6 Tips And Rules To Follow If You Want To Travel While Working Remotely

Ever since the pandemic began, a whole new aspect has opened up for professions that can be done remotely. On the other hand, freelancers already know that who have a long time of experience in working from home, or from wherever it suits them to do so at the moment. Of course, some professions do not tolerate this way of working, because the worker has to be at his job. Most often, these are service activities, such as restaurants, health, education, and manufacturing in the industry.

But workers today find ways to not only be efficient at home but to do the same even when traveling. It can sometimes be counterproductive, so regardless of the fact that they are professionals, they want to enjoy a little more the freedom we gained with the pandemic.

Employers, believe us, are aware that some people travel and work, but still do not resent if all obligations are completed on time. But you must also be responsible for what you do. If you know that you cannot be consistent in your obligations, it is better to use days off, instead of lying to yourself that you will be able to fulfill the obligations while traveling.

Can you expect to be equally successful at work?


If you have been consistently performing your tasks for a long time and without being present in the offices at work, then you can do it from any country in the world. The only thing you need to be careful about is if you travel in different time zones, stay consistent and follow the differences, but also take some measures to make sure you are completely protected during that process. That includes different types of insurance policies, healthcare documentation, and the needed equipment to work.

And at the same time, change is good for your mental health. Well, if you are serious about the tasks, then it really does not matter if you work from the living room or from a warm apartment in a famous ski resort. In any case, the time you lost on the way to and from the office is now saved and you can dedicate it to yourself.

What about the insurance while you work remotely?

A lot of people, especially freelancers, have this question most of the time. They are worried if they can have some coverage while abroad. Many companies cover the insurance expenses for all their employees, as the contract requires. But, if the worker travels while working, they need to know that their employer is not obligated to pay for the expenses they may have there, like healthcare expenses, or some private pension funds.

If you look at this guide, you will find a lot of useful information, in terms of technical requirements and formalities that you need to complete in order to travel and work or stay at home working for your company. What you need to consider is that the business liability policy can be expanded, and the “new normal” requires some changes in the habits we already have, including the insurance for the workers who decide to take their job remotely.

If you decide to stay at home, you have to know that the home insurance policy covers the potential dangers that may happen during the working hours. Also, your company takes some responsibilities too. The homeowner policy can partially cover the business equipment, and you may need some additions to it, to be protected from potential dangers and injuries during working hours.

These were the most common questions an employee may have when it comes to working remotely, from home, or while traveling. And in the continuation, we will talk more about the useful tips on how to endure all that, so that you do not spend all the days off, and still enjoy the trip, as well as be efficient at work.

1. Stay in touch with colleagues


You can announce that you will not be available as usual, especially if your internet connection is weak, but you should always be up to date with what is happening at work. Attend online meetings and read your emails regularly. If this is too much pressure for you, take a vacation to travel. But if you decide to do your job while traveling, then you must find a way to complete the responsibilities as usual.

2. Schedule work activities

If you are in a country with a different time zone from work, it will be quite easy to organize the day. For example, in the morning you can swim, go skiing or get to know the city where you are staying. But it also means that in the afternoon or evening, you need to organize your time according to your professional responsibilities. If you are serious about your intention, then you can really successfully cope with this challenge and not waste valuable time either for work or for walks.

3. Make sure you have a stable internet connection

Having a stable internet connection is crucial to fulfilling your job responsibilities. Before traveling, check with your accommodation or hotel. Also, make sure you have a place to sit and work with a Wi-Fi network nearby. As we said, vacation and travel to work are different things and you need to announce exactly what the situation is at work, so they know how much they can rely on you and your skills.

4. Find a co-working space


This is one way to stay focused on your responsibilities, no matter where you are. It’s really easy to do that, with simple searches. Many places around the world have this service, just for nomads like you. The best thing about them is that in the monthly or weekly membership fee you have a safe place to work, but also the option to use the services of bars and restaurants for a lower price. Of course, this is an additional cost, but when it comes to your productivity, nothing is too expensive.

5. Bring everything you need for work

When preparing for such an adventure, you need to think about everything you usually use. You will need to take the same items with you. Start with your laptop, but if you work with audio content, you need headphones or speakers. If you are a designer, you need your precise mouse to work seamlessly. Make a list of the items you need and always try to have them with you, so you do not forget to pack what is crucial for your work.

6. Try to have as few distractions as possible

Discipline is important when you work from home, but also from anywhere in the world. This model of work is successful if it gives the expected results and if the quality of work is not lost. If you are at sea, set a limit and do not let the sound of the waves distract you from what you need to do. It is similar to mountain places. Think of work as part of your responsibilities and dedicate yourself to recreation afterward, as you would actually do at home.



Properly organized time gives you the opportunity to work from anywhere, even on another continent. The most important thing is to be responsible and consistent in what you do. That way the quality of your work will be maintained and you will remain a responsible and dedicated employee. And this is what it takes for you to travel and work remotely, and be successful at it.

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