Can You Bring E-Cigarettes and Vapes on a Plane – Rules You Need to Know

As a passionate smoker, bringing your props during your travel adventures can be difficult. There are different rules related to e-cigarettes. They consist of a small power unit and a liquid nicotine product, so you already know the rules for traveling with such objects.

By following the rules, you can certainly take e-cigs with you on the flight. However, things can become complicated depending on the situation you are in. For that reason, we made this article to provide you with everything you need to know when bringing your vaping equipment on your flight. Keep reading and learn more.

Can you take the e-cigs with you?


While you can surely take your e-cigs with you, there are a couple of rules you have to follow. Since every smoking device comes equipped with batteries, you cannot pack the vapes inside the checked bags.

Air companies are concerned about the possibility of fire inside the cargo unit, so be sure to take your equipment with you inside the plane. In case you have a residue of cannabis products inside your equipment, it is better to have a replaceable attachment that is clean and safe for travel. In case you don’t have one, check it out here.

However, every company works differently. For that reason, be sure to contact the one you are traveling with to get informed in detail. This will help in avoiding situations since you will already know everything important related to your smoking equipment.

Pack them properly

Since there are three items required for vaping, packing everything should be easy for vape enthusiasts. The power units and the liquids have to be packed, while the remaining devices can be taken with you. As mentioned above, everything that has a battery comes with you inside the plane.

If you fail to divide your electronics from your checked baggage, you risk getting your suitcase messed up. In addition, the suitcase can be left out of the plane so you’ll be traveling without your stuff.

Be sure to take your charger. In case you are bringing more batteries with you, keep them separately packed in a different plastic bag. During the check-in process, you can ask the person working there for guidance if needed, so you can be completely sure you packed everything correctly.

Rules about the vaping liquids


When it comes to the liquids, you cannot exceed the hundred milliliters amount. This applies to all creams and pastes, as well as shampoos and e-juices. Emptying the tank of your current device to prevent leaks during the trip, and not have to explain yourself to the security is also a good idea.

In addition, they have to fit inside a quarter bag, so you can be let get inside the plane. While packing the liquids, be sure to do the double bag methods to prevent leaks. The higher pressure inside can make all your bottles leak so be sure you seal them correctly.

On the other hand, e-juices are allowed to be fit inside the checked baggage, and you can bring as much as you want since there is no limit. Consider bringing your cartridges and pods as well, normally if you enjoy them.

Lastly, be sure to consider the strength of the juice you are consuming. In Europe for example, the highest amount of nicotine you can purchase is twenty milligrams per milliliter. If you are a more experienced smoker and use strong juices, be sure to bring your own.

What if you have disposable complete units

Although the rules remain the same for the disposable units, they are highly beneficial for small trips. They are light and can be easily transported not contributing to the load of your initial baggage.

In addition, they are a complete unit meaning you will not have to do specific work in dividing its components and packing them correctly. Ensure the device is not on, and place it inside a plastic bag inside your carry.

Do not vape while flying

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Although vaping is allowed in most closed areas, it is strictly forbidden during flights. Be sure to seek instructions for the airline you are using, and ask specifically about vaping or e-cigs. Even though there are devices that have less power, using them inside the plane should not be done.

If you try to be sneaky and go for a toilet journey where you consume from the e-cig, bear in mind that being caught can lead to a large financial fine. To prevent such situations, be sure to follow the rules and use alternative products to keep your cravings away.

Certain companies are allowing the use of pods since they are usually smokeless. Not only do they allow them, but they are selling them inside the plane. However, they are not as good as the devices you are currently using, so bear that in mind.

Can you use an e-cig inside the airport?

The use of smoking devices inside the airport is usually allowed if there is a designated smoking spot. However, these areas are progressively being reduced over time, so be careful and look at the signs. You might want to look somewhere around the stores, or the lounging areas.

If you cannot find any sign of such an area, consider asking an employee where is that located. The problem is if the airport does not have an indoor smoking spot. That way, you will have to get inside the country. Not only this is a challenge, but many times you require a visa so you are not permitted there.

The best thing you can do is take certain alternative nicotine products. Although you will not be able to smoke, you can settle your cravings with a simple patch or an oral mucosa product. this will prevent situations like going through customs or getting fined for smoking in an area where you are not allowed to. For that reason, keeping such items inside your traveling bag might be essential.

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