5 Ways We Can Use the Internet to Help the Planet – 2024 Guide

We are all aware of the importance of saving the planet and nature. Whether it is raising awareness, becoming greener and more carbon-neutral, or donating your time to charity, doing your part to help the environment is crucial. There is a lot to be said about the modern world, especially when it comes to the internet. Occasionally, it spreads fake news and bad information, but it can be excellent when it comes to spreading good and useful information that can help others save the planet. Today, we will be looking at five ways we can use the internet to help the planet.

1. Create a Professional Website


Whether you are creating a charity, supporting a foundation, or trying to educate the public, having a professional website will really back your cause and make people take you seriously. You can do so by learning more about web design and how to create a software with user-friendly interface and interesting content. On the other hand, if you are not familiar with methods for website development, you can click here. It is very important to have a well-optimized website to attract more visitors and make it easier for people to find it with search engines. While writing amount the importance of being more aware of factors that could affect a cleaner environment is crucial, you must also use modern techniques that will make your website transparent, fast, and approachable.

Moreover, since you’re supporting various causes for the environment, these should reflect the design and interface of your website. As a website designer and developer, it’s your responsibility to reduce the environmental impacts of viewing your website by creating a sustainable, energy-efficient one. Here are a few practices when designing an eco-friendly website:

  • Enhance site navigation to help visitors find information quickly
  • Optimize images and videos to avoid slow loading times and higher energy consumption
  • Set up web caching, so visitors can easily retrieve data they have previously visited from your site instead of starting over, thus minimizing data transfer and enhancing website performance
  • Choose a website builder or web-hosting service that also promotes eco-friendliness, like a company that uses renewable energy for powering up energy-demanding cooling systems, data centers, and servers.

2. Spread the Important Causes

Using the internet to spread important information may seem like a small and simple thing to do, but it can really make a difference if it is done correctly. From deforestation to global warming, anyone can share the word about the causes that they are passionate about and that are close to their heart. This can be done via a reliable website, blog, social media, news source or anything else online.

The best way is to use social networks since millions of people are active on them all the time. For example, you can share the content from your website on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where people can easily share that with their friends, exchange opinions about any topic, and raise awareness about important actions that we need to save the environment.

3. Keep Yourself Well Informed


One of the biggest issues of the internet is when people share fake news and false information. This can lead to people making poor decisions and if you fall victim to this, it can ruin your reputation and goals to save the planet. The best way to avoid this is to keep yourself well informed and updated on the latest news and information about the world. You should always use reliable sources too.

Unfortunately, the internet is full of fake and unproven stories that may lead some people into thinking that some of the facts related to real dangers and risks are not true. For example, you can find stories about how there is no global warming and many articles that have nothing to do with facts. In that matter, be sure to find reliable sources and assure your visitors that all of the information you are sharing is accurate.

It’s vital to be self-aware and guided in the first place if you’re planning to spread awareness among your families, friends, and even communities when volunteering. It’s not bad to admit to yourself if you don’t have enough knowledge about the recent environmental challenges or actions society can do to help the planet. You can easily learn these from reliable sources like Viable Outreach. When conducting your research, always fact-check to avoid fake news and information.

4. Try Environmentally Friendly Apps

If you don’t feel like you have the online presence to change people’s minds, then you should take some steps to change your ways and reduce your carbon footprint. This can be in the form of an app or a website. From downloadable tracking apps to online calculators, you will be able to monitor your impact on the environment. Once you have got used to it, you can share it with your friends and family.

Some of the best eco-friendly apps available in app stores are:

  • Oroeco, where you can find more about carbon footprint, pollution, climate impact, and more;
  • Climate, where you can educate yourself more about climate changes and how we impact them and share interesting stories over social media;
  • Waterprint represents a calculator related to how much water we spend on things like clothing, drinking, food, and more;
  • Good Guide is an app where you can buy products for your household, children, and personal care, which are eco-friendly;
  • Carma Carpooling is an app that you can use to calculate the emissions of carbon dioxide from cars, the production of processed food, and many other processes;
  • iRecycle will help you find the local place where you can recycle all kinds of materials like metal, batteries, chemicals, paper, glass, old appliances, and more;
  • Green Choice is a great service that can help you find products and services in stores that are more aware of ecology. For example, creating a list of eco-friendlier groceries and buying them in stores that are more involved in actions to save the environment.

5. Sign Relevant Online Petitions


There are many relevant online petitions for you to sign to help the environment and animals. Whatever you are enthusiastic about, you will be able to find a petition that will support your passion. One signature may not seem like much, but it can make a difference, especially if you share the petition on social media with your family and friends who have similar views and interests to you.

The internet is limitless and has an infinite reach. Making a difference starts at home. When used correctly, it can make a positive difference to the world, especially when it comes to saving the planet and the environment. With this method, you might motivate the government in your country to create or replace some regulations that will impact companies and people to pay more attention to ecology.


While most people are using digital services as entertainment, the real benefits of the internet are much bigger than that. When it comes to raising awareness for saving the environment, which is essential for our future, there are many methods online that can help you to share valuable information and facts to educate people and motivate them to recycle, choose eco-friendly products, replace their old vehicles with modern ones that are using batteries, and much more. Also, you can analyze different products, companies, and processes, to make a conclusion about which one is less impactful, has lower emission of carbon dioxide, and doesn’t use harmful chemicals.

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