Top things to do in Alcudia

If you are planning your holidays in the north of Mallorca – Alcudia, you have plenty of things to do there. As a local expert who lives here, we prepared the list of our favorite things to do in the area. We hope that thanks to this information you will find inspiration for your holidays.

Horse riding at the beach

Spending time at the beach during your holidays in Mallorca is normal and great. In the north, you will find a lot of beautiful beaches like Alcudia Beach or the amazing Playa de Muro. You can also find a horse riding excursion, which has a part on the beach — awesome experience for experienced riders and not only. Companies like have regular offers for excursions to these beaches. These tours are organized in small groups with the guide which is very nice sightseeing around option.

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Local market

Local markets are an amazing opportunity to try a lot of things and get to know the place. Our favorite in Alcudia takes place twice a week – Tuesday and Sunday. You will find delicious local snacks to try, fresh fruits and vegetables, which you will not get in the hotels. If you are looking for souvenirs for your family, it is a perfect place with many handicrafts. There is also the Alcudia guided tour with a picnic at the coast, which for persons interested in history and culture is a must. You can also do it to get an overall view of the town and the area.

Boat trips

Alcudia Bay is a beauty hiding a lot of natural wonders around. It is good to take time and join one (or more) of a wide range of boat trips from Puerto Alcudia. There is a lot of opportunities to have a great time at sea, depends on your interest. Snorkeling, swimming, or just sightseeing – the choice is up to you. You can also choose between durations starting from 2 hrs. It is a great and refreshing feeling to jump into the crystal waters in one of the caves or relax at the beautiful Formentor Beach during a hot summer day. One of the best experiences is dolphin watching and sunrise tour. You have to wake up early, but you will not be disappointed!

Water sports

If you are looking for fun and thrill, these activities will be great for you. At Alcudia Beach, you will find a great range of water sports. Sofa, banana boat, or phantom ride gives you a huge amount of adrenaline. Ever wanted to fly? You can make it real in Alcudia because there is a parasailing opportunity with beautiful views for the bay. For lovers of speed, the jet ski is also available in the area.

Flamenco Show

One thing is obvious; you can not leave Alcudia without seeing the Flamenco show or the bull ring. Add the taste of culture to your holidays and enjoy the traditional shows in the old town. Available twice per week – Tuesday and Sunday – yes, the same days as the local market so you can combine both and have an amazing day in beautiful medieval Alcudia town.

After visiting someplace, everybody has some favorites things to do. We hope that our top 5 will give you some inspiration for your future stays in Alcudia and the area.


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