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Washing Machine Features You Need To Look Out For

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When it comes to buying a washing machine, there are many different features that are included in each appliance. With a range of different washing machines available at retailers, the choices available can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know which features you need.

There is a selection of different features available, which have made So what features are available on a modern washing machine, and what should you look out for when buying a new one?

Automatic Load Detection

A feature which is appearing on more and more washing machines at NE Appliances is automatic load detection. Whilst it might be called something different or have a branded term on specific washing machine models and brands, the principle is still the same.

Automatic load detection is where the washing machine can judge the weight of a laundry pile that’s been added to the drum, allowing it to use the right amount of water for that load weight. This is an energy-saving feature which allows you to waste less water when washing clothes, as the machine will never use more water than the clothes require.

Less water means lower water bills, and lower running costs for the machine as it requires to take in and heat less water. It means that running costs can be reduced in a range of different ways thanks to one single improvement in the appliance.

Eco Drives


The drives and motors that a washing machine uses are a lot more efficient than they used to be in the past. The energy-efficient drives will ensure that less power is used when spinning the washing machine’s drum, ensuring that you can use less electricity per wash.

The eco drives are also much, much quieter than regular ones, meaning that laundry day doesn’t need to be as noisy as it used to be. This offers practical use benefits as well as savings in energy, as it means you are able to use your washing machine at slightly earlier or later times in the day without worrying about waking up family members or housemates.

Quick Wash Settings

If you require an item quickly or only need to freshen up a small amount of clothing, then a quick wash can be really beneficial. On washing machines, you can find a mixture of 15-minute, 30-minute and even sometimes 45-minute quick washes that will allow your item to be washed effectively in a super quick time.

As well as having the items available much quicker in these wash programmes, there are benefits to your clothing and to the machine too when using quick wash functions. Quick washes cause less damage to clothing fibres, and reducing the running time of a washing machine can help to care for your appliance for longer.

Integrated Front


When shopping for a new washing machine, there are two terms you will probably come across often: freestanding and integrated. But what do they mean? Freestanding washing machines mean that the appliance will be on full show in your kitchen or utility space, allowing it to easily slot into an under-counter space.

In comparison, you can find integrated washing machines, which allow you to add a cabinet door to the front of your appliance, blending it into the rest of your room. This is especially useful if you have a stylised kitchen or utility room and don’t want to disrupt the aesthetics of your kitchen with an appliance.

Multiple Wash Programmes

Every washing machine will feature a selection of wash programmes, but what’s available on each appliance will differ from brand to brand and model to model. There may be some settings that are more important to you than others.

For example, cotton washes come as standard in many washing machines, but some even have settings for different cotton wash temperatures. Sport washes are also found on a number of washing machines, which is useful for washing microfibre sports clothing.

To find out the number of programmes available and what they specifically are, you can always visit an appliance showroom, take a look at product information on a retailer’s website, or find the information from the product specifications on the manufacturer’s site.

Energy Ratings


Whilst many of the features outlined above suggest that a modern washing machine is energy-saving, there is something you can look towards to allow you to make energy-efficiency comparisons to each washing machine.

Energy ratings, starting from ‘A’ as the most efficient and ‘G’ at the least, allow you to assess the energy efficiency of an appliance. In the UK, the ratings have recently been updated to reflect the new energy-efficient nature of new appliances, including washing machines.

Old scores like A+++, A++ and A+ are gone, with appliances being recategorised. For context, those that used to be A+++ are most likely going to fall into the ‘B’ category in the new scale, just going to show the technology has advanced in a short space of time.

Should I Buy A New Washing Machine?

There are certainly plenty of benefits to buying a new washing machine. From the features outlined above, it’s clear to see that a modern washing machine includes a range of high-quality features that allows you to get a high-quality wash from your appliance. They include washes that are dedicated to certain types of clothes and also speed washes which will have your clothes clean in a super quick time.

In addition to that, you can also enjoy a high level of energy efficiency which is good for the environment as well as your energy consumption. In a world where energy prices are high, more now than ever the cost of electricity per use is being taken into account, especially when people need to save money.

Long-term planning for this will suggest that new appliances will have a much lower running cost than older appliances, allowing you to make a strong judgement call when it comes to buying a brand-new washing machine.

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