7 Reasons to Take a Trip to the Florida Keys

If you are looking to plan a fun weekend trip with your family or friends, flying to the Florida Keys is an excellent option. Unless you live near the Florida Keys, you will have to take a flight to the Key West International Airport, which can also be quite fun. If you are not far away from it, you can arrive by boat as well, which can be a unique experience. But why should you visit the Florida Keys? Below I have mentioned a few reasons that will convince you to take a trip to this beautiful place. Let’s take a look:

Key West

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One of the main reasons to visit the Florida Keys is the southernmost point in continental America called Key West. Not only Key West has a lot of history attached to it, but it has some amazing beaches that will take your breath away. You can also visit the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum, where coins and bars worth half a billion dollars are on display to enjoy. These precious items were recovered from the Atocha and Santa Margarita. The beach environment of Key West is quite enjoyable, and watching the sunset, there is certainly a unique experience.


If you know what fish are biting these days and want to catch some fishes with your friend, which you can later cook for dinner, then the Florida Keys is the perfect spot for you. Expert fishers to amateurs, everyone enjoys fishing at the Florida Keys. The best part is that you do not have to be on your own when you are fishing at Key West. You can join a fishing charter along with your friends, or you can even hire your private fishing charterer. You also do not have to worry about not knowing the basics of fishing because you will be able to find some great guides in Key West Florida. Going on a weekend with friends or family, catching fish, and cooking it for dinner is the best weekend one can ask for. So, if you plan to visit the Florida Keys, do not hesitate to join a fishing charter. You can go with FKF charters if you are not sure about which charter service to go for.

Seven Mile Bridge

Another great experience you can get in the Florida Keys is at the Seven Mile Bridge. If you start from Mile Marker 0, you will cross 42 bridges until you reach the end of the Florida Keys. Among these is the Seven Mile Bridge, which is the longest bridge in the Florida Keys. The bridge is approximately 36,000 feet long and is a sight to behold. You don’t have to do much on the bridge as the scenery alone will be enough. If you are someone who enjoys seeing marvelous big structures, you will have a great time driving on the Seven Mile Bridge. It will give you a memory that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Boating and Water Sports

If there is any water sport you like or have always wanted to experience, you can easily find it in the Florida Keys. You can do water activities like sailing, waterskiing, boating, canoeing, standup paddleboarding, jet skiing, windsurfing, etc. A lot of the resorts located in Key West will offer you these amazing sports. They will also offer you a bit of training before you finally step into the water. So, you do not have to worry about any hurdles at all. If you like a certain water sport, you will be able to do it in the Florida Keys no matter what. This will allow you to make your trip more adventurous.

Delicious Food

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Beaches, fishing, and water sports are not the only great things the Florida Keys has to offer. If you are a foodie and enjoy good cuisines, you will have a ball in the Florida Keys. Especially if you are a fan of seafood, you will love all the dishes the Florida Keys has to offer. You can try Key West Pink shrimp and the Key West Hogfish, a mild-flavored fish you will be able to find in almost all the restaurants in the Keys. Different restaurants cook Hogfish in different ways, and you can try all the variety at Hogfish Bar and Grill, which serves plenty of Hogfish dishes. After that, you must not skip Key West’s favorite dessert Key Lime Pie. It does not matter for how long you are visiting the Key West; you should not leave the place without trying this sweet-tart pie made with special key lime juice.

Swimming and Snorkeling

If you are curious to see what goes on under the ocean, then you can do that at the Keys. Scuba divers and snorkelers love visiting Key West because the plenty of beaches gives them the opportunity to explore life on the sea bed. Scuba divers can also explore the nine shipwrecks from Key Largo to Key West, which can be an amazing experience. You can also visit John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, which is one of the oldest sea parks in the United States. To put it in simple words, the creatures and scenery you can find in Key West’s ocean cannot be found anywhere else and are a sight to behold. You should start taking scuba diving lessons as soon as possible if you want to have the full Key West experience.

Dolphins and Turtles

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If you love animals, then you are going to love Key West. One of the major reasons people visit Key West is to see the beautiful dolphins and turtles that live there. The dolphins in Keys are quite friendly, and you will be able to play with them. Apart from dolphins, you will get to see a lot of sea turtles as well. If you love turtles, you can simply visit the Turtle Hospital in Marathon that is keeping turtles of key healthy for more than three decades.

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