Best Pond Fountains: Aesthetics With More Features To It

Pond fountains add an instant appeal to any backyard. They provide an aesthetic appeal that a pond without a fountain simply cannot compare to. When deciding which decorative water fountain you would like, it’s important to consider the features that you would like to see in your pond fountain.

Some features provide key benefits to ponds, such as aeration, while others help create a luxurious look. Before choosing a fountain, it’s important to make sure that the foundation coordinates well with both your pond and the look that you would like to achieve.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Decorative Fountain

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Learning more about the fountains available will help you determine what you want in a fountain. For example, certain fountains will only work well for ponds of a specific size. Remember these things when considering the type of decorative fountain that you would like for your pond.

1. Aeration Capabilities

Fountains are a wonderful form of aeration for ponds. They instantly increase oxygen levels because the water hits the air, and then goes back into the water of the pond. This helps keep your pond clean and native plants healthy.

Pond owners that are interested in improving the oxygen conditions of their pond need to pay attention to the fountain spray pattern. If the spray creates an entire water column, it will not provide a large amount of oxygen to your pond because the water does not reach most of the pond.

For maximum aeration, select a pond fountain that has a pattern that extends far into the water. This will increase the oxygen level as the water from the fountain is spread throughout the pond and because it increases water circulation. Stagnant water tends to have less oxygen.

It’s important to remember that size does matter. Ponds that are deeper than six feet will need more than a fountain for proper aeration. Fountains are great surface aerators, but they do not reach the water that is towards the bottom of the pond. This is where pond owners will see a growth of algae if they do not find another way to oxygenate their pond.

2. Spray Pattern

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A spray pattern is important if you are using a fountain for aeration. For these fountains, opt for a product that has a classic circular or V shape. These patterns provide more oxygen and water circulation than other patterns.

Decorative patterns are beautiful but do not provide the same levels of oxygen as a simple V shape. Often, the horsepower used in fountains is so busy making the streams of water into a pattern. Because of that, you’ll need a decorative fountain as well as a separate system for aeration.

3. Accessories Available

Decorative water fountains come with various pumps, lights, and features available depending on their brand. When searching for the perfect pond fountain, it’s important to decide what details you want. For example, would you like a pond fountain with a blue light or one that has RGB lights? Then, find a brand that offers those accessories.

4. The Best Decorative Fountains

Decorative fountains are available in all shapes and sizes. They can serve a purpose, or simply beautify your landscape. Some fountains feature high-powered nozzles with a steady stream of water while others feature elaborate statues with a slow trickle. These are the best decorative fountain ideas to make your pond truly breathtaking.

5. Aerating Fountains

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Without proper aeration, your pond is bound to be full of algae and weeds. An aerating fountain will not have a simple stream of water. Instead, the water will extend in a circle around the fountain to reach a broad area of the pond surface.

Aerating fountains not only add visual appeal to your pond but also increase the level of oxygen in your pond. Increased oxygenation is necessary for preventing excessive algae growth.

Large aerating fountains are ideal for ponds with a depth of four feet. When determining what size fountain you need, consider the diameter of your pond.

6. Decorative Pond Fountains

Decorative pond fountains are the perfect way to beautify your pond. Streams of water burst from the fountain in dazzling shapes and displays to truly impress your guests.

Fountains in this category are available for both shallow ponds and those with deeper water. There are so many varieties in the flow of water to choose from that you can always find something to suit your needs.

Decorative pond fountains that have a stream of water in a large circle are ideal for aeration to prevent algal growth. These can be found with simple circles streams as well as a circular flow of water with large bursts coming from the middle for increased aesthetic appeal.

7. Fountains With An Interchangeable Nozzle

Interchangeable nozzles take a decorative fountain to the next level. These fountains let you choose the decorative water display that you want. The various sizes ensure that your fountain will accommodate your pond no matter what size it is.

8. Decorative Pond Fountains With Lights

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Add a dazzling light to your fountain to truly light up your pond waters. Lights are available in every color imaginable. Opt for a light feature with RGB lights to enjoy changing the color of your lighted fountain with an easy-to-use remote. This is perfect for businesses that want to change their fountain to suit the current season or the closest holiday.

9. Pond Accessories

The best decorative pond fountains are the ones that come with accessories to increase their aesthetic appeal. These are the most popular fountain accessories to look for.

10. Light Kits

Fountains that come with light kits give you the ability to change the look of your fountain on a whim at a minimal cost. Light kits are available for various brands of fountains and are easy to install. Make sure that your decorative pond fountain has a coordinating light kit in case you would like to change the look of your pond in the future.

11. Fountain Glow

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This is a light kit that creates a halo surrounding the fountain. Light kits that have a fountain glow consist of lights that surround the pond fountain with clear lights so that you can enjoy the enchanting appearance of your fountain long after the sunsets.

In Conclusion

When searching for the best pond fountain, always consider what you need in a pond fountain. Then, browse through the best pond fountains at www.livingwateraeration.com/collections/pond-fountains to find the perfect fountain for your pond.

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