7 Tips And Tricks For The Ultimate Backyard Camping Experience 2024

If there’s one thing synonymous with summertime, it’s, probably, an outdoor adventure. But, since the pandemic started, how people explore and go on adventures have changed in so many ways. Worry not, however, because you can always think of alternative experiences, such as backyard camping.
Kids and adults alike love the novelty of bonfires, s’mores, and playful squeezing into sleeping bags and tents. What’s more, all of these can be done by simply opening your back door. No more packing is needed. You don’t have to fill your car with gas, prepare food and water, and shop for outdoor essentials, among other whatnots of a summer getaway.

Camping Made Even More Comfortable And Fun

It might not sound that exciting at first, especially if you’ve been in several camping experiences before. But, if you think about it, all the discomforts of an outdoor affair would no longer be an issue. There’s the bathroom in your house when you need it, warm food in the oven any time you feel hungry, and, oh, there are fluffy blankets and even stuffed animals to keep you company under the stars.

It’s up to you to make it feel less like backyard camping and more like an outdoor adventure, especially for your kids (if you have any.) For an ultimate backyard camping experience, here are some tips and tricks that you might want to save for later use:

1. Build Enough Tents For Everyone

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Since you don’t have to worry about carrying a lot of stuff for your getaway, you can use as many tents as you need to make sure that everyone will be comfortable. Kids can stay in one large tent (or two), while the adults can just go for sleeping bags or marquees, whatever you have around.

The key is to make the surface as comfortable as you can. While tents already have built-in mats or surfaces, it won’t hurt to consider adding an additional layer just so your family won’t be uncomfortable when sitting and sleeping inside their tents. Outdoor mats are breathable on the grass, which makes them a good flooring option for your backyard camping. You can also use them when you’re sitting on the grass, doing games, or doing any outdoor activity that you prefer. You can visit here to find out more about outdoor matting for your camping plans.

2. Let The Kids Help In Setting Up

Camping can be more fun if everybody is helping out to set up everything, from tents to cooking tools. They’ll remember the experience for sure, and it’s a good opportunity to bond with your family. Start taking pictures from hereon so you can document the experience all throughout.

With your guidance, let them gather firewood, build the tent, and set up the picnic blanket. If you’re using an outdoor dining table for your dinner, they can arrange the chairs, plates, utensils, and food. Also, don’t forget to remind them how to safely carry things around.

3. Fill The Night With Lots Of Activities

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As you no longer have to prepare an itinerary, you can divert your time and attention to planning activities that your family can enjoy throughout the night. Think of fun games that are more entertaining to play in the dark, such as a scavenger hunt. Put together some exciting prizes that would encourage everyone to participate and win the games.

It’ll be helpful to plan for activities and games that you can do before and after dinner. That way, there’ll be no time to get bored or feel sleepy. Give out clues to stars and constellations that everyone could find using binoculars. Or, if you want them to work extra hard for their meals, hide all the chips and other foods, and let them look for them through a treasure map that you’ll provide.

4. Light Up The Firepit

What’s a camping experience without fire, right? Before you light it up, however, remind everyone again on how to be safe around the fire. No playing around when close to the pit, definitely no pushing and tickling, and if you’re making s’mores, make sure they’re old enough to handle it. If not, provide assistance or ask the older kids to look after their younger siblings.

Eating on the ground as you gather around the firepit is a nice idea to make the escapade more authentic. Aside from s’mores, you can cook hotdogs, marshmallows, and even veggies or meats in foil packets. Enjoy the warm food as you share great stories, laughter, and memories that are surely for keeps.

5. Don’t Forget The Hot Chocolate

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Now that you’ve got the marshmallows roasting, you know you also got to bring out the hot chocolate. Campfires are always better and warmer when there are smoking mugs of hot chocolate for those who want it. Make sure you have enough stocks of cocoa and marshmallows if you don’t want to hear soft complaints in case you run out of it.

6. Get The Lights Glowing

Add an extra ounce of magical touch by hanging string lights in poles or tree branches in your backyard. The kids would love the glowing lights that seem to dance like little fairies in the night. The older ones, on the other hand, could take advantage of the romantic ambiance and snap several photos for their social media accounts.

7. Bring Out The Cocktails

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Since you’re just in your backyard, it definitely won’t hurt to enjoy a drink or two, would it? Of course, that’s just for adults. You can prepare a variety of adult beverages, like cocktail mixes for the ladies and cans of beer for the gents.

Camp The Night Away

Backyard camping can be more fun than you think it is. If you’ll just give it a try, it could be something you’d consider doing over and over again. Why not? It’s comfortable, entertaining, memorable, and happy. You won’t need to plan your outfits or pack for a camping trip away from home. You can even decide to go camping in the morning and do it right away in the evening.

Don’t forget to bring with you the other essentials, such as bug sprays, flashlights, and mosquito repellants. Having enough preparation is key in making sure that you get the ultimate experience that you wish to have. With these tips and tricks, hopefully, you’d give backyard camping a try. It’s a better alternative than to spend another night inside the house, watching movies or scrolling through your phone.

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