Upgrading to Google Analytics 4 ─ Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Transition

The proper orientation and use of social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, and their purposeful direction in marketing efforts, is a serious task that deserves full dedication and analysis. Internet tools such as Google Analytics represent the necessary requisites in handling direction, prioritization, and finding the best methods in social networks, which are used to promote promotion on the Internet.

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about website traffic, and traffic sources, and measures conversions and sales. We can also use it to track the path of visitors (including search engines and social networks) and the relationships of pages on your web.

Whether you are the owner of a blog or online store, your goal is to satisfy the user and understand his needs – what he is looking for, where he is looking, from where he is looking, from which device he is searching, which browser he is using, how he accesses the site…

Google Analytics is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized retail websites, i.e. businesses. The features that give GA an advantage over the competition are that: it is free, tracks multiple sites, monitors activities on social networks, and has the ability to track mobile phone users. Working with it provides numerous opportunities that can be divided into five categories according to the Marketing platform Google – Data collection and management, Reporting, Analytical information, Data visualization and analysis, and Data activation.


In order for an individual to be able to monitor data in Google Analytics, it is necessary to create an account through Google, on the basis of which access to the analytics itself is obtained. Google Analytics captures traffic by inserting a piece of HTML code for each website it wants to track data on.

This application stores the data it receives in its server and allows the owner or owners of the account to access the collected information. Data is stored in the form of reports and pre-calculated metrics. More than 80 reports are available within the Google Analytics service, of which 4 are the most basic: Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversions.

The new Google product, Google analytics 4 quickly bought the trust of users around the world. Google Analytics has had changes before, but they happened in the background and the interface didn’t change. This time, Google has created a completely new tool, which does not look at the data of the “old” Analytics, and for now, there is no way to import the old data into the new Analytics. In essence, it will replace the previous Universal analytics that collected data until now.

And no, the difference is not only in the name of the word. The new google analytics 4 upgrade includes the creation of a system for tracking web and mobile applications with several advantages over the old Universal Analytics. This new tool will not collect users’ IP addresses by default. In the background, numerous improvements are being prepared that will include artificial intelligence, which should help website owners and advertisers in defining the customer journey and improving marketing campaigns.


The future of web analytics lies in the development and integration of technology and its processes. The more advanced web analytics algorithms become, the more successful the targeting of marketing campaigns will be. Therefore, web analytics has a bright future ahead where it can be helpful in building a stronger connection between consumer desires and company products.

What is also an advantage of this tool, besides the fact that it is free, is that it does not consume additional space on the device, but places its data on the Google server. It remembers and displays data from the first day of monitoring, which is very useful because most other tools only remember a year back.

In addition to the reports created by Google Analytics itself, it is possible to create, save and edit your own custom reports that display and organize the data that website managers want to see. Google Analytics offers the ability to select and define multiple levels of sub-reports. The same reports are allowed to be shared with other users, both within one’s own organization and outside it. Google Analytics offers users the option of transferring data from interface reports to MS Excel format, where they can then be used for further analysis with the help of statistical programs such as time series. GA4 forces us to know from the start what we are measuring and monitoring and to create only the reports we need based on that.

Some of these changes over the past few months may be frustrating for someone who is in advertising that relies too heavily on location or demographic data, but this is also an opportunity for all brands to learn to “be nice” to users and redefine their approach to privacy user. When setting up a new tool, it is important to pay attention to the correct implementation, after that slowly start studying the new interface and learning about the new features it brings.

The new Google Analytics 4 feature provides a more complete multi-channel view of the customer journey and puts that data to use with predictive marketing features, giving marketers more information and effective ways to act on insights.


Final Thoughts

In order to record the details of transactions in the sales business, e-commerce tracking with the help of Google Analytics offers all the necessary flexibility. There are 2 types of e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics: basic and enhanced, or advanced e-commerce.

Unlike basic e-commerce, the advanced one requires a much more complex setup and thus offers more metrics and dimensions. Both types of e-commerce tracking require collaboration with developers to send additional data directly related to e-commerce transactions to Google Analytics.

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