Can You Travel with CBD Oil in the US – 2024 Guide

We live in a world without borders. At the moment, although the world is quite frozen, the borders and possibilities are still open for everyone, no matter what part of the world they come from. Airlines are slowly returning to normal along with the slow but sure return of the world to normal. People are already booking their tickets for their next trips planned for the year, and some of the most popular locations in Europe, Australia, South America are in play, and as the leading continent at the moment we would single out North America. There is a huge interest in the arrangements in North America, and the United States stands out as a choice for tourists.

The United States is considered a country of freedom, and its motto is something similar. This is one of the most advanced and modern countries in the world that every year throughout the calendar year receives millions and millions of tourists from around the world who are ready to get acquainted with the culture of the United States, but also with the beauties and sights that offers this country.


Tourists look forward to visiting beautiful cities such as New York, Boston, Washington, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and many other cities that reflect the beauty and culture of this beautiful country. Of particular interest is summer when many people around the world decide to spend their vacation on the west coast or east coast of this country.

People are looking forward to that moment in their lives and visiting the United States. They have been planning their trip for years and making savings to spend at least a month in the heart of North America. Tourists are eagerly awaiting the moment when they will set foot on American soil and begin to collect all the memories they will create in that part of the world. They are ready for anything, even to accept all the laws and restrictions. That’s the thing to pay special attention too there. Some things that people should be legally aware of are the intake of money, the importation of various types of goods, and of course, the importation of marijuana. Particular attention should be paid to the intake of marijuana, CBD medicament, and similar products derived from this plant.


There are a lot of people who are interested in whether the intake of CBD product is allowed in the United States, and it is quite difficult to find the answer. If you are a user and consumer of this oil and you plan to travel to the US, you are in the right place, because today we will talk about that topic — is the import of CBD oils allowed in the United States.

Is CBD cannabis oil allowed and which kind of oil is allowed to bring with in the United States?

The United States is very strict in passing its laws and prohibitions. They are especially strict when it comes to transport and the entry of foreign nationals. One of the most rigorously regulated things is drugs and marijuana. In particular, marijuana is regulated by a special law that applies to the plant and all other products that are produced from it, which means that the intake of marijuana and CBD oils is balanced since marijuana contains 30% THC psychotropic substance.

Which causes hallucinations and strange changes in the human body. According to the latest changes made in 2018, the United States has allowed only one species of the cannabis family, and that is hemp. Hemp, unlike marijuana, contains a maximum of 0.3% THC, which makes it almost harmless. If your oil is made from this type of cannabis and is factory-made (not home-made) then you can import it into the US, and some proof is recommended that you should receive it because people employed at airports have the right to do so ask you.


If you want to import CBD oil and you want that oil to be certified, quality, and of factory origin visit this website and see what they have to recommend for that purpose. Now you can safely prepare for your next vacation in the United States. And if you want to know more about the difference between CBD marijuana and hemp oil, read a little below in the continuation of this article.

What is the difference between CBD hemp oil and marijuana oil?

If you are wondering what is the difference between hemp oil and what is made from marijuana now you can find out the difference. CBD oil made from hemp is effective, but harmless. It can help prevent headaches, muscle aches, boost immunity, fight nausea, colds, and many more. It is an oil made from a harmless cannabis plant that is a member of the cannabis family. It contains too small an amount of THC which is 0.3% of the total. It is completely harmless, but also effective enough. While the version made from marijuana is far more dangerous. It contains up to 30% THC psychotropic effect which can have a bad effect on the person consuming it. This can lead to envy, loss of consciousness, and even hallucinations that last for hours.


That is why the US government, as well as numerous governments around the world, have restricted the ban on marijuana as a herb because it has a bad effect on humans, but they also approve the hemp version of cannabis, which is effective and safe. So try to take the good version of this oil and be in good health.

In the end, we can conclude that CBP hemp oil is healthy, effective, that it helps the human body, does not harm health, and is allowed to enter the United States according to the latest changes from 2018, but with the support that it is for medical use. (you need to have the proof in the form of a medical note just in case). With this, you can officially start packing your suitcases for the next trip to the USA, and we can recommend you to have a nice time and a happy journey.

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