6 Most common Traveling Injuries and how to Avoid Them

Traveling abroad excites everyone. People can’t wait to embark on a long-planned trip and for a period of complete psycho-physical relaxation to begin. Whether you choose a vacation full of adventure and adrenaline or you’re a fan of lounging on the beach and swimming all day, there’s always a risk of unforeseen situations that could really ruin your vacation. Injuries sometimes tend to happen as an integral part of travel so reducing the risk should be a full priority. It’s true that every holiday probably has its bright and dark sides, however, if we make sure to act carefully, we don’t have to meet the other one. What increases the risk of accidents? What are the most common injuries? How to act preventively against them? We bring you the answers to these questions in the following lines.

1. Slips and falls

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We know what you’re thinking now, after reading the title. „Well, I’m not that clumsy“. Or „Not gonna happen to me though“. The truth is, you can never be completely sure. Of course, you need to get rid of negative thoughts in such beautiful moments, but don’t be convinced that it’s impossible to become a victim of a fall or a slip. Believe it or not, this accident is one of the most common ones and the consequences can be moderate or severe, depending on the case.

You can simply step on a slippery tile by the pool or twist your leg due to a crazy and drunk night. The causes are numerous and often unpredictable, and it happens when we least expect it.

In order to avoid such situations, it would be good to avoid slippery pool rims, as well as slippery shoes. Sometimes we should just try to drink less and watch where we’re going!

2. Plane crash injuries

No, this isn’t something you only see in movies, it’s part of our reality. There are many world-famous accidents like this, as well as victims and survivors. Airlines have taken all necessary measures to prevent plane crashes, but fate can be quite unpredictable.

Since the causes of plane crashes are mostly weather conditions, these are circumstances that can’t be influenced by human beings. Therefore, there’s no real recipe for how to prepare for something like this or how to avoid it. However, in order to save our lives, we must follow the instructions of the flight attendant if we find ourselves in this situation. A fastened seat belt and the absence of panic is the least we can do for ourselves.

In case it’s not just small turbulence, but a plane crash, we must fight for our rights and hire a good lawyer who will represent our interests in court. According to Nolan Law Group, a dedicated, smart, and convincing lawyer will be necessary for you to successfully recover the injuries suffered and mental fear.

3. Car accident injuries

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Are you one of those fans of family trips or traveling with friends by car? You have the freedom to take a break whenever you want, turn the music up to the maximum and have a party in the car or visit some other places on the way to your final destination. It sounds great! However, sometimes this kind of pleasure can turn into a real nightmare.

To act preventively against such situations, you must first have confidence in the person who’ll drive. They mustn’t be prone to consuming alcohol before driving or overtaking other cars. Adherence to prescribed speed limits is crucial and obligatory.

Protect yourself with a seat belt because otherwise you might crash through the windshield in case of an accident and lose all chances to survive. Of course, getting travel insurance for yourself and your car is always recommended before traveling.

Make sure you also get informed about what to do in case you have to write off your car you can check this website, to ensure you’re fully covered by your insurance policy

3. Sunburns

Sun and sea lovers, are you there? We’re sure there are many of you. Summer is the season in which the largest number of trips is realized – and most of them include sunbathing and relaxing by soaking in heavenly warm seawater. This makes it a holiday for both body and soul, doesn’t it?

The fact is that we can’t moderate ourselves when it comes to this kind of enjoyment. In order to quickly become well-tanned, we’re exposed to excessive sunlight in the sunniest parts of the day. This is how sunburns occur.

That’s why experts recommend using all the advantages of tree shadows and leaving the beach during the most critical hours when the sunlight is strongest and most dangerous. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen regularly and simply don’t go anywhere without a hat on your head.

If you’re an early riser, hurry to place a towel under the tree in the natural shade on the shore where you can always take shelter from the heat.

4. Food poisoning

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If you’re one of those with a sensitive stomach, you should pay attention to what you eat during your vacation. Some countries use specific foods and spices that tourists aren’t used to. And while some will be thrilled with the new flavors and want more, others will spend many hours in the toilet.

In an even worse case, poisoning can occur if the fruit and vegetables have been chemically treated or if the food ‘best before’ date has passed. Whether you eat at a hotel, restaurant, or buy groceries in local stores and cook for yourself, you can equally become a victim of this issue.

The tip you can use to prevent food from ruining your vacation, which, by the way, should complete all that hedonism, is regular hand washing, as well as rinsing fruits and vegetables that you bring from the supermarket. You shouldn’t buy from unverified producers, those from whom the local population doesn’t buy.

5. Sports injuries

There are many adventurers among tourists. They’re people of action and they get nervous from constant lying on the sand or simply walking through the city squares. That’s why they often complete their vacation with various sports activities that provide them with the necessary daily dose of adrenaline.

Activities like this provide opportunities to try what you haven’t before. Some of the popular ones are hiking, water skiing, jet skiing, zip-lining, snowboarding, diving/snorkeling. Tempting isn’t it?

But if we’re guided by the fact that we know everything and that we don’t care what the instructor says, there’s a high probability that we’ll get hurt that we’ll break, dislocate or twist our arms, legs or ankles. Which, you’ll admit, we don’t really need while being on vacations.

Before you begin, remember to listen carefully to all the advice and instructions of the instructor and respect their experience, which can benefit you and protect you from injury. Also, wear all the safety equipment given to you. With all the measures being followed, nothing should go wrong.

6. Sea urchin stings

Sunburn isn’t the only thing that can ruin our trip to the sea. The danger of marine fauna is unpredictable and we should always keep that in mind. Sea urchins can often be found in shallow parts, where people swim. They aren’t poisonous, but the stings are quite painful and can cause infection.

The doctor’s intervention is urgent and necessary to remove the thorns and prevent the patient’s condition from deteriorating. It would be good to stay away from the coastal parts where there are a lot of stones in the water, as that’s exactly the habitat of these creatures, and thus prevent yourself from stepping on them.

Sure, thanks to the previously paid insurance, you can get the cheap necessary care in the local health institution.

You will agree that prevention is always better than cure. Why allow your vacation to be ruined by negligence? If being careful and responsible, even if unpredictable circumstances threaten to ruin fun, you’ll be ready to react properly and save your lovely moments by remaininh unharmed.


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