing.

Ice Climbing Spots

Ice climbing has boomed in popularity over the past few years and it keeps growing. That’s because it tests your determination and bravery. It also helps you build muscle and overcome your fears. Here are some of the best ice climbing destinations to add to your bucket list. 

1. Ouray, Colorado

If you visit Ouray in the summer, you’re lucky enough to see one of Colorado’s most scenic mountain towns. But when winter comes, Ouray becomes an ice climbers dream. Ice coats the steep gorge that runs through town. This is a target destination for experienced climbers. But you can also pick up classes and gear from the locals to get your first taste. 

To get the best experience, visit during Ouray’s annual Ice Festival. You can look into ice climbing basics here. 

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2. Yosemite National Park, California

California may not seem like a go-to destination for ice climbers. It’s California, it’s hot right? Not so during the winter. The towering peaks in Yosemite call rock climbers all throughout the summer. The same peaks call ice climbers in the winter. 

Yosemite is home to Widow’s Tears – the longest continuous ice climb in the entire U.S. (if you don’t count Alaska.) This climb isn’t for beginners. It takes 18 hours to complete! But even if you aren’t ready to climb Widow’s Tears, there are plenty of other ice climbs, even for beginners.

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3. Keystone Canyon, Valdez Alaska

Keystone Canyon is for experienced climbers. But what’s cooler than adventuring in a place literally known as “Adventure Corridor. Keystone Canyon is a waterfall ice climb that takes multiple pitches to get to the top. Even getting to the climb can be a tedious endeavor.

It’s worth getting a guide to show you to the trailhead. And like anything in Alaska, keep your wilderness sense about you. But if you’re looking for a climb with an unbeatable view, there’s nowhere else to go than Alaska. 

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4. Rjukan, Norway

Want more ice festivals in your life? Check out Rjukan Falls in Norway. Climbs are steep – usually 60 to 90 degrees with few stops. But the area is rich with history and adventure.

During WWII, Norwegian paratroopers dropped into Rjukan. They were trying to prevent the Nazis from forming an atomic bomb. The rich history of the location adds to its appeal The falls are usually busiest during the coldest time of the year – February. The Rjukan Ice Festival has been going on for 14 years and draws massive crowds from around the world. 

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5. Banff, Alberta

In Banff, you’re looking for Johnston Canyon. It’s an adventurer’s destination all year round. In summer it draws hikers and campers. In winter Banff is a destination for all winter activities.

But the waterfalls in Johnston Canyon freeze over completely. The ice forms difficult routes for experienced climbers. But there are spots for beginners to test their skills as well. Locals even offer guides and ice climbing lessons for beginners. 

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Pick Up Ice Climbing For Exciting Winter Adventures

These epic ice climbing adventures aren’t for the faint at heart. But if you can submit one of these epic climbs, it’s a story you’ll be sharing for years to come.  Will you be going on any of these epic climbs? Did we miss any unforgettable ice climbing adventures? Let us know in the comments below!

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