The Most Attractive Tourist Destinations in San Diego

The entire California state is an attractive place for a huge number of tourists. If you plan to travel there, then not visiting San Diego might be a huge mistake.

San Diego has around 3 million citizens and it is the second biggest city in this state. It is located near the Mexican border on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The long beaches are some sort of symbol of this town. They are always full of people because the weather is nice almost during the entire year.

We know that some people hesitate to come here. The reason for that is simple – they do not know which attractive destinations they can visit. It is important to say that entertainment in this city is guaranteed. An average tourist has the chance to do many things. We suggest you visit to inform yourself more.

The list could be a lot longer than ours because there are many attractive places in one place. Still, we will highlight the most popular ones.

Balboa Park

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We won’t delay and we will start with the most attractive destination of San Diego. This is an urban park that is 1200-acre big. It is also a world-class zoo that contains restful cultivated areas. If you strive to find a place to relax, then this one is a perfect choice for you. Believe it or not, tapestry around the park numbers more than 350 hand-selected plant species. The collector was a famous botanist was Kate Sessions that most people call “Mother of Balboa Park”.

Still, this place is also good for people that want to educate themselves and have fun. First of all, it is important to say that this complex includes several museums. Some of them are

  • San Diego Museum of Man
  • San Diego Natural History Museum
  • San Diego Air & Space Museum
  • San Diego Museum of Art, etc.

Finally, we can’t end this part of the article without mentioning the San Diego Botanical Building. This unbelievably huge building has more than 2100 individual plants.

USS Midway Museum

This museum works since 2004 and it centered around USS Midway. It is an aircraft carrier that was used in the period between 1945 and 1992. Still, there is one thing that is specific about this destination. Each visitor will have the chance to take an audio tour of the ship.

Many interesting things are located inside of the aircraft carrier. You will see machine shops, engine rooms, and a sickbay. Besides that, you will even be able to see the ship’s jail which is the most attractive place for the visitors.

Additionally, you will see 29 restored aircraft, flight simulators, and many educational movies. If you are interested in history and old military equipment, this place is perfect for you.

Old Town San Diego Historic Park

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Have you ever wonder how everything looked during the 1800s? Well, San Diego can introduce you to that period thanks to Old Town San Diego Historic Park. You will be able to find a couple of building from that period. For instance, visitors will have the chance to see a hotel dating back to 1870. Besides the hotel, there are 5 adobes and a reconstructed stable and courthouse.

If you want to find out more pieces of information about this period, there will be many educational events. You can also visit a small museum that is also a part of this historical complex.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Let’s imagine that you live in an urban place. You do not have the chance to see a huge number of animals. Well, San Diego is also an urban place, but it has a huge zoo park that has more than 300 species. More precisely, the number of animals that this zoo keeps is more than 3 thousand. The size of the Zoo is 1800-acre which makes this Zoo one of the biggest in the world.

There are several entertaining things that you can expect in this place. First of all, you will have a guided tour of the entire Zoo. Some species will be completely unfamiliar to you because you never heard about them. Zookeepers are kind and they will share pieces of information about each species. Together with them, you can enjoy up-close meet with the animals.

Finally, there is also a hot air balloon ride over the park. This is something you mustn’t skip.

San Diego Botanic Garden

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Let’s say that you like to investigate plans for all parts of the world. However, traveling from one part of the world to another will cost you a lot and it will spend a lot of your time. Well, San Diego is a solution for that type of people as well.

This botanic garden is 37-acre big. It contains several gardens that are geographically organized. More precisely, you will be able to find plants from Central America, Australia, Africa, and the Canary Islands. Besides that, there are also some Californian plants.

The botanic garden also contains a garden of olive trees, a herb garden, and a bamboo grove. Finally, the most interesting part for tourists was a bird and butterfly garden.

You would probably want to sit and relax in this sort of environment. If that’s the case, you will have a chance to pack a picnic to eat in the Eucalyptus Garden.

Doesn’t this sound entertaining?

Coronado Hotel

Well, this is not exactly the part of San Diego city, but it is not far away from it. It is located across the San Diego Bay from San Diego city. This hotel started to work in 1888 and it was the world’s largest resort hotel of that time. Many celebrities from our history were guests of this hotel. Besides that, more than 16 presidents stayed at this hotel. It was also attractive to movie producers because 12 films were recorded in this hotel. One of them is “Some Like it Hot” from 1959

Let’s make something clear. You do not have to book a room if you want to get inside the hotel. Each day there are 75-minutes long tours where you can see all parts of the entire hotel.

Potato Chip Rock

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This destination is not a museum, hotel or park. Still, it became the most viral destination on social media. This rock is strong enough to support the weight of maximally 2 persons. You will see photos where people pose as superheroes.

We suggest that you visit this place in the morning hours because the temperature in this area can be high at noon.


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