Is It Possible To Travel With Medical Cannabis And Cbd Oil?

Recently, cannabis has become a popular plant, not because of its psychoactive effects, but its millenary properties as medicinal attributes and remedies that have a clear objective related to the body and mind. In fact, nowadays Cannabidiol (CBD) has been exposed in the media and sold by many online sites.

But what is CBD? Cannabidiol is a component of cannabis without a psychoactive effect that grows inside the trichomes of these plants. CBD has many interesting therapeutic benefits for the human body: relaxation, help to sleep, increase appetite, among many others.

It’s available in different formats for different ways of consumption: oils, tea, creams, soaps, etc. It depends on you and your preferences, and it’s better if you can talk to your doctor about cannabidiol to see if it’s the right choice for you. So if you want to know more about this medical product, how often you should take it, and many other questions and doubts that you have in mind, you could visit the following online source.


In fact, Royal Queen Seeds it’s a company and a brand dedicated to developing high-quality cannabis seeds for the professional market, which will also improve the genetics available to every grower. As leaders in the field of medicinal and recreational cannabis, they have the tools and the perfect team to help the community of growers and cannabis enthusiasts.

One of the most popular questions that generate more searches on the internet among CBD consumers, whether beginners or veterans in the consumption of this plant, is whether it is legal to travel carrying a CBD product in your luggage. The answer is not easy to answer, since it all depends on the country where you are going to travel because in each region and/or territory there is an established law that must be respected.

First of all, it is important to keep in mind, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, that the cannabis plant can be consumed from its medicinal and therapeutic side and, therefore, legal. Thus, the consumption of cannabis will be legal as long as the THC level does not exceed 0.2%.


However, each country has its own law, and while in countries such as Colombia, Uruguay, or Jamaica the consumption of cannabis is completely legal, there are still few countries where its use is only now beginning to be accepted, and many others that have not legalized the consumption of this plant or that have not yet regularized a law that protects consumers.

On the other hand, and in the more positive sense of the sale of CBD, it is true that there are countries where a distinction has already been made between the consumption of THC and CBD, the latter derived from hemp is totally legal and available to the general public.

All this makes us think that CBD is still a great enigma for many people and for society in general. It is true that the use of CBD in oil, for example, can help those who need it, but it is a world yet to be explored and although it is gaining more and more popularity, it is still a taboo and difficult subject.

Where can you travel with CBD oil?


In the case of Europe, whether you are a resident or a foreigner, you can transport this oil from hemp if it does not exceed 0.2% THC. It is true that in some countries this limit can be exceeded, but this is the percentage accepted in most of the countries that are part of the European Union, as in the case of Spain.

On the other hand, and in the case of the United States, a traveler will be able to transport CBD oil if the product does not exceed 0.3% THC. But it is also true that each state has its own autonomy, so the law may be different in each of them. For this reason, it is advisable to find out about the law of the state to which you want to travel, in this case, the regulations stipulated regarding the use and transport of items such as CBD.

In this sense, if you want to travel to a country where CBD oil is fully accepted regardless of its amount of THC, it will be a rest and satisfaction to know that Canada is the best option since the legislation of this North American country does not establish any limit of THC in the product either for recreational or medicinal use. In addition, you will be able to carry with you all the oil you are going to use for 30 days. Another great example is certain Latin American countries such as Uruguay, where it has been totally legalized and is considered the pioneer country in the legalization of cannabis


In short, if you decide to travel to a country where you have been able to verify that you can travel with CBD oil, the only thing you will have to keep in mind then is that when going through the hand luggage control, most airports only allow liquids in containers that do not exceed 100 ml and that these are inside a transparent plastic bag. However, if that is not a feasible option for you, remember that if you are traveling to a country where CBD consumption is legalized, you can always buy products such as cannabis oil in the destination country itself to save yourself future problems. Thus, the main thing is to be informed and make sure of the law in each country to avoid economic or administrative sanctions.

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