Traveling For HGH Treatment: Is It Safe And Worthy The Trip?

Somatotropin deficiency is a relatively common condition among the population. While it is mostly diagnosed in children, it also affects adults which can be overseen. In both scenarios, the best way to improve the patient’s life is by introducing an HGH treatment or hormone replacement therapy.

However, getting the HGH treatment isn’t as simple as it sounds. Not all countries legalized this treatment and in some countries, it is more expensive.

So what can you do?

Medical Tourism Isn’t New


First of all, medical tourism is something that’s quite popular and this is something you should consider. For example, Turkey is one of the most attractive destinations for hair transplants and a lot of people travel to Instanbul to do it.

When it comes to HGH Treatment, Canada has much better regulations than the USA for example, while the dosage differs significantly in Japan than in some of the Western countries. In a majority of European countries, it is heavily regulated and some even deemed it illegal.

So, for instance, you can schedule your treatment in Canada and while you are there, you can explore some of the biggest Canadian cities where these treatments are performed such as Toronto or Ottawa. Another popular destination is Florida, USA where you can consult with experts such as regarding the HGH therapy benefits.

So, in this article, you can learn about the safety of the HGH treatment and what it is. After that, you can determine if it is worth the trip!

What is the function of somatotropin?

Somatotropin is a hormone produced in the pituitary gland that is most important in the growth process. It is previously triggered by a releasing hormone from the hypothalamus. This process is being controlled with an automated function of the negative feedback mechanism. Where high levels of this hormone in the bloodstream inhibit further secretion.

However, the somatotropin from the pituitary is not directly involved in growing, but it stimulates a hepatic insulin-like growth hormone. The ILGH is responsible for the affection of the growth plates on the bones and promotes growth accordingly.

Conditions that affect the growth hormone synthesis


There are various causes of abnormal growth hormone levels. For easier understanding, we will separate them into two categories, high levels, and low levels.

Abnormality quantity of the growth hormone in the bloodstream, or just increased secretion indicates that the problem is either in the hypothalamus or the pituitary. Benign neoplasms are the usual causes of this condition. They are not affected by the negative feedback mechanism, and they are continuously secreting the hormone which causes acromegaly. This makes the people extremely tall, with striking facial figures.

The second category is the low levels of the hormone. This also indicates a problem in the cranium, which affects the hormone’s production. The issue can be found in the hypothalamus where it does not secrete enough releasing factor, or in a damaged pituitary. It can be caused by direct trauma or neoplasm affection. In addition, it can be affected by the surgical procedure of removing the lesion or the radiation as well. This gives various symptoms that we will go through in addition.

Signs that you are having a deficiency

In adults, a GH deficiency can be displayed by various symptoms. The most affected system is the musculoskeletal where the bones and muscles are losing their mass, and the fatty tissue is being organized around the abdomen.

In addition, the sex drive can be ruined by low libido and bad performances. Men have problems with erectile dysfunction, and women have problems with the lubrication from the Bartolini glands.

Other symptoms can be present like memory loss, incontinence of urine, and night sweats, although they are mild and rarely associated with this condition.

Lastly, we have the affection of mental health with symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and mood swings that can usually happen.

Why do you need an HGH treatment?


All of the symptoms above are indicating on how important the HGH treatment is. When you have one medicine that can help with so many signs that decrease the quality of the patient’s life, clearly it should be indicated.

The human growth hormone treatment has been proven as an effective way of reducing and removing all the symptoms above. The bones will gain their mass, reducing the risk of low-impact fractures. You will gain muscle mass which will make you look more athletic. In addition, the fatty tissue around the belly will be reduced, which serves as a great aesthetic improvement.

All of the sex life problems should be improved, if not resolved completely. The lubricative function of the vagina should be back after a while, and males should not have erectile problems.

Improving these conditions significantly helps with mental health, where the anxiety and depression will slowly fade away.

Using the HGH without having a deficiency

In case you have thought of improving your musculature or think you will slow down the aging process, the HGH is not the way to do that. This is a hormone replacement therapy, and it is only meant for people who have a deficit. By having normal GH levels, and you get HGH additionally, the blood levels will be higher than they should where various complications can follow.

This is strongly contraindicated, and it is also forbidden by all sports regulations. If you are being tested and it shows growth hormone therapy, you may be banned or sanctioned from the sport. In case you still want to proceed, make sure you are being supervised by an endocrinologist so you can prevent serious problems.

Is the HGH treatment safe?


As we have mentioned above, usage of the HGH treatment is completely safe for children and adults with a diagnosed deficiency. Since it is been supervised by an endocrinologist, if they notice unwanted changes, the dosage can be managed better avoiding complications.

Some side effects have been shown due to HGH usage. Pain on the application place is usually present since the hormone is being applied with a needle. There can be also muscle and joint pain, as well as nerve affection. Because of the growth, there can be peripheral nerve compressions such as carpal tunnel.

In addition, HGH has been associated as a cause of diabetes and insulin resistance. This therapeutical method has been also related to an increased chance of developing cancerous lesions. That is why you need to make sure that your doctor approves this procedure, and that you are getting a legitimate medication directly prescribed by your endocrinologist.


So, after everything you’ve found here, are you ready to visit Florida, Canada, or Japan? We will leave that decision up to you and while you are thinking about it, you can search on our blog more about these countries and the popular destinations that you could visit while there.

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